Apple’s story: The beginning has arrived

“It seems like only yesterday (but really it was 8 months ago) I wrote my article, Apple’s Story: Only the Beginning?, in which I outlined that Apple’s (AAPL) story was not plateauing like many had then predicted, but only at the beginning of an important long-term phase,” NYC Trader writes for Seeking Alpha. “”

“At the time my article was published, Apple’s stock was taking a beating, sliding from a per share price of $700 to a near 52-week low of $400, as pundits, analysts, journalists, and bloggers all ganged up on the tech giant in their attempt to explain the irrational price movement and in the process created a narrative for investors: Apple was losing share in its smartphone and tablet markets and the only solution for a rebound was to introduce new products,” NYC Trader writes. “The narrative was wrong.”

“And since my article was published in April 2013, Apple’s stock price has surged by more than 28%, beating both the S&P 500 (+16.0%) and the Nasdaq (+27.7%),” NYC Trader writes. “The rhetoric in the investment community has now changed. Analysts, who only eight months ago were downgrading Apple to the low $400s, are now being forced to follow the markets and significantly alter twelve-month targets. The Apple offense has finally arrived.”

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    1. Why would disingenuous analysis and market manipulation go away when it seems to be working so well for Wall Street? If no one at Apple knows how to break the cycle, Apple shareholders will remain screwed. Why should Apple remain such an easy manipulation target than any other company?

      I’m guessing Apple could do something about it but just prefers to focus on designing products. That’s what Apple is supposed to do but it’s leaving shareholders rather vulnerable and possibly scaring off certain types of investors. I’m just grasping at straws because I’m clueless.

  1. Inevitable:
    …are now being forced to follow the markets and significantly alter twelve-month targets. The Apple offense has finally arrived.

    Reality is eternally persistent. Fantasyland and parasitic manipulation are NOT.

      1. Perhaps I should have said ‘parasitic manipulation IN PUBLIC’…

        The world watches this crap:
        – “Apple’s gonna die!”
        – Apple thrives instead.
        – People notice. People get hurt.
        – Oh yeah, these leaches are parasitizing AAPL, total DUH factor.

        Evil runs like hell out of the light of reality. Evil never stops running because reality doesn’t ever stop shining. The parasites may go on to manipulate someone else, but once it’s obvious they’re AAPL, and it certainly is now!, they go scurrying off into the dark again where they can whip and chain themselves in their self-loathing and self-destruction.

  2. Another amateur from Seeking Alpha. Hit whores. He’s pretty selective, going back to April. I’m surprised he didn’t take credit for Wednesday’s bump. Or everything else that is up today.

  3. Apple stock price is still 150 points below its high. No momentum to suggest it will break out to those heights again. The stock price reflects the dawning realization that apple cannot be trusted as anybodies vendor. Maybe good enough for consumers but not for anyone who actually depends on devices and software for anything other than entertainment. By it’s own decisions apple has removed itself from markets it cannot compete in. This simply means Apples upside is limited. The sign that things have changed at apple will be when they announce radically new development tools or even support for alternatives to Object C and XCode. That will be a sign that they are ready to leave their legacy behind and step out to invest in and explore new approaches

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