Apple’s China Mobile deal to extend beyond iPhones; CEO Cook ‘incredibly optomistic’

“Apple Inc.’s deal with China Mobile Ltd. to sell iPhones won’t be limited to handsets, but will also entail broad cooperation between the two companies, the chairman of the world’s largest carrier said Wednesday,” Paul Mozur reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua said that already multi-millions of Apple’s iPhones have been ordered by its customers, signaling strong demand for the device. Apple’s iPhones will begin selling at China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier by subscribers, starting Friday,” Mozur reports. “Speaking in a small media briefing to Chinese media and The Wall Street Journal, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said he is ‘incredibly optimistic’ about the outcome of the cooperation with the Chinese carrier.”

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      1. Very true, fact is there were legions of paid mourners pre writing death sentences after Jobs death and no facts or success is going to interfere with that manoeuvre, they were out for the blood of whoever followed him. Cooks job was to keep everything running smoothly, a level of growth consistent and take the inevitable flac without a murmur of annoyance or showing weakness. For the most part he has carried that off with aplomb. Now that we are approaching that point that Apple has shown even the most unreformed critic its a mature company that can weather all that is thrown at it we can slowly expect a more adult consensus even though many will never stop sniping as they did not even when SJ was in his pomp.

        I expect that it was well planned NOT to try to introduce a new game changer during this time as it was bound to be panned far worse than they were under SJ which was bad enough in itself. Once a mature change over is mature then the company can weather the sniping from a new launch despite the lack of Job’s defensive screen.

        1. The best word to describe the Apple Bear Bullshit era is ‘BULLYING’.

          And there’s one profound factor that’s true of every bully:
          Profound Personal Insecurity for which their bullying is over-compensation.

          Q: What does that tell us about the Apple Bear Bullshitters?

  1. Every mobile company that has started to sell the iPhone has grew its subscriber base and increased the percentage of higher income customers. So China Mobile will benefit and Apple will sell more phones.
    In the short term there will be big gains as first adopters jump in. Then over time the client base will shift to the iPhone.

    1. Dude, people don’t care if someone uses the wrong version of a word. We still get it. You do realize when writing something on an iDevice, you tend to have more mistakes? Between auto spelling, auto correct, small keyboards, small text, etcetera, you’re bound to have less than perfect grammar in posts. It’s just the way it is. Focus on the content, that’s all I’m interested in. To focus on grammar means you’re more interested in how people write, and not the content of the article. So my question to you is, what the hell are you doing on this site? Shouldn’t you be on some English Literature forum or something? Go away, you’re annoying.

      1. @macxperts

        Sheesh! Over-reach much?

        And, by the way, if you want to argue with someone’s post, at least try basic logic.

        “To focus on grammar means you’re more interested in how people write, and not the content of the article.”

        – Pointing out a grammar points does not mean Jean is “focussing on grammar”.
        – And, the pointing out one grammar point in no way allows a conclusion of being more interested in the writing than the content. There is just zero logical connection. At best, it’s a vague indication of a possibility.

        E.g. If I honk my horn at a driver once when they try to cut me off, it doesn’t mean I’m more interested in that moment than in the overall drive… the purpose of which is getting to a business meeting.

        Try thinking, rather than just spewing out your little reactive hormonal storms or whatever you’re having.

        1. Agreed.

          macxperts – when would you “permit” feedback on sloppy writing?

          Had a university professor friend tell me about trying to mark papers where the writers:
          – didn’t bother to use periods
          – may or may not substitute other punctuation for the periods
          – did not mark the beginning of sentences with capitals
          – AND, to cap it all, did not have the “sentences” in logical sequences, but rather jumping back and force in a seemingly random manner.

          Got to start somewhere.

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