Man arrested in copper theft at Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus site

“A Belmont man was arrested Saturday in the theft of copper pipes and wiring from a former Hewlett-Packard Corp. property in Cupertino where Apple Corp. [sic] is planning its Apple 2 campus, a sheriff’s sergeant said,” CBS SF reports.

“Glenn Cartwright, 56, was booked on Saturday into the Santa Clara County Main Jail following his arrest on suspicion of burglary and possession of burglary tools, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Kurtis Stenderup said,” CBS SF reports. “Cartwright was later released on $11,000 bail, Stenderup said.”

“Apple security had noticed that a gate to the fenced-off former Hewlett-Packard office site was opened about two hours after they had last checked to make sure it was closed, Stenderup said. The security guards believed that someone was still on the property, Stenderup said,” CBS SF reports. “Deputies called a sheriff’s department helicopter to fly overhead and enlisted help from the city of Santa Clara’s K-9 unit to assist in the searching the property, Stenderup said. A police dog later located Cartwright hiding in the bushes and after he refused to comply with orders from authorities to come out, the dog was released and bit him before his arrest, Stenderup said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Crime doesn’t pay*.

And, shouldn’t CBS San Francisco know the correct name of Apple Inc.?

*unless you’re a South Korean crime syndicate preying on dumbed-down Americans to ignorantly support foreign peddlers of inferior knockoffs of American companies’ patented products.


    1. Then again, in my neighborhood we’ve had several empty homes stripped of copper within a night, with neighbors saying “I thought they were there to do construction work!” No dear, it was de-construction work, typically to pay for someone’s drug habit. 😛

      1. Sorry guys, I saw this on the work computer and the link to the article was blocked by the work IT dept, never the less this guy is a low life prick and the police Dogg that bite his stinky white a$$ deserves a nice beef jerky meal treat for doing a great job

    1. He is white.
      Now, knowing that, how strong is your outrage? Much less than if he had been black….right? That means you are a racist!

      But don’t worry, most whites have the same feeling. Including the courts. Example…Trayvon’s “WHITE” killer gets off free. Yet for the same “stand your ground” law a BLACK women get’s 20 years for just firing into the air.

      1. 5 of the 6 jurors were white.
        Now, knowing that, how strong is your outrage? More than if they were all black…right? That means you are a racist!

        Racism goes both ways.

      2. Oh, it’s a “he” and he’s “white”. Thanks for telling me that. Personally I can’t tell the difference, all those American terrorists look the same to me.

      3. If this had been the UK, pretty much anyone would have said it was a white European responsible, it’s nearly always the case. Knife crime in inner city areas, on the other hand, is usually black-on-black.
        So it goes.

    2. Trash is trash. It comes in all shapes and sizes and colors and cultures. We just joyfully had the worst trash in our neighborhood evicted. White guy.

      (I won’t mention his political affiliation as those who will be offended will get all dramatic and kill the messenger, which of course tells you absolutely nothing since this is actually a human characteristic, not political).

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