Operator error: Snowblower shatters $450,000 pane in Apple Store Fifth Avenue’s glass cube (with video)

“Several readers are reporting that a snowblower has accidentally knocked into and shattered one of the large glass panels at Apple’s iconic 5th avenue Apple Store,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“That’s one of 15 panels, and those large slices of glass were installed a couple of years ago,” Gurman reports. “Apple is looking at a roughly $450,000 bill to fix that glass panel.”

“Reports say that the store has not been closed because of this damaged glass,” Gurman reports, “and it’s unclear when Apple will conduct the replacement.”

Full article, with photo, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Oops!


    1. Their insurance company is, if they are covered. Otherwise another company bites the dust!
      The window will be replaced when another one is made as I don’t think they have windows of that spec stocked up in a warehouse just in case! 🙁

      1. One way or another, the snow blower contractor bites the dust. After any insurance company pays THAT bill, the blower company isn’t getting insured ever again.

        This is all rather surreal. $450,000 for a huge glass panel. Extravagant.

        1. A close friend of mine owns a landscaping company and plows snow. After several accidents over the years, his premiums are through the roof. This company will probably go down, either by loss of their insurance, or by exuberant premiums. Hard to get good labor these days. The operator of that blower is an idiot, and I’m sure he’ll be applying for unemployment tomorrow.

      2. Wrong, the snowblower contractor is liable (not the insurance company, which did not break the glass). Hopefully he has insurance to cover the damage. Otherwise Apple’s insurer will pay for the replacement and go after the snowblower contractor to recover its costs.

  1. With everyone carrying handheld video cameras these days, especially around iconic Apple stores, where’s the video of it actually breaking?

    This would have been a perfect time for one of those vertical smartphone video’s. 😉

  2. Of course, if it was anyone else, they would have put up a huge piece of plywood and waited for the glass. No idea what material they used, but it doesn’t look half bad, all things considered.

  3. Saw this in morning and to be honest have been surprised as I thought the comments from bloggers would start –
    1) Apple’s glass is now inferior with Tim Cook than it was with Steve Jobs;
    2) Apple has lost its innovation as glass now shatters
    3) Employees now jumping off the Apple ship as they’re scared of working at the new MotherShip campus that sports same glass
    4) If Steve Jobs were still alive, this would not have happenned.
    5) Apple losing margin from closed 5th Ave store due to broken glass
    And an overall, the earth is now off its axle due to Apple –
    Still have faith that the NYT will pull off some pathetic piece …

    1. Nice one, loved it… it’s still early though, there’s still time for all five of your predicted headlines to hit the web yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve managed to miss a few. Good luck.

      Go Apple!

  4. In response to “No idea what material they used, but it doesn’t look half bad, all things considered.” It’s tempered glass. It is shattered but still in place. They will probably just leave it there until the new piece is ready. Proves that Apple windows are better that Microsoft Windows. Hah!

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