The five biggest changes Apple made to iOS 7.1 beta

“Apple seeded the second beta of iOS 7.1 to developers nearly a month after 7.1 beta 1 was released,” Buster Heine reports for Cult of Mac.

“Once again, Apple’s beta doesn’t contain any major new features,” Heine reports, “but there are a couple useful tweaks that you’ll enjoy hidden among all the bug fixes, performance improvements and speedier animations.”

The five biggest changes Apple made to iOS 7.1 beta

• Button Shapes
• Calendar Is More Useable
• Tweaked Control Center
• Death Of The Dark Keyboard
• Speedy Animations

More about each five changes, with screenshots, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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      1. MacDailyNews isn’t any better. It pretty consistently crashes FireFox…. I know, use Safari instead, right? I use Safari for work stuff and use Firefox for browsing… part of the problem is that I work with WordPress, and there’s a persistence issue when I come to MacDailyNews (it logs me out of other WordPress sites). Also, if it’s crashing FireFox, there’s a good chance that bad code is affecting, or going to affect Safari at some point.

          1. Ya, I don’t like to run Adblock because I want the content providers to get paid for their work. For now, I’m just dealing with the issue and hope it gets fixed.

    1. Apple needs to make MAJOR improvements to their iOS Calendar app if they want to truly dominate the corporate sector. Try to make a recurring appointment for the 4th Thursday of every month with the Calendar app on your iPhone. Go ahead, I’ll wait……

        1. You could never make an appointment like the one described above on an iPhone. Just like trying to send an email to a Group in contacts from an iPhone. They’re intentional limitations that have been built in forever. Why is a good question. But nothing’s been taken away.

          1. I was referring to readability and general ease of use. I should have specified. I’m always an early adopter, so change doesn’t bother me much. But, I still find the Calendar app very tough to use in iOS and Mavericks. BTW, are they ever going to release Mavericks 10.91? Why so long?

  1. How about being able to customize what is in the control centre. Like I need another way to access the camera. A link to the Settings app would be ideal. Overall the Control Centre is a great improvement, but it still maintains the underlying difficulty in making basic system modifications, like making Bluetooth Connections, for example.

  2. Buttons and calendar changes are good moves. The look of iOS 7 has been growing on me, but lack of defined buttons was always a problem. I generally knew what was a button, but buttons should still have *some* definition. I will be turning that on.

  3. I was hoping we’d see some changes regarding album artwork, with iOS 7, I wish artwork didn’t exist altogether. Ironically, it’s the worst case of skeuomorphism Apple has ever created, and it’s in iOS 7. The worst is when you’re going through playlists which now are vertically spaced really far apart to show the album artwork, but the album artwork is chosen from one album in the playlist which may totally not reflect what the playlist is about. And god forbid you turn your iPhone sideways. There’s no playlist labels at all, just album art. It’s bad enough in artist or album view where you may or may not remember what an album cover looks like, but with playlists, it’s entirely impossible to tell playlists apart by an album cover that may be in multiple playlists.

    I’m surprised Apple isn’t getting more complaints since this is really where skeuomorphism goes bad. We have a whole new environment to browse music, why did Apple choose to recreate flipping through album covers as a model that so grossly does not apply anymore? I could see this as an option, but when it takes over as the sole method, that’s just way worse than any green velvet or stitching we’ve ever seen.

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