MDN app 3.0.1 awaits Apple’s approval to fix Push Notifications issue that affects small number of users

A note about the new MacDailyNews iOS app and the issue which can prevent a valid token from being created in the new app for a small percentage of users that results in some users not receiving push notifications:

MacDailyNews 3.0.1 was submitted to Apple’s App Store for review on the afternoon of December 18th just hours after initial release of the app. This issue did not affect any beta testers (48 versions worth; this app was tested extensively). As soon as Apple reviews and approves 3.0.1, all users will be able to update their app to the latest version.

Thanks to our excellent developer, Empirical Development, for quickly identifying the issue and correcting it so rapidly. They were done with everything before we got our first email from an affected user! Out of thousands of users of the new app, we’ve so far heard from less than 10 who were affected.

Thanks also to so many users who have rated and/or written reviews of our new app on the App Store and for those who contacted us with such nice compliments and suggestions for future versions!

To affected users, we apologize for the delay, but this is how the App Store works. We trust that as soon as Apple can get to it, it will be made available on the App Store. To those affected, thank you so much for your patience. Restoration of your Push Notifications are on the way! We’ll let you know as soon as it’s reviewed, approved and available on the App Store.

The all-new MacDailyNews app (soon to be v.3.0.1) is available via Apple’s App Store here.


  1. This is one of the few drawbacks of Apple’s App Store, the delay between submission and approval sometimes. Users often end up blaming everyone but the actual cause: Apple’s App Store review process.

    While none of us here have the issue, those of us who understand how this works know what’s going on and are waiting for Apple patiently, MDN! Thanks for the awesome new app!

      1. Absolutely not. I only develop for iOS. I would however like for updates with fixes such as these to somehow be attended to by Apple, one of the world’s richest companies, within 48 hours max. I think that’s a reasonable request. Apple, not the app maker,m is affecting app users here. Something like this, with a very slight, but meaningful fix should have been approved by now, if the Apple’s system was working as it should.

        I’m complaining about the randomness. I’ve have totally new apps approved in an hour and then had minor, but necessary updates, take a week. If Apple wants to be in control of app approvals, they should be in control of app approvals and approve them in a timely manner, especially minor point releases with bug fixes.

  2. Thanks for the info, MDN. My push notifications are working flawlessly, but I appreciate the transparency you offer above.

    I LOVE THE NEW MACDAILYNEWS APP! It’s already earned first page status on my iPhone and iPad.

  3. I’m another person who does not get pushed notifications. I look forward to the new version of the app. I appreciate the fact that Apple is as thorough as it is in approving apps. It’s one of the reasons Apple is so much better than Android.

    I have a question. Is there any way to adjust size of the font on the story side independently of the font in the headline side?

    1. (sarcasm) You don’t say? I wonder how this could be? (/sarcasm)

      I’ll take a wild guess and say it’s because you don’t have the 3.0.1 update which is waiting on Apple to review and approve.

  4. Finally, it works! Long wait… only things on my wish list: stock price, and the ability to swipe back to main screen instead of having to press button in upper left… otherwise, good job!

    1. Yes!! The swipe to go back to last page would be nice. But I’m diggin the new update for sure.
      I’ve kept the app buried in a folder just for notifications and kept a short cut to MDN on safari on my home screen (like many others I’m sure).

      A lot of times the app would get updated with the new article 1st. I’d get a MDN notification-would sound interesting-clicked on the safari MDN link and….doh!!! Not there yet.
      Then If the notification really caught my interest, I’d subject my phone and my myself to that God awful (old) ip3G style app. Oh it was horrid…. Just horrid. But now…..
      Christmas came early!!!
      But seriously….. Love the app. Welcome back home MDN

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