Apple’s new Mac Pro not available in retail stores until March or April

MacNN has learnt that Apple’s in-demand new Mac Pro will not be available to in store customers until as late as March or April,” Electronista reports.

“The information was supplied to us by an Apple Australia business sales specialist who also advised that they are being told to direct customers to the online channel as it the only way that customers can currently secure a new Mac Pro — the advice also applies to those who may have already placed an order on a unit in store,” Electronista reports. “Apple’s online store is still showing that Mac Pros ordered now will not ship until sometime in February at the earliest.”

Electronista reports, “The only Mac Pro units to have reached some Apple Stores are demonstrator units and this is not expected to change for some months.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. When Microsoft’s long-awaited Windows update (Longhorn) has delayed, there was huge media hype. Why isn’t there the same media hype that Apple’s new Mac Pro is delayed? Oh no, Apple is doomed! 😉

    1. Because people think that Macs are toys. If that is the case, then why did so many people get diagnosed with Stendal’s Syndrome after seeing the new Mac Pro in real life?

      1. Stendhal’s Syndrome, more like. The artifact’s aspect is reminiscent of the imposing black monolith from 2001ASO, which transfixed our ancestors and gifted them with dangerous intelligence. The Mac Pro has beguiled reviewers in the same manner, and has naysayers uneasy about what may next spring from the star gate in Cupertino.

    2. You do get that they are two very different cases, use?
      Apple faces a fairly steep wall when it comes to scaling Mac pro production (because it is produced domestically they can just add a couple more factories on till the backlog is satisfied and then scale back that production like they do with Chineese contract production)
      So they have huge demand and a finite level of supply, that equals long backlogs, which is what we are seeing.

      Microsoft on the other hand was simply incapable of creating a next generation operating system within the time period, they was no problem with production (duplication or distribution), they just couldn’t get it dome (and many would argue they never did)

      1. Oops a critical typo:
        they can just add a couple more factories on till the backlog is satisfied

        Should read:
        they can’t just add a couple more factories on till the backlog is satisfied

      2. Backlog, smacklog. Quit apologizing. There is no backlog, Apple simply wasn’t ready to launch. They managed to ship out a few stock configuration machines on Dec 30, to meet their claim that it would be out in Q4 2013. Now they are just beginning to get producing and clearly wont be actually fully ramped up for at least a few months.

        1. Ah-hahaha you wish, hater…

          Can’t stand it can you, MS is crumbling before your teary eyes, and the coolest hardware is -all- Apple’s (so much so virtually every laptop is a either copy of the MBP or the Air) Just wait till the crap rip-off of MacPro arrive (and you know they coming, don’t you)
          Well… sucks to be you my friend, but you do get that your hell is a self imposed don’t you?

          1. Hate? That’s just truth. Apple squeaked it out at the end of the year.

            And where do you get that I care at all about Microsoft? You want to know what my self imposed hell was? It was waiting for the new Mac Pro or anything at all from Apple. Over two years of silence, same tired machine with the same ancient graphics cards, no USB 3, and no price break for selling 3 year old tech.

            If I used Windows machines, I would have noticed none of that and I wouldn’t be on this forum. So calm the hell down. No need to go into cardiac arrest on my part.

  2. This totally sucks. It’s pretty sad that apple can’t come up with a box that works NOW. Nobody is even asking for the garbage can. We needed a high end machine two years ago. So we’re waiting for early 2013 guts? How dumb.

  3. To change to USA manufacturing was a daring change for Apple. So they are late in delivering Pro sets to customers, but that may be explained by a torrent of orders that take time to deliver.

    It is simply not worth it for Apple to increase production to the level of satisfying all comers in 2 days. What would they do with the machines after the first rush is satisfied?

    They have most probably scaled production to the level of demand over the long term.

    1. A daring change — yes. When the smoke clears months from now, that will be the dominant meme, as malcontents simmer down and the broad economic picture begins to clarify. Change is good, often for reasons that are murky until we have climbed above the thicket and the battle.

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