Donald Trump: Why I sold my Apple stock

“Donald Trump has an opinion about absolutely everything,” Lawrence Lewitinn reports for Yahoo Finance. “And now he’s sounding off on Apple.”

“Like Carl Icahn, Trump has taken to Twitter to criticize Apple for its business decisions. Unlike Carl Icahn, who has invested $4.1 billion into Apple, Trump isn’t criticizing the company for, say, not spending buying back more shares or increasing dividends,” Lewitinn reports. “Instead, Trump wants Apple to know: Size matters, especially when it comes to smartphones.”

“That may sound rash from someone who has never run a giant tech company,” Lewitinn reports. “But, here’s where Trump may be on to something: Big smartphones are big China. Large-screen Androids (five inches or bigger) make up two-fifths of China’s Android-based phone sales. Androids currently make up about 60% of all smartphones sold in China and its market share is growing. In a country where an iPad Air sells for nearly $600, smartphones double as a tablet for many consumers.”

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  1. At least DT who didn’t like what the Cook was baking, thought to get out of the kitchen and go find someone else to bother. Icahn, wants to Cook, steaks and and harvest the cash cow, because he doesn’t believe in sustainable farming. He want’s “his” comings now, and everyone one else afterward can suck weeds.

    1. Totally. 🙂
      Like Donald, I sold some of my Apple shares on Monday, then bought them back tuesday evening. At a savings of 50$ per share. Speculating, not investing.

      By my numbers, Carl Ichon lost about $ 350,000,000 on tuesday. Not the smartest speculator in the bunch. LOL

    2. DT has had business after business fail. Gunny no one ever mentions that when they talk about this POS (and that does not mean Point of Sale).

      I guess the questions to directly ask both of these yeah hoos (Ican’t and DT) is: “1) What have you done personally to be a true asset to humanity rather than be a taker?

      2) What company have you personally built (not r@ped) that is the number one in its industry and has a consistent quarterly net income in the billions?”

      Just sayin’

      1. That’s a weak excuse when the competition is offering new products. Cook’s refusal to take first-mover advantage is only hurting Apple’s reputation as an innovator. Look at how long Apple products go between updates. Everyone knows Apple can to better. Instead Cook sits on a pile of cash with inexplicable indecision. He blew a bunch of money wrapping the iPhone 5 in juvenile pastel plastic instead of offering larger screens. How deaf must he be??? People have been saying for years what they want in the next iPhone, and Cook has not delivered. No wonder iPhone growth is slower than the competition.

        1. Apple doesn’t need to be a ‘first-mover’, as in the first to bring a product to market. It wasn’t the first to introduce a portable MP3 player, it wasn’t the first to introduce a tablet, it wasn’t the first to introduce a cel phone, arguably wasn’t the first to build a computer.

          What Apple did do 1st in all those cases, it was the first to do it right, the first to make it useable, attractive, and understandable to customers.

          Like dave from Canada said, once things are where Apple wants them, they will release and ship. Or to quote a vineyard commerical from the 70s, we will sell no wine before its time.

        2. I guess you weren’t around when Apple introduced the iPod – it is a digital music player. It was not the first on the block – and it has outlived all the rest. Same with the iPhone – not the first – and a paltry 72 million in sales is such a failing proposition, aye?

          Now let’s take a gander at the PC market… Can you possibly tell me who year on year is continuing to see dynamic growth in its eco-system of desktop and laptop computer while others are tanking?

          Yep, Apple doesn’t know sh!t – you’re so right. My bad.

      2. Or the market really doesn’t want an iWatch and whatever they are planning for the TV market isn’t ready yet. SJ said he thought he had the idea for the next big thing for TV, but I’d wage dimes against dollars that the entrenched producers and providers have blocked the necessary programming and/or pipelines that would have made it successful.

    1. Yeah, and we all suffered with lousy music players and phones for quite awhile until Apple took the TIME it needed to get it RIGHT. What is so hard for you to get about that? Better to WAIT and release something outstanding, than hurry and shit out some crap that smells just like everything else already out there.

  2. In the whole of 2013, Apple launched one new product. One. One new product that was not a derivation of prior form factors. One. The Mac Pro. And even then they couldn’t keep an eye on the ball to ensure that it got released and shipped on time.

    There must be people taking all day power naps in Cupertino; only getting up to eat breakfast & dinner.

    1. If the methods by which Apple manages product development don’t meet with your liking, you are welcome to join me in the Samsung/Google/Microsoft/Dell world where everything is just dandy.

  3. Dear Donald,
    Here is a simple answer to why you have sold your Apple stock – because you not a clever monkey. Read this post “Monkeying around with Apple Q1 2014” carefully, read twice if it is hard to comprehend first time.

    1. “Here is a simple answer to why you have sold your Apple stock – because you not a clever monkey”

      One could say the same for everyone who held instead of cashing out and buying back at a lower price when Apple took a nose-dive in ’12.

      IN the end, it’s a personal choice that little to do with being clever or not.

  4. Screen size should be offered based on what the consumer wants. One would think this would have occurred to the Apple product people, but reducing the SKUs was one of Steve’s mantras, and of course that helps with the logistics of production, distribution, etc. Fortunately for Apple, the China Mobile rollout of its updated network from 16 to 300 cities will come concurrent with the rollout of Apple’s larger screen model(s) in 2014. And let us pray that a larger iPad screen emerges. Apple’s competitors surely will. Tempus fugit! On that point the Donald is right. But he hath sold too soon.

  5. It’s likely he bought Apple high and he didn’t like seeing his money go down the tubes. Of course, he’d sell his Apple stock. I love Apple but I certainly don’t foresee Apple’s stock climbing back up. Although I believe in the company, I also believe its shareholder value has been completely ruined at this point and Apple simply doesn’t care or doesn’t know how to fix the situation.

    Besides, there’s just so many average stocks people can make easy money from. Companies that can’t do any wrong like Google, Amazon and Netflix. Everything Apple does goes quickly bad for shareholders. It’s just an unfortunate situation brought on by the untimely death of a rather unique individual who was Steve Jobs. If everyone believes Steve Jobs was Apple then the company that was once Apple no longer exists.

    1. BS and more BS. Wallstreet didn’t suddenly turn on Apple after the death of Steve Jobs. They (and their pet analcysts, tech pundits, shorters, and bloggers) constantly find fault with and manipulate AAPL down.

      It just doesn’t matter what Apple does. Record sales? Record profits? Entry into new market areas? Buying companies and developing new technologies? check, check, check, check, check. Yet still, AAPL falls and fails. (On Wallstreet)

      Shareholder value is NOT ruined. AAPL keeps roller coastering due to manipulation, but there is more than enough value in the quarterly dividend, which has NOTHING to do with the price of AAPL, but everything to do with sales, growth, and profitability of Apple Inc.

      With their Billions in the bank, Apple Inc is protected against the manipulations and machinations of WS criminals. They are protected against downturns in the economy, they have the ability to R&D new products, technologies, and processes.

      I suppose that what it comes down to, If Apple Inc would bow down and kiss the butt of WS, AAPL would probably do better, but thankfully Apple Inc knows that would only bring a quarter or two of short term fickle gains. Apple Inc needs to not worry about AAPL, and do what it does best, crank out great stuff we want to buy.

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