FileMaker Pro 13 leaked on Apple’s Online Store

“Nearly 20 months after the launch of FileMaker Pro 12 by Apple subsidiary FileMaker, Apple appears to have prematurely revealed the upcoming debut of the next-generation database software, FileMaker Pro 13, with new entries in its online stores in several countries,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors. “Several versions of FileMaker Pro 12 are also shown as discontinued in those stores, while the new versions are listed as shipping “within 24 hours” despite no official announcement of their launch having been made yet.”

“Screenshots accompanying the new listings show a new ‘Share’ button in the toolbar, as well as an iOS 7-styled makeover for the FileMaker Go apps for iPhone and iPad,” Slivka reports. “The listings otherwise appear to primarily be placeholders for the time being, using the same box art as their predecessors with the exception of replacing ’12’ with ’13′”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. I’ve heard of trying to help give tidbits to jouranalists a bit of a hand but this is getting quite ridiculous. There needs to be signs put up “Don’t feed the journanalists” and an education program put into place so that people can understand that if you feed them they won’t be able to come up with speculative rumors on their own and that will starve them, and might even make them an endangered species. They could even go extinct.

  2. Wonder what features they’re removing while they make the new toolbar uneditable then editable again via an update? Maybe it’ll be the first desktop database client where you can’t edit data? This way, the iOS and OS X versions will be identical feature-wise. /s

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