Apple is about to do something brilliant

“Apple is working on not just one but two new iPhones, both with larger screens, according to The Wall Street Journal,” Sam Mattera writes for The Motley Fool. “Other publications, notably Bloomberg and Digitimes, have made similar claims in recent months. Although I’ve been a longtime critic of Apple, there’s nothing negative that can be said about larger iPhones. Assuming these reports prove true, bigger iPhones should be a boon to Apple shareholders, allowing Apple to cash in on a market that’s been dominated by Google and Samsung.”

“The most significant selling point [of higher-end Android phones] could be their larger screens — the [Samsung] Galaxy S4 has a screen size of about 5 inches, while Galaxy Note III sports a 5.7-inch screen; both phones absolutely dwarf Apple’s 4-inch iPhone 5s,” Mattera writes. “Anecdotally, I’ve met a number of people who either have, or considered, switching over to an Android-powered phone based on nothing more than the screen size. Firsthand accounts of such Android converts consistently mention the larger screen as a key advantage.”

“But that advantage vanishes once Apple joins its competitors in offering larger handsets. Buyers of Samsung’s expensive handsets could be enticed to switch to Apple, knowing that they won’t have to sacrifice their larger screen in the process,” Mattera writes. “Given the popularity of Samsung’s flagships — the company shipped 40 million Galaxy S4s in the first six months and 10 million Galaxy Note IIIs in the first two months — Apple has a large opportunity.”

“At the same time, the iPhone’s average selling price should be expected to increase,” Mattera writes. “Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the company plans to release several new products this year. If one of them is a phablet — and it seems that will be the case, given the growing number of reports indicating as much — it will emerge as Apple’s most important product.”

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MacDailyNews iPhone screen size poll
Source: MacDailyNews

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  1. “both phones absolutely dwarf Apple’s 4-inch iPhone 5s”

    And yet again, they fail to mention that even in the Samsung world, many more people buy small phones than phablets.

    The 5S is plenty big enough for me. The point of mobile is — uhhhh — mobile. I don’t want to have to have a brief case or a “man bag” to carry my phone around! The 5S fits unobtrusively in the pocket of my bike shorts; a 5.7″ screen would not.

    1. The iPhone sells more because it’s a polished, high end product offered by Apple at a reasonable price. People don’t choose the iPhone over the Galaxy because they think the Galaxy’s screen is too big. As I said in a

    2. Damn this tiny 4 inch screen!

      The iPhone sells more because it’s a polished, high end product created by Apple and sold at a reasonable price. People don’t choose the iPhone over the Galaxy because they think the Galaxy’s screen is too big. Many iPhone 5s owners like myself suppress our desires for a larger screen as a compromise in order to have what’s otherwise a far superior product. But if the choice was between a 4 inch iPhone 5s and a 4.7 inch version, the larger iPhone would outsell the smaller one by a wide margin.

      And if you don’t like the rumored 5.7 inch model then you can just not buy it. There’s no way Apple would have a 5.7 inch phone as their base model, not even Samsung is that foolish.

      1. Different stroke sizes for different folks ’tis true. Buy the size that fits you best and don’t knock those who want larger. After all, why does ANYONE care what someone else’s phone preference is? If the larger phone doesn’t work out they can go small again. Personally I am starting to feel tempted by at least a 5″ phone and I was vociferously defending Apple’s smaller size along with the rest of you for a long time previously. It will be interesting to have the option. As a stockholder I would like to see all those disingenuous Fragmendroiders not have anything to talk about and pull the rug out from under premium Android phones even more. Maybe relegating it to the ghetto crowd. Good luck with that then Google!

        1. Agreed, different strokes . . .

          I have been an Apple/Mac user since ’86 and a Mac evangelist in my local area. Still, I do not understand what Mac/Apple users get incensed and insulted when someone else suggests something different and want it from Apple.

          Why does it insult you guys intelligence when a 4.5 or 5 inch iPhone is suggested by others who want one? It is OK to like what you have, but don’t get insulted when someone else wants and suggests a larger one.

          1. Very true about using what you like and like what you use. 90% of Mac users agree.
            It’s the few apple haters that post that declare that anything they do not LOVE is horrible. Tim Cook MUST come out with Huge screens and every new toy idea out there or else ” Apple Sucks”. And anyone who disagrees is an idiot!!

            Most of are just enjoying what we have. Ps. I would love for iPads to read Bluetooth mice. Please Tim.

    3. 5s screen big enough for me too, but it’s a no-brainer for Apple to offer a range of screen sizes.

      My gf is a typical target customer – loves my iP, but likes a bigger screen, so has a Galaxy.

    4. What if its much thinner ? My iPhone 5 fits better in my pocket than my iPhone 4 because it is thinner, but it has a larger screen.
      I think MDN take says it all, over 50% want a larger screen that today’s model. Although …I would like to see the same poll which can only voted from an iOS devices. So there are no “misleading” votes by Samsung & Android shills / trolls.

  2. I personally wouldn’t mind a slightly bigger iPhone screen (I have a 4s) however I would not like it to be too big or it’s going to be cumbersome and hard to use in one hand. I like to keep my phone in my front pocket and am afraid a phablet phone won’t fit. Also, I feel that if Apple goes too big on the phone then it will cut into iPad mini sales.

    1. Cool story bro. You sound like someone I know who said there was no need for an iPad since there was a Mac & iPhone already which served his needs perfectly.

      I got news for you. You don’t a larger phone, don’t buy it but why stop others from buying what they want?

      Another nonsensical viewpoint.

  3. All these analysts screaming for a larger iPhone conveniently ignore the fact that both the 5C and 5S each outsold the Galaxy S4 (and thus handily trounced the Galaxy SIII).

    There are many, many reports of people who buy the S4 thinking they’ll like a larger screen, only to switch back to an iPhone because everything else about the iPhone is better.

    If Apple introduces a larger iPhone, it will destroy the Galaxy S4 unless Samsung starts giving it away. I guess then Samsung can still cling to its “shipped” numbers, since it won’t have sold any.

    1. Jesus, can you tell me in a material sense why shipped and sold should be treated differently? If there was a huge disparity between shipped and sold, who is paying for the inventory holding cost? Walmart? Best Buy? Your grandfather’s department store?

      For goodness sake learn the difference between inventory control and stock ordering policy before going off on a tangent. In the real world, the only difference between shipped and sold would be stock in transit or on store shelves which will even out in the end.

      1. What the hell are you talking about? Widgets shipped from manufacturers versus widgets sold to consumers are two extremely different measures and business indicators. Maybe, in the long run, the figures will even out—but the critical question is how long. The longer crap sits on store shelves, the more likely the widgets become obsolete, and the more likely it is discounts are going to be required to move inventory.

        Verizon once had an iPhone sales problem: millions of iPhones shipped, not many sold:–14-Billion-/story.xhtml?story_id=033001WTB4DR

      1. Nonesense (both you and R2)
        I have large hands (I can easily hold the iPad one handed) and while I can reach the upper right corner of the iPhone 5 (with my thumb) one handed, I doubt I could get to the corner of a 4.5.
        If I can still use it one handed Im ok with a bigger screen however every phoblet I have picked up and tried I either could make the upper right corner or it was almost painful to do so.
        So if that my choice (limited one hand use) I’ll take the existing 5s, thanks.
        I also think people keep being told they will like the big screens so they believe it, it’s only after you actually try to use it as a phone that they realize how clumsy the larger screen phones are.

        1. Oh I should have said I can comfortably hold my iPad AIR one handed. While I can hold a regular iPad one handed it ‘aint comfortable to do so. (and yes I can also palm a basketball)

        2. People want the larger screen for viewing. Viewing. Viewing is what matters. Not one-handed or two-handed operation. Viewing. Viewing trumps everything else associated with a large or small phone. It’s really as simple as that. And you know that.

          1. No I don’t know that. I value my phone as… well, a phone. And as such I need to be able to pull out of my pocked and operate it easily -even if I an carrying something. The requirement of needing two hand to operate it make it much less of a phone.

            If you remove the primary use of a smart phone as a phone, then yes I guess in that odd logic the phoblets are ok.

            But really, given that argument shouldn’t you get a iPad mini (cellular) and a voyage account? (and perhaps a bluetooth earphone) Wouldn’t that be even better?
            The mini blows all the ‘roid phoblets away in terms of viewing and tablet functionality.
            It’s biggest issues would be that it won’t fit in a from pocket (but neither will a Phoblet) and that it requires two hand to operate it (but again so does a phoblet)

          2. The author and you overstate the value of telephones with larger screens and that they are what’s uppermost in everyone’s mind.

            If that were true Samsung and Google would have the financial earnings to back up those claims.

            The iPad mini is as good as it gets, so why would they reduce the screen size? Because iPhone users want a smaller iPad mini to watch videos?

            Get real.

      1. Another one of your logical fallacies. One handed use is important for phones—something you hold to your face, something that is even more mobile relative to a 9.7 inch tablet. Different use cases. You use a tablet on a couch; you use a phone anywhere, all the time.

        What the hell are you even saying BLN?

      1. Not I. That poll is self-selecting and unrepresentative and should not be used to adduce general consumer preferences. All it shows is the marked preference of MDN sidebar clickers for higher dimensions. Manufacturers do use polls but not ones like this.

        1. Oh I don’t know. The current poll tells me one thing; there is a more seasoned crowd of professionals here who’s first exposure to Apple was between the years 85-89 and I’d like to think we have an affinity with all-in-one’s.

          When iPhone was introduced, I looked at it and thought 600-bucks for an all-in-one with as many options and value as today’s desktop PC selling for relatively the same price.

          Ever since Apple entered the mobile space, we’ve been witness to a decline in PC sales and though my Mac still kicks neck, my iPhone gets me more dates than the Mac ever did.

          1. The “seasoned crowd of professionals” is a scant 25% female at most. Just saying, that isn’t representative of the general population. Broader market research is required to convince a responsible manufacturer to pull the trigger.

      1. BLN, he was talking about “phablets and ginormous phones.” A moto X doesn’t f’ing count. A 5.5 inch monstrosity does, and those are much more difficult to pocket than a 4 – 4.7 inch device.

        What the hell are you talking about? Patently unreasonable, you.

  4. What is everyone’s obsession with giant phones? You should be able to use a phone one handed, and be able to fit it in your pocket. I have an ipad so I use that if I want a bigger screen.

    1. I agree you should be able to use a phone easily and it should fit in a pocket. However, it is not true to say you cannot do this with phones larger than the iPhone. I have had iPhones, Note 2 and 3 all fit in my pocket and are easy to hold. It takes a little time to get used to the extra size of the Notes, but after a while its fine and in some ways even more balanced in the the hand due to the shape. Once you have used the larger screen you will never want to go back to a tiny one, there are so many benefits.

      1. OMG!!! I have a Note 2 and my boss has a Note 3, and both of us can use it one handed, no problems. I’ve had to use two hands to operate my iPhone 4, now 5, more times then I’ve ever had to with my Note, mostly thanks to the horrid keyboard. Being able to reach the entire screen with just your thumb, stationary in a single corner, is primarily a SALES PITCH. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be having the large screen conversation, and from what it is sounding like, getting rid of the 4″ screen.

        I also never had to carry a bag for my Note as it fits in my pants pocket just fine. My boss has had none of these issues you people complain about as well. Really, I’ve never met a bigger bunch of whiners. Change happens, you adjust. Get over it!

  5. The MDN poll results speak for themselves. These are some of the most highly discriminating Apple users and yet a whopping 65% want an iPhone that’s larger than 4 inches. Only 32% want an iPhone 4 inches or below. The percentage of people who literally want a giant iPhablet, a group of which I don’t consider myself apart, is more than double those who want to go back to 3.5 inches.

    One would think Jony Ive himself saw those poll numbers and designed these rumored phones around them, they’re looking to be a perfect fit. Those who like the 5s/5c screen size will still feel at home with a 4.5 inch iPhone 6. The rest can get the larger model and those who would refuse to buy a 4.5 inch iPhone are statistically irrelevant.

          1. Not just, Trolls and apple haters are far more desperate (than actual apple owners) to prove their point that Apple’s phone’s are somehow “less than” samedung’s (and screen size is one of their favorites) So I think that poll is also skewed by the large number of troll who inhabit this forum (actually I suspect that every troll has multiple “identities” so the poll may not even be a fair reflection of samedung trolls preferences.

            Given that outside Korea the sales of phoblets are only about 7% of the entire market makes the of MDN’s poll results seem… well, unbelievable.

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