China Mobile chairman says still in talks with Apple on iPhone deal

“China Mobile Ltd said it’s still in talks with Apple Inc to sell iPhones amid mounting industry speculation that the pair are about to announce a deal to net the technology giant hundreds of millions of potential new customers,” Reuters reports.

“Xi Guohua, the chairman of the world’s largest mobile phone carrier, said on Wednesday morning that his company had no announcement to make on any deal to carry Apple’s smartphones,” Reuters reports. “Xi was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a conference in Guangzhou, a southern city of China.”

“The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that an announcement would be made ‘around Dec. 18,'” Reuters reports. “Xi’s comment on Wednesday that talks were continuing was first reported by local media and later confirmed by company spokesman Ge Qi.”

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    I am very excited and ready to see the dive of AAPL on 18th. FROM that day , u will become like me who disregard whatever news about Apple from Wall Shit Journal.

    ONLY stupid will trust the so-called source from WALL SHIT journal which has a long history of posting misleading news of AAPL.

    CHINA MOBILE has denied .

    UPDATE: A China Mobile spokesman told CNN’s Beijing bureau Tuesday that there was no deal yet with Apple (AAPL) and that the Suzhou site was not “official.” He left open the possibility that it was some kind of test or experiment.

    1. No , no matter how great Apple is . It is too big to grow . Stock market buys stocks on stock future which is measured by the expected growth .
      Why Amazon can rise that much is it earns so little that it can grow easily .
      In stock market , earning big or small is present , growth tells future .

      I know it is stupid but the game is played like this and it will continue like this .

      1. Apple has so much room to that it’s spaceship headquarters will eclipse the industry for years to come while it continues innovating into and disrupting many markets with products no one even thought possible.

        Take a hint and polish your english to troll better.

      2. Well you’re partially correct but definitely incomplete, so therefore wrong. The market is bought for two reasons.

        Long term investors buy stocks based on expected or possible future company value and return when compared to the current stock price, not expected growth alone. If the market bought only bought on expected growth, the stocks of many healthy companies would be valued at zero even though they have stable market share and good return (via dividend etc). Certainly growth (positive or negative) may affect stock price but it is only one component.

        Short term investors only care about quick increases (or decreases) in stock price and today that can be driven by by expected growth, speculation, rumor, Icahn etc.

        If you’re going to comment on stock prices you should know what you’re talking about.

    2. Apple stock seems to be going in reverse while Google and Amazon steadily climb. It’s difficult to tell whether Apple is being run properly. All the things Tim Cook has tried to do don’t seem to be working at all. Apple continues to sit on all that cash while the stock stagnates. It just seems somewhat odd how Apple is completely out of phase with the entire market so I don’t see how it could possibly be a $1000 stock or even a $600 stock.

      1. You’re kidding right?

        No one other than Tim cook could have engineered such a massive simultaneous, worldwide production and product run.

        This, while silently developing an industry revolutionizing A7 64bit propriety chip and Native OS to boot.

        That’s only a prelude to doubling up on secrecy and continuing the Apple i revolution and inroads into so many markets…

        $1000 is the true value of Apple stock by all encompassing fundamentals and true valuation, that market forces and manipulators of AAPL ( hint : the likes of Einhorn, iChant and other wall st hedgies and parasites) have managed to keep down.

        Just like how Apple crept up since iPhone (or even iPod) and suddenly slapped the deniers/sleepers with a $700 reality that they ignored in their greed and contempt, so again will apple blindside the blind bats that deny it it’s true value. ICal that.

  2. Ok phone got the better of this:

    Apple has so much room to grow,,that it’s spaceship headquarters will eclipse the industry for years to come while it continues innovate into, while disrupting many markets with products that no one even thought possible.

    Take a hint and polish your english to troll better…

  3. This is the reason I can’t believe that Apple’s current share price has the China Mobile deal baked into it if the deal hasn’t been made. Why would anyone do calculations based on phantom numbers and expect them to be useful to investors?

    1. “Why would anyone do calculations based on phantom numbers and expect them to be useful to investors?”

      That’s the norm for analysts. They obsess about numbers, but don’t consider whether those numbers are accurate, whether they mean anything, or whether their analysis is helpful.

      When the analysts make hopeless predictions about Apple’s earnings and then Apple does much better, the story becomes “Apple beats expectations”, when in reality the headline should have been “Analysts get it wrong yet again”.

      Apple keeps on doing what Apple does, but the analysts don’t understand Apple. Analysts feel compelled to say something and it doesn’t matter whether it turns out to be true or not.

      Don’t forget that a lot of analysts work for companies that earn fees when people buy or sell shares. There is a very obvious incentive to encourage an unstable market as they earn trading fees when people buy while the market goes up and also when they sell as it goes down.

  4. The so called on-going negotiation is a smoke screen for Apple and China Mobile to do a joint announcement in a dedicated venue.

    Historically, Apple doesn’t make major announcement at 3rd party venue. Also, the timing will most likely coninside with the Chinese New Year, since it is their biggest gift buying timeframe.

    Just love how the talking heads are scatching their own heads wondering what happened. They should step back and think about it bit before just repeating headlines…

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