Apple earnings: Déjà vu all over again?

“We’ll know after the close just how good Apple’s holiday quarter really was in terms of iPhone and iPad sales, but on some fundamental level, it’s unlikely to matter to Wall Street,” Mark Rogowsky writes for Forbes. “Even without seeing the final tally — and let the record show I’m expecting better than the 56.2 million phones in Philip Elmer-DeWitt’s quarterly consensus roundup at Fortune – it’s possible to look ahead and see a lot of things that are going to feel awfully familiar tomorrow.”

1. Fretting about the iPhone’s decreasing market share
2. Handwringing about average selling prices and gross margins.
3. Even with a strong top line, the bottom line still is struggling.
4. The seasonal swoon comes immediately and it’s likely China will get over-scrutinized.
5. Apple doesn’t announce products on earnings calls.

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  1. A suggestion to Wall Street; they could collectively go find themselves a bunch of nice, splintery sticks, a nice, quiet corner in Central Park, and sodomise themselves with them.

  2. Aapl rarely goes up after earnings release. Only when they surprise on the upside in a big way. Fundamentals mean nothing to Wall Street – its all about growth and future hype for them.

  3. Never a peep from the mass media about how Gaagle & SamDung colluded in their combined willful infringement of Apple’s IP. To add insult to injury the corrupt global injustice systems willfully enable those corrupted companies to reap profits that were rightfully Apple’s. SAD. More lies upon more bribes, the new-old way to profit by stealing other companies hard earned IP. SAD & Pathetic.

  4. The financial industry makes as much money when the stock goes up as when the stock goes down.
    The more the stock can be manipulated either way, the more money the financial industry makes.

  5. Yes, more of the same. Apple has another “one-off” good quarter, but it must all end, because Apple has no reliable revenue stream that can drain the customer’s coffers for the foreseeable future, like Microsoft with corporate software, or Google with ads, or Amazon with generic but ongoing purchases, or… Just about anyone else. Apple is dependent on reinventing some dysfunctional industry every few years, and when their insight fails them, they’re doomed. Might as well start playing Icahn’s cash manipulation games to squeeze all the residual value out of Apple before Apple finds some productive way to spend it to make some new nifty products to woo unsuspecting customers into another round of filling Apple’s cash hoard into even higher piles! /s

  6. I wonder why some MDN articles are only to be found on iOS, like this one. Doesn’t show up in the browser, but it does on iOS. Strange. Anyway, I’m in complete agreement. The AAPL share price will not change in any appreciable way until Apple disrupts another market with another product that everyone must have, and then it will only impact the price of AAPL for as long as it takes Scamdung and/or Gaggle to reproduce the product in some completely insufficient manner, allowing them to commoditize it (and thereby sodomize Apple) and sell it to the unwashed masses who care nothing about honor and integrity.
    AAPL’s share price will continue to lag the general market as long as Wall Street sees no sign of pending market disruption. iBeacon, infrastructure, data centers, mobile payments, App Store revenues, none of these qualifies.

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