An alternative take on Apple’s Mac Pro supply constraints

“Apple has another hit on its hands as Mac Pro demand has outstripped supply across the planet, as pro users rush to get hold of one of the company’s powerful workstations,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “We ain’t seen nothing yet.”

“Apple began taking orders for the high-spec Mac on Wednesday, but initial supplies were scooped up by last night — it took two hours for the pent-up demand to grab all available units. You’ll be waiting until February [or even March] to get one at this point,” Evans writes. “An Apple spokesperson declined to provide sales figures, but did say: ‘Demand for the all-new Mac Pro is great, and it will take time before supply catches up with demand.'”

“That Mac Pro supply is already constrained has caused some industry watchers to speculate it may be experiencing problems ramping up production of the machines at its new Texas factory. I don’t think that’s true,” Evans writes. “What has happened — I think — is that Apple recognize the key purchasing period for Mac Pro customers won’t be across the Christmas period, but as we begin the new financial year. The decision to ship Mac Pro in quantity early next year will stimulate the market for Thunderbolt 2 peripherals and foster interest in a 4K-ready Apple Display.”

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  1. well, count me guilty in driving up the demand- I’ve been thinking about ways to use this unit for quite some time, including putting large user account folders on external TB RAID arrays, and using the internal storage just for boot up, applications, and the system folder. I happened to wake up at 1 AM, pacific time, and decided what the heck, let’s order it now. Glad I did, as 10AM would have given me a real frown on delivery dates…

    1. It doesn’t matter if the E5 chip supply is low. It still ends up as being Apple’s fault. No one is blaming Intel for Mac Pro shipping dates being pushed back. They’re mainly blaming Apple for incompetency in production planning.

  2. Today, with MS, Dell and HP on the ropes, and not known for quality products, I can see why video and design professionals would feel more comfortable shelling out thousands of dollars on a new high-end Mac than a generic beige box from a troubled vendor.

  3. Most of the analysts believe the February shipping dates of the Mac Pro is just another one of Tim Cook’s monumental supply chain screw-ups. Whatever the real reason of the later Mac Pro shipping dates, it’s just provides another reason to downgrade Apple for failure of doing something, anything, or everything properly. I’m getting the feeling that I’m going to see a repeat of last year’s share price disaster when earnings are announced.

  4. I don’t think it’s the component supply chain, per se. I think it’s the new manufacturing techniques they had to invent, along with brand new USA factories. If they had just built a square box in China, it would have been ready to go.
    I mean who goes through the trouble of custom stamping an aluminum cylinder and polishing it like a diamond?

    Apple, and that’s why we love them–or hate them.

  5. I don’t see this as a design or supply-chain screwup. Those of us that have been waiting for a new Mac desktop have been waiting a long time. Another 2 to 3 months won’t hurt anything!

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