Bill Clinton remembers Apple’s Steve Jobs

“‘What does Steve Jobs tell us about leadership in the 21st century?’ That’s all TIME Magazine‘s Rick Stengel had to ask Bill Clinton at a conference in Chicago on Oct. 11, 2011 — six days after Jobs’ death — to get the 42nd U.S. President started,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Clinton doesn’t really answer the question, except to say that he wasn’t sure Jobs’ leadership style wouldn’t have worked in the political arena ‘because you have to be somewhat more inclusive and you don’t have the same amount of authority without checks,'” P.E.D. reports. “(Or as the late Jef Raskin said of Apple’s co-founder: ‘He would have made an excellent King of France.’)”

Direct link to video and more info in the full article here.


    1. LOL!!! =8-)

      That must be the funniest subtle (or is it?) comment I’ve ever read here.

      Maybe you could put on “Thelonius Monk’s Dream” while thinking about a maxed-out new Pro?

  1. The last three Democrat presidents would make for an excellent remake of “Disorder in the Court.”

    Carter could play Larry, Clinton would have to be Moe and Obama would be perfect as Curly.

    1. You are a piece of work:
      When Bill Clinton came to office we were running huge deficits in a recession left by Daddy Bush and Ronnie RayGun and when he left we were running a surplus and paying off the Debt largely run up by Republican Presidents. Had Bush The Idiot- the first appointed President in US History- left things alone we would have retired the Federal Debt.

      That indisputable fact grinds at the craw of every NeoCon.

      Full disclosure- I did not vote from Bill Clinton either time and do not support Ms Clinton for 2016. However, I have met them on a couple of occasions as Arkansas is a small state and he was Governor for a very long time. Retail politics- not TV- is how you got elected Governor back when he was running and is exactly why he was so effective at campaigning.

      1. I voted against him the first time, but for him the second. And, I’d have voted for him a third if that were possible. The Bush family put this country in a world of hurt in every way with their war mongering. Wonder how well they sleep at night?

  2. With all the right-wing, racist obstructionists out there who both Jobs and Cook despised, you’re still knocking democrats? If you are a republican you have an ideology without values. And I really don’t care to hear about it- especially here. If I want to fight and be insulted by people, I’ll go to an Android or Windoze page.

    1. Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat to Country; Now 72% say it is greater threat than big business or big labor

      Your silly statist dream is over, Lib/Dem/Progs. Read it and weep. Your fantasy commune with its prancing unicorns and fluttering fairies will never materialize.

      In the words of the Philanderer in Chief, ol’ Bubba: “The era of big government is over.”

      Clinton only balanced the budget because he was forced to do so due to the Republican Revolution led by Newt Gingrich.

      1. No the tax increase passed without ONE REPUBLICAN VOTE that cost many Democrats House seats in 1994 combined with spending restraint balanced the budget. When we got a Republican President & Congress the deficits came roaring back.

        So much for your revisionist history.

  3. Steve Jobs remembers Bill Clinton –

    According to Isaacson, Clinton consulted Jobs on how to handle the Monica Lewinsky scandal that erupted in 1998 during a “late-night phone conversation” between the two men.

    “I don’t know if you did it, but if so, you’ve got to tell the country,” Jobs answered.

    According to Isaacson, after Jobs delivered his response, “There was silence on the other end of the line.”

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