Google confident of beating Apple in race to intelligent devices

“Google has predicted its dominant web search engine will mean it will beat Apple in the race to turn the smartphone and other devices into intelligent, voice-controlled personal assistants,” Christopher Williams reports for The Telegraph.

“The rival technology giants are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in their competing services, Google Now and Siri, and the field is expected to be a major battleground for their mobile operating systems, Android and iOS,” Williams reports. “Both have teams of engineers working to crack the problems of making machines understand complex spoken questions and answer them in natural sentences. Google has said its goal is to create a service comparable to the computer of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek that will become a new way to interact with the web and myriad other apps.”

“Scott Huffman, the Google engineering director leading the effort, said the company had a headstart on its competition because the way it calculates the rankings of search results gives its systems an understanding of the meaning of how language is used in the real world,” Williams reports. “Apple has apparently recognised Google’s advantage. This month it paid more than US$200 million ($245 million) to acquire Topsy, a start-up focused on finding patterns in the 500 million tweets posted on Twitter every day. Observers, including Nick Halstead, chief executive of Topsy’s British rival DataSift, have speculated that Apple will use the language analysis technology to improve Siri’s understanding of queries before it processes them or delegates them to third-party web services.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s good to have goals.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James Wigg” for the heads up.]

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      1. Well, I disliked them for ripping off the iPhone and because of that I won’t ever trust them as a company again, especially handling any of my personal information.

        Now they’re beating their chests and saying they have to “beat Apple.”

    1. I wish Apple would allow users to enter the URL of their search engine of choice to be the default. I NEVER use Google because its searches are biased and inaccurate because of what it knows about you (combined with the browsing of anyone else who happens to use your computer). Years of data mining and attempting to monetize everything Google knows about you inherently biases the search results. That is why I use for the vast majority of my searches. They do not data mine or track your every move like most other search engines. You will find that you will be seeing fewer ads, phone solicitations, and junk emails from companies that are pursuing you based information that Google has sold to them about your Google Searches, Gmail, etc.

    1. Yeah, they paid that much money in hopes of being able to have the patents to sue Apple. If you can’t beat them: cheat, lie, steal, or sue them to win. That is Google/Samsung’s business model, also called being evil.

  1. Well, with Eric T Mole in their board and his twisted perception of the right and wrong, I’m pretty sure they think building dumb devices with android is so smart. So what is their concept of intelligent device? putting stupidity into a device? yes sure they will beat apple at that..

  2. Folks, I think you are underestimating the enemy. Google has very smart folks. In fact they are recruiting Apple smart folks at a pretty good clip. There is a different mentality at Google, they do not mind making beta projects and hobby projects. Already I hear the new GoogleGlass app for iOS works better than the Android software. Google is not a one trick pony, it has real imagination. The speech race will be interesting.

      1. He didn’t say he was ok with that, and he didn’t say he was excited. He stated what he thinks is happening. Google does have smart people. Google does not mind beta and hobby projects. Those are not the problems with Google, those are its assets. The problems at Google exist at the top.

    1. I hear you man. I don’t care for the android platform but no one can deny they are leaving their mark and a lot at apples expense. And they don’t mind putting new things out there. Cars that drive themselves, glasses or search recognition: these guys will try new things put beta on it and see where it goes. They got the money and talent there to make apple have to work extra hard to keep pace.

  3. I can see search engines becoming less and less relevant. A lot of the time the stuff I search for I know will pretty much be found on wikipedia, or imdb, or on a shop like amazon – at least on a general basis. If I’m looking for something very specific or want to widen my search then I go to a search engine, but day to day I could honestly live without one.

  4. Apple has never rushed anything to market. Google thinks it is a race. Samsung also thinks first to market means something. We’ll guess what, it doesn’t. If you bring crap first to market it will sell like crap! Apple did not bring the iPod, iPhone, or iPad before other devices were already out for at least 2 years or more.
    Being first does not mean anything.

    1. They did bring Apple maps to market too soon, but Google’s refusal to produce a high quality product for iOS forced them to do it. Expect Google was also trying a little black mail. In turn Apple forced Google’s hand to produce a good product by doing it. Since most user now like Apple maps Google lost.

      1. Yes, I think that’s right. Apple called Google’s bluff and Google had to capitulate and do what Apple had wanted all along, without Apple giving in to Google’s unreasonable demands.

        1. reminds me of early adoption of osX when adobe very quickly ported iDesign to osX but Quark who was super-king of the hill and waited and waited and waited and then lost big, big.

  5. Personally,I think that apple should develop a search engine not based on violating your privacy and put a Google out of business
    How hard can that be after all Microsoft put out a decent search engine

  6. I truly believe Apple doesn’t want to release something until it’s as close to perfect as possible. Apple got burned on a few things for releasing products too soon. Apple Maps is a good example. Scott Forestall got fired, that was a big thing. It’s a shame they had to lose Scott and the talent and expertise he brought to Apple.

    Tim Cook is a very astute leader. I feel that he’s not so full of himself to believe he’s perfect. I’m sure he did a lot of self reflection, and accordingly, rethought his strategy.

    I think Apple is sitting on a plethora of new devices, software, and products that are being tested and perfected as we speak. When all this is revealed, the naysayers are going to be put in their place big time.

    Nobody wants to know more what Apple has up its sleeve more so than Apple’s competitors. We really have to be real here. Without Apple, their competition doesn’t have a clue. There is not one single company that can come out with something totally new, and have it be a huge success the way Apple has shown time after time. Surface RT, Google Glass, Microsoft’s Touch technology, Google watch, are all struggling products. Notice, none of these products were copied technology from Apple.

    The reason being, all these products were released far before they’re ready. People don’t have a clue what to do with these products when they get them. There’s a reason we haven’t seen the iWatch, it’s not ready. Until it’s as near perfect as possible, with some really useful cool features and a way to develop for the device, Apple isn’t going to release it.

    Apple makes devices people want, while others release products for the sake of being first. That’s a bad strategy. I’m looking forward to 2014, and I don’t have a clue what Apple is going to release and debut. Whatever it is, it’ll be very cool. Especially compared to the offerings from their competitors. The haters can say what they will. Truth be told, without Apple leading the way, we’d all be living in an abyss of mediocrity in regards to electronics and technology.

    1. Apple became a success when Jobs came back and cut the number of products Apple was selling. He concentrated on 4 things that Apple was good at. I would not like to see Apple become like Samsung or Sony. Getting into search would be as big a mistake as was maps. And search engine without harvesting user’s data would not make any money. Phones, iPads, Macs and software that supports them. That is enough, that is plenty for success.

      1. There’s only one problem with that logic: Yamaha makes a wide range of products, from drums to bikes. Many, many others seem to do just fine at diversifying, but for whatever reason Apple can’t do more than three things well.

  7. Wait! What was that Google said after they heard about Siri?

    First thing they said was, “Oh shit!”. Then they said, “It’s a gimmick!”.

    Now all of a sudden it’s a RACE to a better SIRI?

    1. Right, because you left out the time lapse between responses.

      Between “It’s a gimmick” and the race was that time period where use of their search engine went way down on iOS devices, and advertising revenue from mobile placement went way down.

  8. “Google has said its goal is to create a service comparable to the computer of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek”

    I see Google has found someone else to copy.

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