EU antitrust regulators raid Samsung offices

“Philips, Samsung Electronics and Media-Saturn, Europe’s largest chain of consumer electronics stores, said on Friday they were among companies visited by European Commission officers this week on suspicion of breaking competition rules,” Sara Webb, Foo Yun Chee and Victoria Bryan report for Reuters.

“The Commission said on Thursday its officers had raided several companies involved in making and selling consumer electronics and small domestic appliances, concerned that the firms had worked together to limit the sale of some goods online to drive up their prices,” Webb, Chee and Bryan report. “The EU antitrust regulator can fine companies up to 10 percent of their global revenue for breaking EU rules.”

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“‘The Commission has grounds to suspect that the companies subject to the inspections may have put in place restrictions on online sales of consumer electronic products and small domestic appliances,’ the Commission said in a news release,” Loek Essers reports for IDG News Service. “The companies concerned may have violated E.U. antitrust rules that prohibit anticompetitive agreements, it added.”

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    Rot in he-double-hockey-sticks, ScumBag!

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