Two iPod packages at two different Target stores – both full of erasers?

“A bookie might have given long odds on this one, but here’s the tale of Jim Navarde,” Chris Matyszczyk reports for CNET. “Or at least the tale he tells.”

“He says he decided to buy his wife an iPod for Christmas at a San Diego Target store,” Matyszczyk reports. “Navarde’s wife reportedly didn’t appreciate the gift very much, because when she opened the box, she found only erasers and index cards.”

“So he took it back to Target — a different Target store in San Diego, as it happens,” Matyszczyk reports. “At this Target, they believed his story. They asked Navarde to pick out a new box from the display. ‘We get a black one out of the case, bring it up to the front. I tell the lady, you know what, I want you to open it this time, because I don’t want to take it home and have it be full of erasers and then you really won’t believe me,’ he told CBS 8. You really won’t believe this, but this iPod box was also allegedly full of erasers — albeit of different colors. And, well, no iPod.”

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    1. This should have started out “Jim Navarde, a full time magician who specializes in sleight of hand…”

      In all seriousness, it just sounds to me like someone swapped a bunch of iPods out. Bet they find more.

    1. Well there was a case where a zune (in brown) was replaced with a “replica” crafted out of manure. However after the customer discovered the switch, he decided he would keep the replacement because it had at least some value… as fertilizer for his garden.

    1. Still a lot of folks in the US who do not have an Apple store located anywhere near, but have a big box store close enough.

      Of course there is online, but you cannot examine it up close & personal online.

  1. If those were the ONLY two incidences of iPod erasers, then I would be suspicious. Remember, according to the story above, it was Jim that went over to pick out the box.

  2. I once bought a plastic spindle of 50 DVD-R’s from Fry’s Electronics that was properly shrink wrapped and looked perfect but when opened it only had like one good disk on top and all the rest below had already been burned and used. It was difficult getting Fry’s return dept. to believe me. Somebody was very clever making this look pristine when they returned it and got their free money.

    1. Years ago I’d gone with a friend to Fry’s to get more RAM for his computer. When we got back to his place it turned out one of the chips was the wrong kind and not even the same size chip. Had a very hard time when we took it back to get them to replace it. Pretty sure an employee there had made the switch.

      I don’t know if the guy who reported this is a thief, but it did cause me to think of how he could have pulled this stunt off. He could have put the box in the Target store beforehand, and known just which one to pull out. But, that assumes he’d have made a lot of assumptions, that the Target would believe him when he tried to return it (unless, of course, a Target employee was part of the scam). So, the more likely scenario is that someone along the chain or at Target itself pulled the switch.

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