Tim Cook expresses thoughts on equality in Auburn University award speech (with video)

“Apple CEO Tim Cook received a lifetime achievement award from his alma mater Auburn University at a New York event on Tuesday, with a video of the speech surfacing on the college’s YouTube channel today,” Richard Padilla reports for MacRumors.

“Throughout his remarks, Cook highlighted his overall support for the progression of human equality in the United States and throughout the world,” Padilla reports. “The CEO cited a section from the United Nations preamble emphasizing equality, and talked about finding a company in Apple that ‘deeply believed in advancing humanity through its products and through the equality of all of its employees.'”

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  1. He is slowly but surely becoming a better and better person to represent Apple. He will never be a Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs would have never been a Tim Cook. They both have different talents and approaches. IMHO Steve Jobs was the perfect person to build the momentum that is now Apple and Tim Cook is now the best person to carry out the vision of Steve Jobs.

  2. Cook has to go. He needs to take his chartreuse green boy bag and rainbow bandana and git the fsck gone. He is a fool finishing up the product pipeline Jobs bequeathed him, and Apple’s time is up soon. For every do-gooder, lib-sucking event he does, his eye get off the ball more and more.

    1. think about it this way:

      how much POSITIVE FREE publicity this is generating for Apple? It’s been reported positively on practically every news channel. It’s going to resound in in many parts of the USA and the three quarters of the world not caucasian controlled like the massive China market (they’re going to say “hey apple is for equality and justice for all. Apple is a decent company run by a decent guy and not a azzhole who only cares about profits ” ). I suspect it’s millions of bucks of free positive advertising. Samsung could spend $ millions on ads and not get the same effect.

      and it only took a few hours of Tim’s time.

        1. My sophisticated linguistic algorithm identifies the troll as either a precocious American, probably Midwest teenage twit using a keyboard with compromised WSAD keys due to excessive pounding during multiplayer FPS death matches, or an Asian adult paid to mimic second-language American denunciatory phraseology but unwittingly garbling various coded messages from sports, politics, technology, gender relations, interface design, morality, doomsaying, and clan succession.

          My team is working to refine the algorithm, using the principles of psychohistory laid out by Hari Seldon, and I have every expectation that we we can soon distinguish between calculating provocateurs and those who are just plain morons.

    2. History repeating itself. Remember the early Apple logo and the rainbow colors? This is Apple reinventing itself and it is exciting. Apple and people like Tim Cook are always advancing…unlike some people and companies.

      A true class act. Thanks Tim.

  3. Great speech, but please stop lying about not caring about ROI. It’s perfectly fine to care about it, and as an investor I’m glad that you do. Stop pretending you care more about accessibility than profits when all your products have industry leading margins. Nobody buys the BS.

    1. Relax, person. He was specifically talking about real accessibility features on iOS. If they looked on ROI on the amount of time it took to perfect those features and how many people use them, they probably would not have made them. The point is that they do not.

    2. Apple just doesn’t throw money out the window with a shovel like Microsoft (and my former employer) does.
      They make money because they don’t make junk and are smart about their money.

    1. This is the wrong kind of speech for me to hear this guy has absolutely no fight in him at all. no competitive edge whatsoever. No new products at all and the upgrades have been rolled out horribly. Obvious updates to products at best and as was pointed out the Mac Pro if it ever does arrive is already outdated. Equality always means shared misery in the competitive marketplace.

      1. You missed one: no imagination.
        Jobs had the creative spark and fought the numbers guys daily to get what he wanted.
        Cook is a numbers guy, not a creative type. Short term Apple is fine. Long term? Screwed the moment one single certain British Apple employee decides to retire.
        The koolaid drinkers here don’t see just how tenuous Apple’s spot at the top is. To these drones anyone not licking Cook’s rear is a mortal enemy.

        1. Bullshit. Don’t underestimate the new talent that Apple’s bringing in, particularly Angela Ahrendts in retail. This is a company with the cachet and the cash to get the best business visionaries to come over and revitalise the brand. And Ive is not the only designer in the world. If he bails, you can be sure the next Picasso or Frank Lloyd Wright is waiting in the wings. Cook may prove to be only a placeholder as CEO, but he hasn’t buckled under pressure to sell out or prove he’s something he’s not. When the company starts losing money, THEN kick him out. Remember business is all about making money, for crying out loud — and they’ve been printing their own currency for years now, hadn’t you heard? They don’t have enough matches to set fire to all of it. As for remaining number one, if Apple does fall, I expect long time fans remember the old days when it was just a niche company, somehow managing to settle for being merely the best. They persisted, remembering that even brave and clever Odysseus spent years in ignominious exile before returning to kick ass, big time.

        2. Ah, Piper. Thanks for being here. No doubt Tim Cook has MUCH to learn from you. Please share with us the name of the gigantic, world-spanning, incredibly well respected and popular corporation you run, so we can pass him your contact info.

  4. Apple is in the best position to offer a first class world wide computing device, the iPad Mini to the entire world, right now if you need a computer your choice is a cheap piece of crap PC or a iPad Mini, a large part of the world is voting with their pocketbooks. A first world experience at your fingertips (that works), Central, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia. The world is Apple Oyster, and Apple is just getting started, Google and Samsung are completely overmatched.

  5. Reading the posts denigrating Tim and his thoughts reminds me of a little plaque my Grandfather had. It read
        Vy iz der zo miny more orziz azziz den der is orziz?
    Those posters provide irrefutable evidence of the fact, but I still haven’t found the answer to the question…

    1. Thanks for your astounding and illuminating thoughts, Mike R. If only the country were filled by such wonderful and beautiful people as yourself. What a paradise it would be!

    2. Sorry, but I am not buying this post. Your use of the word “righteousness” is your subtle way of implying that you are a Christian or maybe a conservative probably in hopes of making those groups look like morons. Problem is, I’ve been around Christians and, to a lesser extent, conservatives my whole life and never met one who thinks or talks this way. True Christians love and accept.

      Nope, if I had to guess, I’d wager that this is posted by somebody who has hatred for Christians and conservatives and wants to make us look bad and stir up false stereotypes.

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