Piper Jaffray: Apple’s Siri edges out Google’s Now in personal assistant bake-off

“Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster today reprises a taste test of Apple’s and Google’s natural language speech assistants, seeing progress by both pieces of software, giving the edge to Apple’s Siri by a couple points in terms of the ability to correctly answer questions in general,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“The primary improvement between Siri in iOS 6 and iOS 7 came from its performance in noisier areas, where Siri was able to translate better through a noisy environment (94% vs. 83% correct in Aug iOS 6). Based on our testing, iOS 7 Siri’s net ability to answer questions (factors in questions not correctly understood) improved to 79% from 77% in August with iOS 6,” Ray reports. “Google Now also answered 79% of questions.”

Ray reports, “Google’s ‘Google Now’ program ‘has been gaining on Apple’s Siri in terms of correct answers in the commerce and local categories,’ he argues, ‘but it still lags significantly in OS commands.'”

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  1. I use Siri a lot and she works great! I’ve got a friend who has both an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Note. He uses Siri quite a bit but told me he never uses Samsung’s S voice. I’m not sure why he uses a note…it’s a whopper I’d hate to carry around as a phone.

  2. Siri has an annoying habit of thinking it knows what I want and giving me the same answer even though I vary the way I ask the same thing. e.g. I was asking for directions to a particular theatre in a nearby city and Siri would only tell me the theatres in my city or a random bunch of theatres in the other city but never the one I asked for by name. Siri did spell the name correctly when it wrote out my question but it wouldn’t include it in my results.

    1. I have had the same problem. There should be a clear command so that you get to start over instead of getting the same answer to different questions.

      Also it would be nice to have speed controls etc for Siri. I may slow down slightly when asking a question and Siri just jumps in and answers nothing.
      Just saying.

  3. Hey! When I say something like “Remind me at 6 AM tomorrow to call Don at 7.” She USED to set the reminder for 7AM. So I learned that and quit saying it that way. I just tried that again now and it works correctly. Seems like some tweaking has been going on.

  4. When we tested this apple vs samsung
    Samsung did not get 1 thing right, it was unable to ring or text, all the samsung did was web searches and they were all garbled and wrong.

    iPhone 100 percent correct
    Can this story be true?

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