Why Apple is ignoring Google’s tactics

“When’s the last time you engaged in a Google service with genuine joy? You may have shrugged and opined, hey, it’s free, try it out. Eventually, however, there are problems,” John Martellaro writes for TheStreet. “For example: published concerns about the Chrome browser privacy protections. I’ve read about a movement to reduce dependency on Google mail. Plus, social problems are cropping up with Google Glass. One woman was arrested for driving while wearing Google Glass (found not guilty) and another fellow was yanked out of movie theater for wearing them during the show because it was suspected he was recording the movie.”

“This is not happening with Apple products because Apple thinks deeply about the effect a product has on a person’s life,” Martellaro writes. “The goal is to make the customer’s life better and provide the tools to do something important, not just look like a geek.”

“Google’s strategy is to do everything. The company likes to generate new revenue sources, and so any scattergun project that looks like it will serve Google ad machine gets a green light. Many projects thrown against the wall don’t work and get cancelled,” Martellaro writes. “f Google can use its enormous cash reserves to cause Apple to lose focus and get into a gadget game, Google wins. Unfortunately, those who don’t understand Apple’s legacy are buying this Google strategy hook, line and sinker.”

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    1. Not really.

      Apple sells an experience (hardware and software) where the two together is much more than the sum total of the two apart.

      On the other two, MS and Goo gel, you are correct.

      My autocorrector is being mischievous today. It converted Google (a very large number) into Goo gel (a kind of slimy substance) all by itself.

      1. Right.

        People seem to forget how Apple truly works. It all starts with software, not hardware. The hardware is built with the idea of providing a different form and/or experience of OS X.

        One thing that must be a complete slap in the face to Microsoft… Apple has created something far superior to what Microsoft relies on for their main source of revenue (Windows) and gives it away for free (Mavericks). All the while keeping that simple fact rather quiet.

        Google on the other hand is not only untrustworthy (I honestly think only geeks worry too much about that, most people don’t even ponder it), but they lack in the design area when it comes to “services” other than Search & Gmail.

        iTunes kicks Google Play square in the teeth when it comes to inspiring one to listen to music or watch a movie.

        1. I would suggest that it doesn’t start with either hardware or software. More fundamentally it starts with what they want to do, then they use hardware and software to achieve that.

      2. Actually “googol” is the very large number you’re thinking of. Google is a play on it, just as “Macintosh” was a play on McIntosh (there’s no variety of the apple fruit called Macintosh)

    2. I think the biggest differences (in the three) is whom their customer are. And this is a fundamental difference.

      Google gives their software to OEM’s but their primary customer is the advertisers, you (the user) are their commodity not their customer.

      With Microsoft their customers are OEM’s and Enterprise IT buyers, (little thought was ever paid to the actual end user as they were told what they were using by their IT overlords)

      Apple has always been about the user (even to the point that enterprise feels “snubbed” because they don’t get the same treatment they do from MS) IT has never (rarely) been in favor of Apple hardware it is always the people actually doing the work had to force what they actually wanted to use (as end user) onto IT (soon IT may figure out that it (like accounting) exists to service those actually producing in the company… but I digress) Apple has always invaded enterprise in this way, because end uses want it so badly that they will fight to get it.

    1. Wall Street loves Google. Sees unlimited growth.
      Wall Street hates Apple. Sees very limited growth.

      Google appears to be making all the right moves, Apple appears to be making all the wrong moves.

      Apple is foolish for letting Google and Android grow as powerful as they did in such a short period of time. Google may be throwing a lot of stuff on the wall to see what sticks but an awful lot of things are sticking to the wall just the same. Apple is still a powerful company but whether they can convince anyone of that is still to be determined. Who the hell knows precisely what Apple’s “plans” are until they’re executed?

      1. Do you know what Google’s plan are until they’re executed? The answer might be: “Sure, they release in beta first and then…” But often will Google there is no future after the beta and you don’t know that until they cancel it. And that’s better that Apple’s secrecy how?

  1. When’s the last time you engaged in a Google service with genuine joy?

    I think the very first time I used Google Maps on the web, back when it first came out, I was excited enough to be close to “joy”. It was so much better than MapQuest was at the time.

    But since then… Can’t think of anything. And it’s been a long time.


  2. When’s the last time you engaged in a Google
    service with genuine joy?

    1.Google+ I always can’t wait to scroll down the news feed

    2.Android is probably the most exciting Google product. Amazing power of open – source

    3.Google maps has been great, unparalleled mapping experience.

    4. YouTube, need I say more

    Generally most of Google products excel in their respective classes.

    1. Newer Android Operating Systems are no longer Open Sourced.

      However, all that Malware in the various App Stores are still Open Source. I’m sure that will make you happy.

  3. There is one huge advantage google has .. Data, algorithms for contextual understandg of words and links to data.

    For heavens sake … Apple spellcheck is a jurassic garbage. Specialy on ios… It is a disaster and it is frustrating. I have to constantly go to google in my browser to find correct spelling . apple adds garbage misspelled words to its dictionary database ( no waytyo get rid of) and suggests them as corrections for other missspelled words .. etc it is trully a disaster and shocking .. And spple is acting like there is no problem. .. It is a huge problem

    Same in maps.
    Misspell a word u get nothing. Misspell it on goog msps and u get suggestions!

    I love ios amd iphone .. Ipads and eveything apple.
    But they have to put some seriouse resourses in their data base and how information is extracted from that data base
    Is is in a shameful staye now!
    I hope u are listening Apple !

    1. Agree with a lot of what you said, but I think this stuff should be handled locally as much as possible, not on some huge database. Apple’s approach has the right idea, but the execution needs to be improved.

  4. Excellent article. The link to Google Graveyard lifted my spirits and I couldn’t help noticing Google Reader has received the most flowers. Apparently it was very popular.

    After a little checking into Google Reader, I come to find Kevin Systrom, took over from Chris Wetherell on the Google Reader project, which may have been languishing around in Google Labs. He enhanced it by adding YouTube and Google Video.

    Shortly before Kevin Systrom left Google to found Instagram, Google Reader had evolved into a forum of members who could share data between themselves. The sharing feature among the membership of the Google Reader community was highly valued.

    Exit Kevin Systrom and Google Labs is closed. Google Reader is closed. What I find interesting is, just how many products that were killed probably never made it out of Google Labs and their discontinuation date corresponds with his exit.

    Did Google kill these programs because they felt betrayed by Kevin Systrom’s leaving to develop a photo sharing product that was subsequently scarfed up by a direct competitor?

    From where I sit, it looks like the sort of betrayal perpetrated by Eric Schmidt who sat on Apple’s board. Talk about scorched earth policies. Look at the graves. All dead ends and lost souls.

  5. “This is not happening with Apple products because Apple thinks deeply about the effect a product has on a person’s life,”

    Google, on the other hand, doesn’t care about anything except their own ad revenue.

    That’s the difference.

  6. Why is Apple ignoring Google’s tactics? Because Cook is hyper-focused on selling more iOS gadgets and imitating Google’s “cloud”, nothing else. For Google, it’s slowly wrapping its tenacles into every aspects of users’ lives, in every room of their house, in mobile, in cars, in appliances, everywhere. Microsoft, it’s stumbled because it wants to force users into the Windows ecosystem. Apple’s fatal mistake is that Cook thinks everyone wants iOS and iTunes everywhere. People really want industry standards and multi-brand compatibility so that you can create or play media content on any device, anywhere. Apple’s walled-garden approach therefore is a hindrance. OS X is the better platform for any multi-gadget household. Cook doesn’t get this.

    On the software front, Apple quality has not been improving, and its interfaces are far less intuitive and attractive than 5 years ago. Moreover, Eric the Mole swiped all kinds of info from Apple but Cook has done practically nothing to repair the damage. Apple at the very least should have replaced Google Search and Google Maps by now with solid Apple software that really works better. Apple has the resources, but Cook is too timid to take on the evil empire directly. On the contrary, Apple has rolled out dumbed-down applications (iWork, Maps) that don’t perform as well as older desktop apps or Google apps (again, the walled garden and lack of Finder makes iOS productivity apps severely limited and practically useless for editing and versioning of content in mixed OS environments). Sketchup and other excellent products Apple seems oblivious, and offers no competition.

    Long story short: Apple should have pulled the rug out from under Google by now. It’s inexcusable that Cook has been so oblivious about getting this done.

    1. Perhaps if the tripartheid tentacles of gubernment had kept its hand off Apple and let it focus attention on developing gtast product instead of kowtowing to WA DC Justice, Congress and the Executive branches, we would have seen the nuking of Google.

      However, Google is doing it to themselves by imploding due to destroying the divine right to privacy. Self-nuking.

  7. “true that” John Martellaro at TheStreet ; )

    Google strategy: Do Everything!

    Like i’ve always said:
    Google lost its mojo since its search engine biz 1998-09-04.

    it lost its marbles.
    its simplicity principle.

    it hyped itself unofficial as “Do no evil”
    yet is the biggest gov. brown noser.
    it hides behind high-tech games, even less internet spying petitions, but it rapes privacy for the sake of ad profits.
    whose the evil doer now?!

    yes, Google innovates a lot – but on the surface damn it!
    like author says, when have you truly enjoyed any tech google spits out?! really enjoyed it like Apple product?!

    the reason why Google can not bring you happiness or long-term enjoyment:
    1. it sells out your privacy
    2. all its software is ugly, barren, dry, unaesthetic, unpleasant, half-ass, crude, raw, rough, too basic not sophisticatedly simple or elegant
    3. its software/hardware chaos is not smooth, not ubiquitous, unprofitable, unstable
    4. everything google does AFTER Search Ads, is stupid.
    they dream, they do not make.
    Google is biggest buyer of ideas in history.
    they acquire a co. every f’ week!
    Android: bought!
    Glass: bought!
    Chrome: bought!

    they do not make anything.
    they just buy or copy.
    but unlike Apple, who if they buy occasionally, improve things they buy, Google just propagates more Dreck (goo).
    when has any of the 1000s of Goo experiments become a lasting hit?! all they do is waste $Billions on hot air.

    all this waste in resources for just a few more cents of profits per quarter, all this haphazard way of doing business, with no clear plan or vision, depending on lucky strikes etc. it’s not something humans should be proud of at all. it’s pathetic. cheap. neither enduring nor endearing.

    which all makes Google one thing: the world’s best Bitch.
    (as it whores itself around with everything)

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