Apple to $1,000 in 2014

“Come 2014, AAPL stops being a volatile battleground stock, littered with question marks and misguided talk about the “need” for a bigger dividend or more aggressive buyback,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “In fact, relative to its 12-18 months’ worth of ups and downs, it jogs, in a straight line, to $1,000.”

“I’m as confident about this move up as I was when I threw a wet blanket on the euphoria as Apple stock flirted with and hit $700,” Pendola writes. “Here’s the deal — in 2014, we’re going to separate the men from the boys.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


    1. Just have to look at the more than 50% rise in a half year. Draw a line through it and wonder when the talking heads will have to see it. AAPL chart has a history of these long increases and we are only in the first 6 months of this one.

      Have a great New Year!

    1. I’m with you. Wrong-Note Rocco needs to go. MDN should just stop giving this guy added publicity. He’s a lying punk who only builds Apple up in his articles so he can knock it back down. I give it a week before he resumes his anti-Tim Cook campaign and starts posting tirades on how Apple can’t do anything right.

      Garbage commentator, and it’s an absolute joke that he has a platform from which to spew his filth.

    1. Rocco doesn’t have a clue. Even IF AAPL hit $1000 a share next year, he wouldn’t be right. He’ll just be lucky.

      I don’t see AAPL coming anywhere close to $1000, but I would love for it to end up back around $700 or so. Just wish I coulda afforded to pick up more back when it bottomed out earlier this year …

  1. Apple $1000 is a given.

    NOT because Pendola the short selling FUD whore says so. He’s just trying to latch on to favorable statistics and fact as a means to gain Apple investor’s confidence, so that it will serve him well for his next short selling manipulation.

  2. The vast majority of ‘retail buyers’ who would push the stock up to those lofty heights don’t know or believe in Apple as a ‘real’ computer powerhouse and only look at the Dell sitting on their desk to confirm that Apple doesn’t have ‘market share’ and therefore can’t be a serious contender. Only when 40% of the computers on desktops or 40% of cell phones are iPhones will they start to believe. We all know that Apple takes those kind of percentages of the profits but Joe Retail Public doesn’t get that part.

  3. The Street has to believe there will be enhanced growth to get Apple up to $1000. That could mean another iDevice or increased signs of Apple dominance in the current markets. The former rather than the latter is more likely to cause a surge in price.
    For me $800 would be a great place to end 2014.

  4. That’s not going to happened unless Apple releases true new product or service as well as no longer creates poor price point products and canyon size product points in their lineup.

    Apple’s overpriced 5C actually made it a bad buy. Then removing the old Mac Pro in early 2013 only to replace it at the end of 2013 with a very costly new pro Mac that places the cost of expandability on the consumer.

    For the consumer that needed and wanted more then a mini or iMac while finding the cost of the new Pro Mac too expensive not just for the Mac but also expandability will leave them little option other then saving up or upgrading their old Pro Mac for a higher end older system.

    Apple first has to get right what it normally gets right before thinking any new products will send their stock soaring.

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