Where Android fails versus Apple’s iOS

“While there’s a lot to like about Android, there are a few things that seem to keep it from really jumping into the driver’s seat and making the iOS second-string,” Sara Wells writes for Apple Gazette.

“While successful releases of the iPhone 4 and 5 in recent years have helped Apple’s cause, Android shoots itself in the foot in several areas,” Wells writes. “Here are some of the most notable drawbacks.”

1. Bugs and non-responsiveness
2. Not as smooth as iOS
3. Too many choices
4. Feels like Windows: Android is in a sense to the iPhone what the PC is to the Mac. It’s the less sleek, more troublesome option that has a lot of bells and whistles, but tends to leave people more frustrated and laden with bugs and technical issues.

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MacDailyNews Take: Android is to iOS as any random <a href="” target=”_new”>Velvet Elvis is to the Mona Lisa.


    1. Say anything you want but the entire smartphone industry and all of Wall Street believes Android will simply overwhelm iOS and Apple will eventually have a 1% mobile market share. I have never seen anything contrary to this growing popular belief. You’ll probably see the result of this belief take place this afternoon when Apple reports earnings and Apple shareholders are led like lambs to the slaughter. As a long-term shareholder I find it absolutely appalling but wet noodle CEO Tim Cook simply doesn’t have what it takes to keep Apple ahead of the pack.

      Android is seen as more than equal to iOS and Apple can’t convince anyone otherwise. If Android OS was seen as that inferior to iOS then Android wouldn’t have close to 85% global market share. Apple’s entire growth engine has been destroyed by Android and it will not get any better. Single digit growth is as good as it gets. Everyone seems to know this as fact except for the Loyal Apple Apologists.

      Samsung and Google have now joined hands to put Apple out of the mobile business for keeps. Google and Samsung are the two most aggressive tech companies around and they want to destroy Apple. It’s as simple as that. It used to be Windows everywhere and now it’s Android everywhere.

        1. I would assume not too much it’s hardly well thought out or written is it. I mean what Apple shareholder would speak like that. Hey considering the worst scenario is the old PC one where Apple makes only 45% of all the profit it ain’t a bad place to be. Meanwhile yes wonderfully powerful opponents in Samsung’s case are losing profitability head over hills and Google still can’t find a way to escape from being its usual advertising 1 Trick Pony act whatever it tries.

  1. Do Androids dream?
    Are they electric dreams?
    If Androids could shoot, would they shoot themselves in the foot?
    Shooting Androids can only mean one thing,……..SKYNET!!!!!! 🙁

  2. – No updates…
    – Way overpriced for what you get, the ‘brand’ price is out of control. Knockoffs should be cheaper, not even more expensive than Apple’s top tier.

  3. My past experience with Galaxy Ace :

    1. Restart many times
    2. Icons rearrange itself after restart
    3. Battery drains
    4. Everything unresponsive

    worst part is, android people said :
    “oh thats because it’s a low-end phone with slower processor, you should buy a faster one.”
    My answer would be :
    “If it’s so slow it can’t even make simple task, why bother selling it when it carries the name and reputation of the Android OS”

    1. They have to sell those low end phones. Without all of those (appox. 75% of the total) sales, the Fandroids couldn’t shout about Android winning, based on nothing more than Market Share.

      The whole of the true Android Smartphone sales would be at 200 to 250 mil tops, if you included only those which were truly Smart. Without those numerous Ace Feature Phones (and ones even cheaper), Apple would be selling almost as many iPhones as all those 5 or 6 Dozen Android handset makers do combined.

      The Galaxy Ace is but one of the premier top sellers in China and India, where it likely outsells the S4 by 3 or 4 to one.

  4. Looks like those Fragmandroid settlers won’t be givin’ room service a jingle-jangle anytime soon! iOS is just a better investment for people with old money. Let’s put it this way, iOS is just like a good ol’ fashioned Southern cooked, shrimp étouffée, and Android is an unhealthy, over processed, tastes-like-plastic, hamburger you can get at just about any burger joint in the US.

  5. Android, like beige box PCs, like early cars, need to be complete packages.

    People forget how autos evolved. Car buyers used to order/put on all sorts of things on their cars from 3rd party suppliers even into the 1950s. Heaters, air conditioning, outside mirrors, extra lights, overdrive, radios, cloth seat covers, tires, shocks.

    The reason auto makers started integrating/upgrading devices into their cars, they controlled it all was to give a better driver experience, partly pushed by the likes of Toyota and others who pushed quality.

    Apple & Steve Jobs realized you can’t give users an excellent user experience if you don’t integrate all the basic functions to make for smooth operation.

  6. The reason Android is not as smooth as iOS is because Android runs most of its code in a virtual machine. Virtual machines are, by their very mature, slower than native execution.

    The reason Android “feels like Windows” is because Google keeps everything in beta.. it seems beta is all they know how to do. And, when Google gets tired of Android, it will be discontinued.. just like the other discontinued Google products (Google Reader anyone?).

  7. There is a lot to like about Android once you become a master at rooting your device and learning the ins and outs of the underlying Linux kernel and Android Shell.

    Kind of like Windows…. its fine if you don’t mind working on your computer like its 1995 again.

  8. At the end of the day, both android & Apple make good smartphones. What is missing from the iPhone is an micro SD slot, a better camera and a 5″ screen. The 4″ screen no longer cuts it and Apple know this. I personally own a Galaxy S4 and it is superior to the iPhone internally but not externally, the iPhone looks beautiful. I did not buy the iPhone 5s because of the small screen and the Samsung camera shoots Ultra HD 4K pictures, which look amazing. I own a macbook pro, so I like both companies.

      1. I have owned an S3 & S4 which are fine phones. I find the iPhone screen tiny by comparison, but if the rumours are true and the iPhone 6 has a larger screen, I will consider it instead of the S5. I read that the reason Apple did not move up to a 1080p screen with the 5s, was that the apps were not quite ready yet for the higher resolutions.

        1. George, did you hear about Samsun’s blatant stealing of Apple’s patented IP to make their Android phones and tablets?

          Let me help you to understand what Samsung has done.

          Post your home address and your work location. I’m going to come by and steal your car and sell your home out from under you.

  9. What it’s funny to me is, in the smartphone arena, Microsoft seems to be learning from Apple.

    While they are some others, most of the Windows Phone hardware is Nokia, so the hardware-software integration is there. Plus, instead of stealing the technology, they license some of the Apple patents, paying the royalties.

    My experience with the Windows Phone is pretty smooth so far. Granted, it’s a boring phone, but it does what it needs to do. At least it doesn’t crash every day, battery life is pretty good and it’s very responsive. It’s not an iPhone, but to me it’s a decent #2.

    It makes it a better experience than your average Android phone. Of course, you get the expensive ones, it works better. But if you’re going to go for the expensive ones, you’re better off with an iPhone. Costs the same and gives you more.

    If you can’t afford an iPhone and/or your carrier doesn’t support it, a Windows Phone is a good alternative.

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