Apple plants seeds for the next big thing

“Trumpeting its successes in the 30 years since the advent of the Macintosh computer, Apple last week urged customers to ‘imagine what we can do in the next 30 years,'” Tim Bradshaw reports for The Financial Times.

“Wall Street seems more concerned about what it is doing in the next few months,” Bradshaw reports. “Apple’s shares fell more than 8 per cent in after-hours trading on Monday after the company, in a mixed set of results, warned that revenues would be flat or could even fall in the current quarter ending in March. ”

“Tim Cook has promised that this year the company will enter another new product category. Asked by analysts if that was still the plan, Apple’s chief executive answered: ‘Absolutely,'” Bradshaw reports. “The most likely but least radical change Apple will make is to the iPhone’s screen size… If the iPhone becomes larger, a natural complement might be a watch-like device that can notify the wearer of messages and calls while the smartphone is in a bag or pocket. ”

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  1. New “category” might be the often rumored Apple TV game console/ATV 4. I believe it’ll be have an A7 or A8 64 bit CPU with a beefier GPU capable of 4K around $149-$199 & the current ATV 3 will remain as a cheaper although limited capability device at a lower price point, possibly $69-79. 4K is coming with iTunes, Netflix & more delivered on the updated ATV 4 with both a mini display port & latest HDMI spec.

    1. If Apple releases the AppleTV with gaming capabilities, it will instantly be the #1 top selling game console in the world, even if not a single person buys it for the games. Apple already sells over a million AppleTVs per quarter. No other game console (TV or handheld) comes anywhere close to that. The current top of the heap is the Nintendo 3DS at about 750,000 units per quarter.

    2. Why is it that Apple has taken such a long time to do anything worthwhile with AppleTV? Was it really that difficult to engineer what appears to be such a simple product? I hear that even Amazon is coming out with a $299 gaming console and it’s not even a hardware company. Amazon is always willing to expand and Apple keeps AppleTV as a hobby. Ridiculous. Would it really have been that difficult for Apple to turn AppleTV into an iOS gaming console after all these years? I just don’t get it. So what if it cost more than $99. I wouldn’t have cared if it was double that amount just to play iOS games. If Apple gets left behind they only have themselves to blame.

      1. Tend to agree with that. It’s getting beyond a joke now with the pedestrian progress with that product which makes the company appear slow and indecisive when it really needs to look rejuvenated in the post Jobs era. I said that judgement on decisions in this period needs to be left to the very end of last and into this year. A little disappointing so far and it’s products such as AppleTV which one hopes will show real progress while new ideas are in development.

  2. It’s difficult to come up with every product as critical and in demand as a phone is. I often wonder where do we go from here that would have that kind of impact that a phone does. Not sure anything can match that.

    And don’t forget to vote for Steve for all the magic he did create for us before leaving too soon:

    1. Steve’s pulling ahead of Billy Boy today, 4.62 to 4.18. Go Steve! Don’t know how anyone can bring themselves to cast a vote for Bill. And Ballmer is very blatantly missing in this huge list of influential leaders—VERY telling!

  3. Oh. Seriously? The world thinks it needs an iWatch so a bigger screen iPhone seems logical, and reasonable?

    I’ve been watching people using large screen smartphones and very much enjoying them, so somehow I told myself maybe MDN is also right that we “NEED” a larger iPhone. But when I observe how I use my iPhone and compares to how others use theirs, and I look carefully into most circumstances that we would take/pick-up/reach-for a phone… I still think a phalet is not an elegant design.

    There are people with way larger hands and body, yes, the current iPhone size or form factor might not fit them well, so a bigger iPhone will be sensible; yet for most if us?

    I prefer an elegantly designed iPhone then a deceptive-market-decided one.

    1. For some people single handed operation is most important. For many other people screen space is paramount for video watching, internet browsing, etc.

      It isn’t odd that people want a continuum of iOS screen sizes. An iOS device is both completely enabled and limited for input (touch) and output (screen) by its screen size. The idea that their is a “right” size for portable devices for everyone is odd.

      Right sizes for different people:
      Smallest iPhone that functions with apps well.
      Largest phone that is easy to use one-handed.
      Largest phone that fits in a pocket.

      After that we get iPad sizes, but I would think in 10 years Apple will be selling a very smooth range of iOS sizes without any gaps. Corporate uses for iOS devices will also have very different size needs.

      Why is it difficult for people to accept that a choice size is even more important to most people than a choice of RAM, camera quality or a lot of other aspects? Size is the most basic spec.

  4. tim iPhone needs to know what my brain is thinking. i need to hear siri in my head like she were me. iWatch needs to come with a brain chip i can stick somewhere on my head to read brain waves so i can communicate telepathically with it and control it. these aren’t new studies btw. ok, maybe, i’ve had a cup of coffee or two. take a breath. ok, better now. dream big, tim. dream 10 times big.

    1. What you need is The great and glorious SINGULARITY! Just be careful you don’t get yourself botted. Not a good idea.

      I also tend to think of this as 1%er trivia technology. Considering the disgusting and horrific level of inequality, starvation and human overpopulation rampant on our miracle planet Earth, our only home, getting hyped about The Singularity is to me to be an incredible abdication of personal responsibility within our remarkable lives of CHOICE.

      That said, heeeeeeeres Kurt!

      1. wow. i love that man. he’s kinda scary ..and he could use a bit more hair ..but, i think i love him. he really sorta cuts to the chase. personally, i’m looking forward to integrating my biology with tech. i hope when that happens i end up with an apple logo on my ass. thx

  5. I think the ‘surprise’ from Apple will be its entrance into the automotive market. Integrating iPhone capabilities could be huge for the new car markets in China and India.

    1. China and India? Seriously? What percentage of people in China and India are even ABLE to buy a car?

      Let’s not get Apple diverted into feeding the rich and ignoring the poor. We’ve already got more than enough of that nightmare to go around. Please keep at least some minutia of perpective.

  6. It will be the iWatch for the new category and the revamped ATV in the “next big thing” category. Then a larger screen iPhone 6 and iPad. Then the last computer they have with the DVD/CD drive will be discontinued.

    1. I was skeptical about the potential of the iWatch, but after seeing the breadcrumbs and listening to david Gardner, I am convinced the iWatch is happening and will be even bigger than the iPhone and iPad.

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