Apple iPhone increases U.S. smartphone market share dominance

comScore, Inc. has released data from comScore MobiLens and Mobile Metrix, reporting key trends in the U.S. smartphone industry for November 2013. Apple ranked as the top smartphone manufacturer with 41.2 percent OEM market share.

Smartphone OEM Market Share
152.5 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones (63.8 percent mobile market penetration) during the three months ending in November, up 3 percent since August. Apple ranked as the top OEM with 41.2 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers (up 0.5 percentage points from August). Samsung ranked second with 26 percent market share (up 1.7 percentage points), followed by Motorola with 6.7 percent, LG with 6.5 percent and HTC with 6.4 percent.

Top Smartphone OEMs 3 Month Avg. Ending Nov. 2013 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Aug. 2013 Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Age 13+ Source: comScore MobiLens

Smartphone Platform Market Share
Android ranked as the top smartphone platform in November with 51.9 percent market share (up 0.3 percentage points), followed by Apple with 41.2 percent (up 0.5 percentage points), BlackBerry with 3.5 percent, Microsoft with 3.1 percent and Symbian with 0.2 percent.

Top Smartphone Platforms 3 Month Avg. Ending Nov. 2013 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Aug. 2013 Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Age 13+ Source: comScore MobiLens

Top Smartphone Properties & Apps
Google Sites ranked as the top web property on smartphones, reaching 86.7 percent of the mobile media audience (mobile browsing and app usage), followed by Facebook (84.9 percent), Yahoo Sites (79.4 percent) and Amazon Sites (72.5 percent). Facebook ranked as the top smartphone app, reaching 76.2 percent of the app audience, followed by Pandora Radio (52 percent), Google Play (51.6 percent) and Google Search (50.4 percent).
Top 15 Smartphone Properties & Apps November 2013 Total U.S. Smartphone Mobile Media Users, Age 18+ (iOS and Android Platforms) Source: comScore Mobile Metrix
*Apple App Suite includes iTunes, Apple App Store, and Apple Game Center

Source: comScore, Inc.

MacDailyNews Note: This data predates the release of Apple’s iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s in the U.S. on September 20, 2013.


  1. So, when the talking heads say that Samsung is winning, do they also believe that 26.0% isn’t less than 41.2%? Is that the new math the little kids will be taught in school now? Do they group ALL Androids and “other” feature phones into the Samsung smart phone basket.

    So, like the talking heads that almost ALL have an iPhone and iPad, those with a choice and the cash to spend on the finer things in life choose Apple. NOT Samsung!

    Don’t believe your eyes, just the words from the talking heads.

    1. Samsung are tanking as they struggle particularly in smartphones while spending fortunes in advertising so don’t worry too much and giving ongoing profit warnings. So i guess the only 2 companies actually making money have something in common.

  2. Considering that this report is using November data, why is MDN stating it’s from September, when it’s clearly not? The report was just released recently.

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