Latest iPhone 6 concept imagines iOS 8 and 4.6-inch edge-to-edge display (with video)

“The latest iPhone 6 render is designed by Lorenzo Rojas. In a YouTube video posted in ConceptiPhones, the upcoming iPhone will have a larger screen display that is 4.6 inches in size,” Kristin Dian Mariano reports for International Business Times. “The display will run from edge to edge. This is very close to the on-going rumour that the successor of iPhone 5S will pack a 4.7-inch screen panel.”

“Edge-to-edge screen display is one of the most popular features included in most iPhone 6 concept images. This shows the increasing demand for a bigger screen size that started last year,” Mariano reports. “Reports suggest that Apple’s next screen display may have a Sapphire glass covering that will strengthen the screen and make it scratch resistant.”

“Some Apple patents also provide some clues on the upcoming iPhone 6 features,” Mariano reports. “Patents emerged that iPhone will pack a curved or flexible screen embedded by durable material called Liquidmetal, a refocusable light camera, an improved Siri and TouchID sensor as well as gestures control.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


    1. The home button is wrong. With Touch ID there is no square and it needs the metallic ring. The offset front camera doesn’t convey Apple. I don’t know why the fascination with edge to edge. It’s not practical at all from a usage point of view or working point of view. The render isn’t very ground breaking either. It seems like I saw this video 2 years ago.

    2. This concept is ignorant: there are no and could be no borderless displays. Jonathan Ive would never design that as his title includes “industrial”, which means he understands how things manufactured, what possible, and what not.

    1. It’s really creepy that people are so enthralled with
      a gizmo that they spend time and resources…sorry, make
      that ‘devote’ time and resources to take part in what amounts to worship. It’s like the Middle Ages when artists used to paint nothing but religious figures, some out of occupation but the rest out of obsessive impulse (and probably angling for a commission from the pope/CEO). Apple has become the modern tech equivalent to the Catholic church European power base of the Middle Ages. The kool aid has been drunk. The new saucer HQ hides a massive underground kool aid brewery. George Orwell never could have imagined this: “oh my gawd, it’s a thousand times worse…”

        1. No!! No, I won’t relax, d’ya hear?!! (screeches incoherently,
          waves arms in the air, making it hard to type) The next thing will be the iBrain!! Apple will distribute protein micro machines in the kool aid, and they’ll construct a protein based iPhoneMac in your brain!! Soon we’ll receive daily instructions right in our cerebral cortex! People’s lives will just be imitations of Apple’s commercials! And they won’t
          be called commercials, they’ll be called iPrimers!!
          Save us, save us all!! (screams, gets up and runs out in the
          street, tackled by a squad from iHealth, taken to the
          suspiciously saucer shaped iHealth Center)
          “here fella, relax, it’s just a societal domination project”

  1. Can someone please show me a concept where the home screen and desktops are more than a static row of cluttered icons? I’m really getting fed up with the home screen experience. Give us card stacks like WebOS, give us a dashboard with quick useful widgets like in OS X, give us anything except just rows and rows of icons… A wall of clutter Ugh

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