Clueless companies race to debut stupidwatches before Apple defines the smartwatch

“Some analysts say Apple will come out with a smartwatch in March to compete in the nascent market alongside Sony, Samsung, Qualcomm and startups like Pebble,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “Apple’s smartwatch is rumored to have a personal health and fitness component like Nike’s FuelBand.”

“Smartwatches, fitness bands and other wearable devices are expected to be a big theme at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas,” Seitz reports. “Ten companies are exhibiting in a special CES tech zone called WristRevolution, including Qualcomm, Burg, Dennco Brands, Kronoz, MetaWatch, Neptune Computer and Cookoo-watch maker ConnecteDevice.”

“Wearable technology will gain respect as a new product category this year, but Apple will make it ‘cool,’ Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White said in a research note Friday. He said he expects Apple to launch the iWatch this year,” Seitz reports. “‘It will take a company such as Apple to launch a smartwatch that is actually ‘cool’ to wear in order to drive mass consumer adoption,’ White wrote. ‘In our view, Apple’s expansive digital matrix that seamlessly connects devices, strong balance sheet with unwavering R&D commitment, loyal user base, proven ability to deliver aesthetically pleasing products, well respected brand and strong track record of serving up a unique user experience bodes well for the company’s ability to capitalize on this new market opportunity.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Like personal computers before Macintosh, portable music players before iPod, cellphones before iPhone, and tablets before iPad, it’s déjà vu all over again.

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  1. iWatch with passbook and maps integration.

    Instead of taking out your wallet or your iPhone , rewards cards, airline tickets, movie tickets, ATM cards…will just pop up on the screen whenever you come close to a specific location.

    Indoor GPS
    It will guide you to specific areas.”Siri where’s the restroom?”

    Workout assistant
    Similar to fuelband, there will be an app specifically about your calories burned, etc..

    Remote control for Apple TV
    Its mic will be your best friend.if not, it’s going to be your magic wand.iRing?

    It’s going to be a fashion statement for some reason but also people will end up using it more than the others just like how it is on the data usage.

  2. Most of you are arguing and nit-picking features of a product that doesn’t exist and yet 10 or more of these products will be unveiled at CES and I haven’t heard a single comment about those wearables.

    Does Apple know anything about their competitors’ products? Or do they just ignore whatever they’re developing to focus on the only product the world ever needs?

    There are other resources for Apple-related news besides this MacCentral wannabe.

    1. Tell me Apple isn’t feeding off the energy of its competitors’ R & D. They spend, Apple makes notes. Apple spends, they copy. I wonder, did Apple begin thinking about watches after Microsoft produced SPOT?

      These are all of the watches in production today.

      Sony SmartWatch & SmartWatch 2
      Qualcomm Toq
      Pebble Watch
      Wearing Digital WEDA (Slap Band)
      Fossil Wrist PDA
      Ruputer by Seiko
      Timex Datalink
      Garmin Forerunner
      Sonostar Smartwatch
      Martian G2G Watch
      WIMM One
      Motorola Motoactv
      MetaWatch Strata
      Agent Smartwatch
      Samsung Galaxy Gear
      GEAK Watch
      i’m Watch
      HOT Watch
      Omate TrueSmart
      Z1 Android Watch-Phone
      Fashion S9110
      LG GD910 (limited edition)
      Hyundai MB 910
      ANDROID SmartWatch™ (To be released in December 2013)

  3. As if clueless ANALysts wasn’t bad enough, now we got clueless companies, and there will be a bunch of clueless people buying these non sense and supporting these clueless companies. Thank got for apple and the sensibility that goes with it

  4. Clueless companies race to debut stupid watches before Apple defines the smart watch

    This, of course, is an arrogant statement. No wonder there are leagues of Apple haters, if they take such statements seriously. I personally DON’T take such statements seriously. Every new product is a gamble. Samsung bet on their ‘Gear’ stupidwatch, without enough consideration for functionality and size, and lost. But it was an iteration in the market, worth at least a marker of what NOT to do. Whether Apple will even bother with this aspect of the ‘wearable’ market (seeing as Apple has already been in the ‘wearable’ market for MANY years with the iPod Shuffle) remains in the air. Whether Apple will come up with something more functional and user-friendly than that ‘Gear’ thing is, from my experience, inevitable. But I’m still not convinced they would even bother seeing as it is NOT at this time going to be any big profit niche. But I get stuff wrong and enjoy watching Apple have a lot more insight that I do.

    IOW: We shall see.

    Meanwhile: AnalCysts out the ears with inane rubbish to spew as-per-usual. Why they get paid for such baloney speculation is beyond my comprehension. Someone wants to read this crap, apparently. Therefore, they get paid for it. 😛

    1. Derek Currie, i clearly remember (apologies if i am incorrect by confusing you someone else) you vehemently denying apple making the iPad Mini, that proved to be big mistake on your part.

    1. That point is right now, for some of us.

      But if the iWatch is beautiful, transcending gadgetry and floating over into fashion territory, I would consider adding it to my wardrobe.

  5. It’s bloody insulting to say something will only succeed when AAPL makes it cool. As if it’s simply a marketing trick. If AAPL makes a smart watch at all, it will succeed because it’s worthy of success.

    Implying the former suggests that we are all shallow, no-nothing fools who wool buy anything because someone deems it to be cool. This truly is insulting.

  6. Apple has made plenty of things that never succeeded but those items that exploded in popularity all have one thing in common; a simple interface that allows anyone to get the most from the product.

    MDN biased to a fault; they still carry THAT chip on their shoulder.

  7. Apple won’t make a Smartwatch. That’s low end hardware with little to no profit margin. And if they design a high end watch, would there be enough customers that would pay for a watch costing hundreds of dollars even if you could text and email with it. It’s easier to use the phone you’d already have with you. It makes no sense to me. Like the stupid SamScum commercial where the guy has a phone in the same hand that his watch is on. And instead of answering the phone, he answers the watch with the phone still in his hand. A ridiculous commercial that shows how ridiculous a product a smart watch is.

  8. How many people believe the Moon Landing was fake? How many people believes that Lizard People (12 Million latest poll) exist? How many people thinks Elvis is alive? How many people thinks Apple Created the Mac by stealing all the ideas from XEROX?

    These people are the customers Samsung has targeted for the StupidWatch market.

  9. One issue I see is diversification in designs. A watch can be considered jewelry in many cases and people like to have watches that are not the same as everybody else’s. How many different designs will Apple offer to satisfy people who don’t like wearing the same watch everyone else is wearing. Maybe it’s a nonissue because the tech gadget, but it seems it may be an issue for the fashion conscious who want a “nice” watch. Maybe an iWatch targets consumers who don’t wear watches because everyone who does wear watches chose the watch they wear for specific aesthetic reason. Then there’s the whole gender factor. Men’s watches, women’s watches…

    1. Tapped post by accident. I was going to say my point is they may need to offer many varying designs to satisfy people. Also remember a watch is a status symbol for many people and the same theory applies, many people won’t buy it because it’s the same as everyone else’s. Please forgive any grammatical errors . I’m speaking to Siri and she is not getting everything I say perfectly and I’m not catching it all.

  10. So the thousands of companies who make wrist gadgets don’t know what they’re doing because Apple hasn’t “defined” it yet?

    That ranks up there with some of the most condescending BD that MDN has pissed out.

    No iOS gadget is going to displace my Tag Heuer. In fact, I find i’m reaching for the iPad less and less because the MacBook is just so much more powerful and, yes, faster. It’s scriptable. I can actually multitask. Dumbing down the Mac even further to fit it on one’s wrist is not appealing at all.

  11. Actually, Android dominates ~80% of the smartphone market, which will almost guarantee that the watches available so far will outsell any watch Apple produces. The Galaxy Gear alone (awful commercials aside) sold over 800,000 units in two months. If apple does produce a watch, it would have to have everything, simply because there are heavily functional and better looking watches that already connect to iOS, that are very likely to be cheaper than any watch apple produces.

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