Samsung tries to get a leg up on Apple

“An upcoming negative development for Apple is the potential release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a curved screen, which the iPhone currently does not have,” Nigam Arora writes for MarketWatch. “In terms of positive developments, Apple just won a patent for producing a curved screen.”

“Samsung has already introduced a curved screen in Galaxy Round. The Galaxy Round has a 5.7-inch full-HD super-active-matrix-organic-LED (AMOLED) curved screen,” Arora writes. “The timing of Galaxy S5 introduction next year roughly coincides with Samsung’s road map for curved and bendable screens.”

“I think a curved screen will give Samsung another leg up on Apple,” Arora writes. “And I think Apple will counter by questioning the utility of a curved screen until Apple introduces its own curved screen in iPhone 7.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung makes features for features’ sake. Apple only adds features that benefit users.


    1. Agreed.

      Samsung & Google have ‘solutions’ in need of a problem; hence, ‘curved screens’.

      They can’t, or won’t, really ‘innovate’ (i.e.: come up with an original idea), so their only recourse is to do a ‘variation on a theme’ (musicians will know about this).

      In the long term, their solutions only end up being gimmicks that will end up at the bottom of the Tech-bin 10-20 years from now.

      They don’t innovate, they don’t shift paradigms, they take what exists and try to ‘tweak’ it so they can claim that they were ‘first’ to do it.

      Apple looks at the long term situation, evaluates what works and what doesn’t, and then looks at how something can be improved to do the same for the lives of their customers.

      Apple doesn’t make junk (at least, not yet). Apple disrupts existing markets with ‘a better way’, and they aspire to be ‘best-in-class’ while doing it.

      ‘Curved phones’?? Not so much.

      Google glass?? who the hell wants to look like a nerd-geek while wearing that crap in Asia, Europe, Middle East, or Australasia?? If you think the ‘knock out game’ is bad in the US, just wait ’til you start wearing that Google glass crap in Somalia. Or, Benghazi. Or, North Korea. Good luck with that.

      The point is, these companies trying to ‘one up’ Apple can’t. Apple is their R&D dept and they can’t make a useful thing until Apple releases a product that they can copy.

      Microsoft did it (software).

      IBM (w/ MS) tried to do it (software/hardware) .

      Google did it (phone software).

      and, now Samsung (hardware w/ Google sw).

      Slavish copyers.

      Nigam Arora had a deadline and needed to get a story in. He’s pi**ing into the wind on this one.

      Utter nonsense.

  1. What drivel. Samsung need more than a “first mover” advantage on a cosmetic technology to stay in the field (there is no hope that they can catch Apple). Samsung have called a “crisis” meeting of senior execs to discuss, no doubt, the problems they are facing:

    1. Samsung are losing patent cases in every jurisidiction
    2. Apple are removing as much business from Samsung as the can
    3. Google is already paying royalties to Microsoft and it looks increasingly likely that they will lose the Oracle patent battle over Java and face major rewrites and/or large royalties.
    4. Samsung can’t make Tizen useful without developing maps, search and other Google technologies which are only available on “well behaved” Android devices.
    5. Apple has unique access to several advanced technologies in the hardware arena: liquid metal, touch-id, sapphire, 64-bit processors and a 64-bit OS.
    6. The Apple ecosystem draws users in, and locks them in – Samsung, late to the party, and with no software expertise to speak of, has no hope of matching Apple here.

    The iPhone 5S is outselling every other phone in all, or nearly all, markets worldwide – and with China Telecom about to start shipping iPhones. The Samsung S4 sold well for a few weeks but sales have disappointed.

    The Google/Samsung alliance is a castle built on sand. Stealing the technology of your competitors may give you a leg up in the market, in the short term, but a collapse is inevitable. In this case the tide is coming in and the sandcastle’s foundations are being rapidly washed away.

    Steve Jobs launched Apple on a trajectory into the Light, where all the best stuff is. Samsung and Google chose the Darkness. If Apple’s velocity and mass continue to be steered along the same path, towards the best of everything, then no-one will ever catch them. The Light always beats Darkness in the end.

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        1. While many people get them confused, the Trimline Phone by Western Electric was actually the one with the curved handset (both the back and the inside which was next to your face). The Princess Phone by Western Electric had a handset that was very similar to the handset that was on the “standard” phone. The base of the Princess Phone was just much smaller and sleeker than the standard phone.

          Additionally, the Trimline Phone came with the dialer (rotary [pulse] in early versions, push button [tone] in later version) in the handset. The Princess Phone had the dialer in the base (whether it was tabletop or wall mounted). Thus in the Trimline you could dial anywhere you had the handset (and some people had coiled handset cords that could stretch to 20 feet or more). Conversely with the Princess Phone you had to stand/sit next to the base unit in order to place a call — even if the handset cord reached 20 feet you still had to return to the desk or wall mounted unit to make that next call.

          1. How sad is it that I already knew that? I hadn’t thought about those in years. We had both in my house. First my sister had a Princess Phone on a separate line so one would always be free for the rest of the family.

            Eventually all of them got replaced by TouchTone Trimlines.

            Though I loved how compact they were and you could wall mount them, I always thought the handset was too wide to hold for very long.

            When I got my own place I went back to the smaller hand set with the touchtone base.

  2. If Apple got a patent for a curved screen, there is likely one in Apple’s future somewhere’s down the line. However, I don’t quite see how the Galaxy S5 having a curved screen is some huge advantage over a flat screen except for bragging rights. More power to Samsung for coming out with something new but it doesn’t mean that consumers will take to it or it will increase Galaxy S5 sales. I do understand how these analysts think in terms of features as related to sales. They believe the more features that can be packed into a product the better it is. If someone could tell me the benefit of a curved screen on a smartphone or TV I’d like to hear it.

    1. Samsung’s marketing strategy:
      “HA! Look at Apple’s paltry phone offering! Only one processor, and it’s just 3″ wide!
      Now look at our Samsung Galaxy S8.
      Our S8 is 12″ wide, and it’s powered by a V8 diesel.

      Samsung. The Next Big Thing is Here.”

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