Apple patent application reveals OLED displays with integrated thermal sensors

“In February during the Goldman Sachs Conference, Tim Cook described OLED displays as awful. ‘If you buy things online, you should think twice before you depend on the color of the OLED display. The Retina display is twice as bright as an OLED display,'” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Cook added that ‘Some people use OLED displays, but the color saturation is awful,'” Purcher reports. “While Apple’s CEO downplayed OLED, the fact is that Apple has a great number of patents covering the improvement of OLED displays and in February they recruited a former senior researcher at LG Display to work on display technology.”

Purcher reports, “In today’s patent application published by the US Patent and Trademark Office we learn that Apple is working to integrate thermal sensors into displays in order to control color. The advantage to OLED that Apple may not be able to ignore is that they can be flexible for future wearable computers like a computer band or iWatch.”

Read more, and see Apple’s patent application illustrations, in the full article here.


  1. This is indicative of Apple policy, in as much as you only move to new tech when it is as good or better than existing tech AND offers other advantages thereafter. The ‘analyst’ and journo idiots always shout about them being behind first movers but it’s always best to judge on realities over the hype of the new that the protagonists will always through necessity push like hell to gain momentum.

  2. Tim’s comments apply to the state of OLED displays on currenlty shipping devices. I have no doubt that Apple is working on OLED display technologies and will begin implementing OLED display on Apple devices if/when it becomes beneficial and practical.

    As evidenced by the R&D investment in OLEDs, many people anticipate that OLED technology will evolve and improve over time to become a dominant player in the industry. OLED displays, like standard LED displays, have several advantages including very fast switching, low power, and direct emission (versus reflected or backlit). OLED should work fine under a wide variety of lighting conditions, provide very deep blacks, eliminate motion blur, and extend battery life. Organic LEDs should eventually offer low cost and good environmental compatibility/recycling, as well.

    Some companies rolled out OLED displays on their devices as a publicity/marketing gimmick. Apple will wait until it actually makes sense. Meanwhile, Apple has focused its efforts on things that really matter, like a superfast 64-bit mobile processor.

  3. Last time a patent application revealed a future Apple product: Never

    Future time when people will stop publishing articles like this that speculate that Apple will develop said technology: Never

    1. You’re very ignorant. The latest patent applications that came to market was Apple’s fingerprint technology and Touch ID that were first found in Apple patents years ahead of the actual products as was the case for the iPhone, iPad, Apple devices with backside cameras and more. You should stick your head out of the sand a little more often, you might learn something.

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