Tim Cook tweets support for World AIDS Day, tints Apple Store logos red

“Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook called attention to World AIDS Day via Twitter, noting that the company would be ‘turning Appe’s logo red’ in support of achieving an AIDS-free generation,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“Included in the tweet was an image of an Apple Store with a red-tinted logo, an awareness campaign Apple began last year on December 1,” Dilger reports. “Using antiretroviral drugs, researchers believe it may be possible to achieve an AIDS-free generation by 2015, reducing the 700 babies born with HIV every day in 2012 to virtually zero over the next two years.”

Dilger reports, “Last year, Apple started tinting store logos red for World AIDS Day, as well as linking to the JoinRed.com site from its public web page, calling attention to other fund raising activities linked to the Global Fund.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan King” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. Whether his politics will be beneficial or not isn’t reflected in his wish to end babies born with AIDS. No political party in any country on the planet is in favor of babies born with serious illnesses.

    1. Wait what sort of insane nonsense is this? What political views are involved with having a world where babies are not born with a deadly illness?

      Are you saying you have political views in favor of more babies born with AIDS?

      Are you insane?

        1. Are we saying everyone who has AIDS has ‘sinned’? Okay so explain the babies born with AIDS? What about people who are raped? Have cheating spouses? There’s so many holes in your argument I don’t know where to start.

          Sin is also a concept that is not consistent across cultures. Are we going with the Catholic Church version? The Protestant? Or maybe Jewish? Reform or orthodox? Who gets to decide what sin is and why them?

          Lastly why on earth did you bring up sin when we are discussing babies born with this deadly disease? How on earth can you say babies are sinners?

          What exactly are you saying?

          1. God decides what sin is. Being a homo is an abomination. The rampant promiscuity in Africa is a sin. Shooting up heroin is a sin.

            If people were not doing those things, you wouldn’t have all those babies being born with AIDS.

            Postmodern culture wants to do as it pleases and then think it shouldn’t suffer the consequences.

            Does that clear it up for ya?

            1. You are sinning by judging other people. Everyone will have to answer for their own sins, so why do you care what other people do when it will not mess with how God sees you?

              Don’t quote Leviticus either because there is more in that book than just man lying with another man.

            2. Once you prove that your god, or any god for that matter, is real, maybe you will have something. Until then you are just parroting mindless religious drivel.

            3. And exacts His punishment on newborn infants? You probably think He takes attendance in church and isn’t keeping an eye on you the rest of the time. Silly boy.

            4. “If people were not doing those things, you wouldn’t have all those babies being born with AIDS.”

              This stupid argument reminds me of the one about how a woman wouldn’t be raped if she didn’t dress like a slut. Just as appalling and just as wrong.

            5. 1 Cor 6:9-11. You DO realize that practicing homosexuality is put in the same phrase as wearing a cross (idolatry), adultery, pre-marital sex (considered normal by most “Christians”) , greedy ones, drunkards and Enron execs (extortioners).

              The bible doesn’t condone homosexuality, but nowhere does it say that homosexuality is any different than the other sins… many of which many so-called “Christians” practice on a weekly basis.

            1. No, it is not. The virus is spread by physical contact, which is, as far as I am aware, not a sin.

              While it may have been predominantly a “gay disease” in the early 80’s (spreading mostly among homosexual men in the developed world), vast majority of AIDS infections of today happen between heterosexuals.

              None of this is really relevant; much as you may not like it, but yesterday was the day the world (7 billion people) takes the time to raise awareness of the deadly disease and makes an effort to eradicate it. This is a fight that saves human lives. I cannot possibly imagine why anyone would want to twist this in order to be against it.

            2. Back in the Eighties, many people – particularly in the US – were infected with HIV as a result of being given contaminated blood.

              Their ‘sin’, as you describe it, was to be involved in some sort of medical trauma that required a transfusion and they drew the short straw in terms of which blood-bag got drawn from supply. I refer your ignorant ass to the case of Elizabeth Glaser (the late wife of ‘Starsky & Hutch’ actor, Paul Michael Glaser) who was infected in that manner.

              A child born with HIV has committed no ‘sin’. There is a strong possibility that the mother may have contracted HIV from a partner and is unaware of the condition.

              You are a horrid excuse for a human being.

            3. I agree that there are ways to lower your risk for AIDS if you weren’t born with it, but I’m sick of hearing how ‘sin’ causes this disease. I agree that the ugliness that has come out in spades over this article has made me want to smash things.

            4. That kind of hatred is the exact opposite of what all religions teach about God. Read the book of Jonah – God chastises Jonah for being angry that God spared sinful people that Jonah hates.
              Sounds like you could use a 3-day trip in the belly of a great fish to get your priorities straight.

        2. Wow what planet do you live on, so sex is sin is it? Even if you are ignorant enough to equate this with homosexuality, babies do not tend to be born due to a homosexual act or has no one including your God/Goddess told you this? The majority of aids cases are no longer due to being gay in actual fact.

          1. I don’t necessarily agree with Lou, but you are being intentionally oblique. Neither Sex nor even homosexual sex causes (or spreads) aids, promiscuity does. It is an STD (that can also be spread though IV drug use) plain and simple.

            According to the CDC, in the US 57% of new aids cases are a result of Men having sex with men (new partners) 31% are from men having sex with women (again new partners because STD’s can’t enter a monogamous relationship of men or men/woman) and 12% the result of IV drug use (sharing needle with infected users.

            If you add them up they come to 100% because the mother to child infections don’t even account for 1% of the cases.

            1. Okay Mr. Science supporting some ‘moral’ argument, what about people who get it from someone else who has sinned? Monogamy is great but unless you are advocating that humans find their soulmate on their first try and only have sex with one partner for the remainder of their lives, you will have people who get it from one of the above described categories even if they don’t belong to it.

              For example I could have a girlfriend who had a previous boyfriend who had been a drug user and got it, gave it to her and then she has had it for just over six months but it hasn’t shown on tests yet. I could get it from her and pass it on to someone else, etc. this disease incubates for a long time and doesn’t show on tests very rapidly.

              All that said, with millions of cases even 1% effecting babies is still a very large number of babies.

            2. They don’t account for 1%, actually they have to account for less than a half percent for the CDC to have rounded down. (I don’t have the actual figure but it has to be less than .5% of new cases)

              Further, I said nothing about any morality, you in your political correctness put that straw-man in.
              You can’t rear a condom for 6Mos?
              Really… REALLY?

            3. I am about as far from politically correct as you are likely to find, but the stupidity of making AIDS a purely moral issue is just insane. Whether someone chooses to wear a condom with their monogamous partner is none of your business and certainly not an issue of ‘morality’.

              It doesn’t matter the % of babies as long as the number isn’t zero it completely and utterly shatters the argument that AIDS is about morality.

            4. I am not making a moral argument, you keep bringing that in (in true politically correct form).

              I merely presented the (correct) facts about the disease and how it is being spread. (to contradict several here who said many things but obviously had no idea)

              I think we (as a society) need to help everyone. We don’t refuse to treat coronary disease simply because the sufferer is overweight (or likes McDonalds). Nor do we (or should we) refuse treatment (and research) to AIDS sufferers because it is an STD.

              I just hate the “politically correct” nonsense (people spew) about this one disease. It should be treated like any other disease with no special “politically correct” status nor any morality attached to it (in either direction).

            5. People victimize people all the time. People who get AIDS because it was spread throughout this planet by homos and pagan Africans are victims. Like people who get knocked out in the knockout game. Like white women who get raped by black men. Victims.

              Get it, now?

            6. Just want to point out that pre-marital sex isn’t condoned in the bible. HIV/AIDS aside… I know it’s common for “MOST” couple to sleep together before they’re married, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable in the bible. However, we’re not judged on our past… our past errors are put as far as east is from west. We’re only judged for who we are today. This is in comparison to human judgement which usually is biased and based on a person’s past.

              And as for finding a soulmate on the first try… Marriage takes effort and you’ll both have greater success trying to BE the soulmate, instead of trying to find the soulmate. Ultimately, given enough time together, almost ANY man and woman can have a happy marriage. Some will have an easier time than others, but much of it depends on the level of commitment and the willingness of both parties to compromise.

              Millions of young people have only ever slept with one person in their life and they’re actually quite happy. In fact, they may not have even been what many would consider “compatible”. There’s something to be said for stability.

              I’m not saying it always works… and like I said, requires commitment from BOTH sides, but it’s FAR from impossible… and in fact, very natural.

          1. You still need the brain stem and parts of the brain that control respiration, digestion and heart beat. Just remove most of the parts that relate to thinking or emotions and leave just enough to allow typing out words.

          2. Lobs always attack when someone disagrees with their point of view. I simply stated my beliefs and lobs attack. How childish you all are. I do not name call , I will pray for you all. God Bless

  1. Yet another invitation to all the creepy-crawlers hiding in their parents’ basements to come out and express their disgust at the fact that one of the most influential people in the business world is using his position to try to make a difference in the world by supporting a worthy charity, complaining that by doing so, he is somehow espousing a set of political views. STFU.

      1. Okay so there’s some moronic cretin who is voting down my question. There are some really creepy mentally disturbed people on this site who escaped from an asylum who want to prevent medicine from dropping the number of babies born with AIDS to zero.

        If there is a hell I expect the very bottom put to be reserved for assholes that want to torture babies.

        1. AIDS is a serious but you politically correct spew about having babies bore safely just isn’t.
          Again we should fight aids because it is a dangerous disease (STD) why do you try to mask that with the PC (and incorrect) spew about having babies born safely.
          If that is what we were most concerned about than aids would get little funding as the amount of babies it effects is extremely tiny (i.e. there are a lot of things we should divert those funds to if that is what we are prioritizing)

          Aids is a devastating disease, why do you try to make it something that it isn’t by lying about who gets it?

        1. I wouldn’t be so hasty to equate stupidity or hatred with any political party. Mental illness knows no boundary as far as religion, politics, gender, race, or age.

    1. First off I do not live in my parents basement. Second I owned and ran 3 businesses in the last thirty years and own my home with no mortgage. And I am retired at 51. Far cry from my parents basement. So you can STFU because you spew off things you know nothing about also. So does it make my opinion any better or worse because of where or how I live. No it doesn’t. Some people who were at one time hard working have had to move back with their families because of this economy. That doesn’t make their opinions null or not worthy. Grow up and stop being so arrogant.

  2. What next? Apple showing support for lesbians and transsexuals? Maybe have a blue iPhone 5C to denote 10% of the proceeds going to lesbians. And a green one for transsexuals. Yeah, that ought to do it.

    Cook should work in the meatpacking industry seeing how he loves fudge. What a stupid idea. Cook getting his priorities mixed up again.

        1. It’s not only possible, it’s extremely easy to parody or mimic (same thing) any extremist. By the way being right wing religious and conservative in no way implies virulent hatred. In fact far, far more hatred spews from the left as seen by colleges that don’t permit conservative speakers, or won’t pay for them, and hecklers that seem to only target conservative speakers, not to mention the endless and needless cried of racism whenever anyone disagrees with a liberal view.

        1. Really? Can you guys not spot a liberal troll?
          Hello… he’s on the same side you are. He’s attempting to do his mocking imitation of a “bigot” and say bad things about the “homosectuals” (to somehow prove that people who dare disagree with his opinion are inherently stupid)

          I don’t know what is more pathetic his (obvious) troll or your inability to see it. (worse if you did, and are playing along.)

          And for the last effing time: AIDS affects almost no babies, it is an extremely dangerous STD, nothing more, nothing less.
          If we are so worried about babies then AIDS funding should be diverted to something that affects large numbers of babies (and there are many)

    1. I didn’t know that Gay was a new political party. BTW, is it correct to say that someone “is Gay”, or is it more correct to say that someone “is gay”? I think the former is correct if the person’s name is Gay, and the latter is correct if one is attempting to describe the other person’s sexual orientation.

      1. Sadly that is the standard liberal way of making a case; to take a single (or tiny minority) case or incidence, expand it to the general and then draw your conclusion, condemning and portraying all who dare disagree with your (contrived) conclusion as stupid, backward crass, greedy or heartless.
        Et tu twinmoon?

        1. My name is short for twilightmoon and I have used that handle on this site since before the iPod came out in 2001. It got changed to twimoon when MDN changed their log in server and my name was taken.

          That said I’m far from liberal, I’m more libertarian and semi anarchist than anything. I have a lot of conservative view on some subjects but I don’t really follow any caned ideology.

      1. No we are not, as human conflict over territory prolly predates history by several tens of thousands of years. Those innocent Indians that were here before the evil white Europeans came displaced and slaughtered off many whole species of large mammals. Wooly mammoth anyone? There’s paintings of mass hards of mammoths driven off cliffs as a hunting tactic.

        I’m as native as any so-called Native American as I was born in this country and so were my parents. All humans came from Africa, too. All the dumb labels you can come up with are rather pointless and divisive. I’m a human being.

        By the way there were not millions of American Indians slaughtered by Europeans, there were about 11 millions indigenous people in all the Americas killed mostly by Spaniards and very few comparatively killed in North America which was relatively uninhibited.

        Nice revisionist history, though.

  3. Some of the fucking inhumane, irrational, judgemental, quasi-religious crap that gets posted on this site makes me wonder whether there is a sub-group of long-term Mac users who actually used to take their machines apart and lick the mercury off the components.

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