Japan will make Apple’s App Store bigger

“Apple announced earlier this week that it generated $10 billion in revenue from its App Store in 2013,” Adam Levy writes for The Motley Fool. “To put that in perspective, that’s nearly half of Apple’s approximate total App Store revenue since it opened shop in 2008.”

“Meanwhile, Google’s Android continues to grab market share, but is still far from matching Apple’s app revenue,” Levy writes. “Interestingly, Google Play was able to close the gap in sales in the largest apps market, Japan. It’s unlikely that Google Play will continue to outpace the App Store in 2014, however, as Apple has made moves to improve its position in Japan and remain a dominant force in the high-end market. It doesn’t help that Samsung products don’t sell well in the country.”

“In 2013, Japan surpassed the U.S. as the largest apps economy. The rapid growth in app purchases is due to the growth in smartphone penetration, which is now on par with the U.S. App Annie expects Japan’s smartphone adoption rate to surpass the U.S.’s in 2014,” Levy writes. “Apple is poised to capitalize on the growth in the largest app economy. The company teamed up with NTT DoCoMo in September to offer the iPhone 5s and 5c to its 61.8 million customers. This move has led at least one analyst, Timothy Arcuri of Cowen & Co., to project that Apple could take 50% of the Japanese market in 2014. The iPad already holds over 50% of the tablet market in the country.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Careful about Japan, though… they’re very much trend-followers. However, as long as Apple is perceived as having higher quality (to the general public, not to MDN people) it will do well.

    Saying that, I think it’s great that there will be more Japanese apps available! Even if the lion’s share of the money went to approximately two game developers. (^_^)

  2. The only reason why Apple has high market share in Japan is because the Japanese simply don’t like S. Korean products or anything else about S. Korea in general. There’s no other reason or else Samsung would have had the highest market share there like everywhere else on the planet. Samsung has completely outflanked Apple in smartphone sales due to the differences of each company’s business philosophy. There’s probably no other company on the planet that puts out as many variations of products as Samsung does.

    1. The reason why Samsung releases such a wide variations of it’s products is that Samsung have no idea of how to design an innovative and successful product. They only have two strategies, one is to copy the market leader ( which they were doing long before the iPhone ), the other is to offer countless permutations and see whether customers buy them.

      It’s hard to see that Samsung’s current strategy might be sustainable. They’re spending an astonishing amount of money on promotion and marketing, but they’re not making anything like the profits that Apple are making. Samsung’s financial reports are rather obscure, so it’s not easy to see exactly how many phones they are truly selling, or what level of expenses they are incurring to sell them.

      The bottom line is that Samsung built it’s smartphone empire without proper foundations and we all know that foundations are an essential part of a stable structure. There are signs that things are starting to go wrong for Samsung and things could get very much worse very rapidly.

    2. “There’s probably no other company on the planet that puts out as many variations of products as Samsung does.”

      And, there’s probably no other anything that puts out more crap than Samsung and Laughing_Boy48.

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