Why Apple needs a 13-inch ‘iPad Pro’

“I had previously explained the concept of tablet market tiers and the pattern of upmarket competition among Android vendors as they continue to fight for reasonable hardware margins,” Sameer Singh writes for Tech-Thoughts.

“Recent tablet install base data from ABI research seems to support this hypothesis and describes the same pattern we saw in the smartphone market,” Singh writes. “This also helps explains why Apple needs an iPad Pro.”

“It seems that iPad sales are being driven by repeat buyers, while Android tablet sales are being driven by first time buyers,” Singh writes. “Now, what would happen when branded Android tablet vendors make a concerted upmarket push? This is inevitable because branded vendors are facing increasing margin pressures from regional brands and white box competitors in mid-market tiers. Increasing competition in the limited high-end market could cause iPad shipments to flat-line or even decline over the next few years. In response, Apple is likely to aggressively target the only market tier remaining above — the enterprise.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let’s wait to see what happened with Christmas tablet sales with enticing new iPads (iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display) available this year.

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    1. iPad /iOS needs a crapload of improvement to be considered “pro”. Yes much more than a bigger screen. I just encountered another frustrating issue in iOS 7 on my iPad air. I tried the camera connection kit for the 1st time on my new iPad air with iOS 7. With every very goddamn version of iOS , Apple puts on the retard hat and changes the way one selects many photos for import. I am not kidding, in iOS 4, 5, 6 the method to select many photos changed. This time they just don’t allow it it all. I was so frustrated about the feature that no longer works I wanted to throw it at the wall. This is just one example of Apple being incompetent. It seems for everything they do right they do something equally retarded. This is completely ignorant amateurish poor application design and I am pissed about it because it really wastes a lot of time for the user.
      That said, I still want a larger iPad and believe it’s just a matter of time.

  1. This guy has it upside-down and backwards. The so-called competition is in the mid-tier BECAUSE Apple owns the top-tier of the market. They were simply unable to compete with the master.

  2. Apple “needs” to listen to Singh like it needs a hole in the head.
    They’ve been working on a large iPad since day one. They have hundreds of prototypes stashed away in their lab. This is pretty much certain. They will release it when it is powerful enough and cost effective enough – when it makes sense. They never, ever make something because the “competition” is doing it. We all know that here, I think we should get Singh’s paycheck this month.
    Anyone who wants to know why a large iPad would make sense only has to look at Logic. I’m positive Apple is using it as a testbed – the coupling of the iPad app and the desktop app is close to flawless now. I’m guessing FCP will get the same treatment (if it hasn’t already – I haven’t tried ProCutX – but I’d guess Apple will come out with their own version). I would love to have a larger iPad to control apps. If they’d only add in pressure sensitive pen support (my wish list), the thing would be damn near perfect.
    Pretty sure iPad pro would be a great companion to the new mac pro, and sport the same 4k screen res.

  3. “It seems that iPad sales are being driven by repeat buyers, while Android tablet sales are being driven by first time buyers,” Singh writes.

    And then the Android tablet goes in the bottom drawer when they go out and buy a decent tablet from Apple

    1. Android sales are being drive by first time buyers because no Android maker has sold very many tablets — ever.

      No person buys a second Android tablet after buying a first.

  4. Anyone having trouble with their iPad mini Retina keeping a wifi signal? I can have my 5s with the AirPort Utility on next to the mini Retina set the same. The mini can lose the signal 4 to 5 times per hour where the 5s does not. I replaced the Comcast modem with a new one but that didn’t help. I’ve got a AirPort Extreme base and two Express’s to extent the range. Anything similar out there?

  5. I’m with MDN on this… let’s wait and see what Apple’s Q4 results look like. With the $299 non-Retina iPad Mini, I see Apple’s sales exploding, even in the low-to-mid-end range. With retailers like Wal-Mart and Target offering gift cards with purchase during Black Friday, I see Apple destroying sales of even the garbage low-end tablets.

    1. I agree. I was one of those holiday buyers. I bought one iPad mini for each of my two kids from Best Buy. We now have five iPads in a four-person household. Five iPads, two iPhones, and two MacBooks.

  6. Apple already has the high end with the Air, and consumers have shown to like the mini better. These are ‘hand held” devices, and more than any type of devices, ergonomics and convenience trump bigger every time. There will be no 13″ iPad nor is there pent up demand for such a thing.

    1. I think you’re wrong about this. I’m not so sure the Air would be the usersThere are many different uses for an iPad, and I think enough folks at the high end to make it profitable. It would almost certainly eat into laptop sales, but that’s happening already anyway… I think this is the future and Apple knows it and will stay ahead of it.

    2. Yes it will come. It is inevitable. Like notebooks there will be many sizes. Why not ? I’ve been wanting larger iPad for years and I read many people posting the same desire here and other forums. I use my iPad often on a stand on dining room table, and want it to be bigger!

  7. High viewability for a larger iPad used in one-on-one management and sales presentations is a market that I think will be large. It will also suit people with restricted vision.

    Smart move.

  8. It seems like he is stating supposition like it is fact.
    I don’t believe that most first time buyers buy a ‘roid tablet and most purchasing an iPad are replacing a tablet.

    In just my experience (admittedly limited) for the majority of people who own an iPad, it was their first tablet.

    I’v noticed a trend, todays tech writers seems to be using the same “formula”: state some dubious suppositions as if they were a given fact. Then build an even more outrageous hypothesis proved by those “facts”.

  9. I wonder if these geniuses who try to advise Apple on sales and marketing, ever made a dime running a company or even selling a product. If they could run a company they would do it instead of working for writers wages. Apple has access to high powered market research,. They’d do not need advice from this armature.

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