Samsung: Victim of its own corporate DNA

“With its infrastructure and reach, Samsung has the power to build products in infinite categories and ship billions of products worldwide,” Ken Segall writes for Observatory. “However, there is something very wrong with one particular strand in its corporate DNA. It’s the one labeled ‘marketing savvy.'”

“Here’s a company with a number of hit products in the mobile space and an advertising budget several times that of Apple,” Segall writes. “Yet, despite a few creative moments, something deep inside keeps pulling it back to advertising mediocrity.”

“See Exhibit A [below]. This is the newly released 2.5-minute piece being deservedly slammed as one of the worst commercials ever made,” Segall writes. “The big question is: how does something like this happen?”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Extra chromosome.

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    1. Explain, please, how the headline sounds racist.
      I’m looking forward to seeing just how you gat racism out of a headline talking about a company’s corporate DNA.

      1. Note that the post is from Samsung’s Lawyer. You will recall that Sammy’s lawyers tried to some arguments, or something, tossed out their court case with Apple because they claimed they were racist. I think the post is a dig at how lame Sammy’s lawyers are.

  1. Well, the company is run by engineers each trying to make sure they get everything they want in every product. That’s why we haven’t seen a unified OS from Samsung, too many chefs.

      1. I’m thinking we sometimes believe we have a paid astroturfer because the idea of someone writing that kind of stupid crap without being paid is just too unbelievable. But it could be. Either way, it’s pathetic.

    1. You. Jack Pawn need to crawl back under your from whatever country from which you came join your idiot stick Jack Stalker/Creeper…. Go outside and play hide and go FCK yourself.

    2. Holy crap, do you people not get sarcasm?
      Did you miss the jack-king thing as well?
      Whoever did the Jack King post -it was funny- and I’m sure many got it and just didn’t post (TT excepted)

      I think it is a great ad for samsung, I think it will works well for them and I think they need to remain with that agency; for as long as it takes.

  2. And Samsung gets sued because some moron tried to take photos and videos while skiing, and runs into a tree (or another skier). It’s bad enough already, with people walking off piers while texting because they aren’t paying attention to the REAL world.

    They need a disclaimer at the bottom of the ad, that says “Professional moron in a simulated environment. Do not attempt.” 🙂

  3. Well, I was certainly impressed. Obviously battery life must be exceptional operating at cold temperatures and still having plenty of power for the day.

    Oh, and I was overly impressed by the voice detection, imagine being in a (noisy) bar and still being able to voice command your watch.

  4. This is painful to watch.. It’s like a bunch of those what if scenarios that we roll our eyes at in commercials because they never happen all rolled into one long video.

    No one wants Samsung’s garbage. I don’t care if your phone has one or two unique features compared to my phone (besides that’s so 2007-2011). What I care about is that my phone syncs with my tablet that can send messages to my friends about the party tonight that I am going to take pictures at, which will sync to my laptop that is easy to use, powerful, lightweight, and has great battery life all rolled into one so I can edit a few of them and send them out to my friends seamlessly.

    Sure I am guessing I can do all (or most) of those things with a Google solution… and Google phone… but since “I like choice so much” I will spend the first 30 minutes of each of those steps researching which program I should download to each of my varying devices to perform those specific tasks and then spend another 15 learning its features and interface. Any point during this research and learn process, I am sure to get distracted or frustrated and just give up.

    Not to mention, I do not know a single girl that is not turned off when you pull anything other than an iPhone out of your pocket. Samsung thinks great marketing and mediocre product will get them the success of Apple.

  5. What I don’t get it this: the ad shows a comparison between the convenience of the Gear versus a hand-held phone. But doesn’t Samsung realise that they also make hand-held phones? And doesn’t the Gear require one of their Galaxy phones to be useful?

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