Apple’s new Mac Pro is far greener than ever before

“According to the company’s recently released product environmental report, Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro is far more environmentally friendly than the previous-generation models,” Nathanael Arnold reports for Wall St. Cheat Sheet.

“Apple reduced the overall environmental impact of the product by improving energy efficiency, using fewer materials to build the product, and reducing the amount of packaging,” Arnold reports. “According to Apple, the new Mac Pro only consumes 43 watts in idle mode, 68 percent less power than the last model. As noted by VentureBeat, the previous model used 134 watts in idle mode. This efficiency upgrade allowed the new Mac Pro to surpass the stringent ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Computers Version 6.0.”

“According to Apple, the round Mac Pro is one-eighth the volume of the previous box-shaped version,” Arnold reports. “The Mac Pro’s dramatic size reduction is reflected in the overall decrease in the amount of materials used to make it. The new Mac Pro was made with 74 percent less aluminum and steel compared to the previous model.”

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  1. I’m sure that there will be those regulars on here still snivelling and whining about how their personal convenience has been compromised by the lack of internal drives, irrespective of how much less materials go into making the new Mac Pro. Get over yourselves.

      1. Someplace, somewhere in the dark recesses of the garage in a dusty box, I have a little bottle of those little ferrite core beads that I used to use as a “prop” when I was selling computers in the early 80’s.

          1. I’m 62. bought my first “pc” in 77. Sold Apples with the Terrell Brothers (The ones that ordered the 50 Apples from Jobs at the very beginning) at the Byte Shop in the 80’s in Seattle.

            I never used that type of memory but I did sell 16kb s-100 boards for 1300 dollars.

            1. I really think, with that history, you are in a unique position to write a memoir of what those days were like. The distribution channels in early computer days are murky and undocumented. You might have noticed that tech history is hijacked by personal anecdote but what really matters is the commercial transactions. They tell more of the real story.

            2. I’ve tried for some time to collect data on the evolution of video games on personal computers, but those responsible are very elusive, compared to the impresarios you mentioned who, I guess, had more of a public face, being makers and shakers. Programmers it seems tend to fade into the woodwork.

    1. Why?

      Of course Apple’s new Mac Pro is a unique product that benefits from volume pricing on Xeon CPUs and AMD GPUs. There’s no way anyone can configure a machine truly equivalent to the new Mac Pro at the price that Apple currently offers it.

      That being said, the new Mac Pro is not setting records on the Geekbench benchmarks. Builders can easily build faster/more capable machines for a bit more money, and they can build faster machines for LESS money if one resorts to Intel i7 chips.

      and of course, next year will see a flood of copycats that offer cylindrical computers that undercut the Mac Pro price as well.

      So what would be the point of gloating, other than to stroke your fragile ego? Sure, Apple finally moved the goalposts again. But had Apple put together a machine with more versatility and with something other than off-the-shelf components, then it would take more time for the others to respond. As it is, PC box makers will likely eclipse Apple pricing and features in a matter of months.

      Don’t bother with a snide reply, just check in June to see if HP or Dell have a professional workstation with equivalent or better specs for the same or less money. You know they will, they always do.

  2. Well, yes, it must surely be greener. They left parts of it out, remember? Will it still be greener, en masse, when all the peripherals are hooked up and creating a mess on your desk? Your wallet won’t be greener, that is for sure! And yes, I’d love to have one!

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