Beleaguered BlackBerry CEO: ‘We are here to stay’

“BlackBerry Ltd is ‘very much alive, thank you,’ Interim Chief Executive John Chen affirmed in an open letter on Monday in which the smartphone maker committed itself to rebuilding as a niche player concentrating on the enterprise market,” Reuters reports.

“Chen took over as CEO a month ago after BlackBerry abandoned a plan to sell itself,” Reuters reports. “‘Our ‘for sale’ sign has been taken down and we are here to stay,’ he wrote in the letter that was addressed to ‘valued enterprise customers and partners.'”

“BlackBerry, once the market leader in on-the-go email, has suffered a drastic loss of market share to Apple Inc’s iPhone,” Reuters reports. “Its new smartphones have so far failed to win back customers, as Chen acknowledged in the letter.”

“BlackBerry has laid off thousands of workers over the last two years and in September it said it would shed more than a third of its global workforce and refocus itself on the enterprise market – large business and government clients – that vaulted it to prominence in the 1990s,” Reuters reports. “‘We’re going back to our heritage and roots, delivering enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile solutions,’ said Chen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Make that “delivering enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile solutions for Apple’s iOS while continuing to dramatically downsize operations” and you might have a slim chance of surviving as a niche player.

Still, this rudderless, unstable mess of a company has been making a lot of promises and not delivering ever since being run over by the iPhone steamroller, so it’s going to take a lot for the enterprise to consider whatever beleaguered BlackBerry is trying to peddle this week instead of just going with Good Technology or whatever established company is already doing whatever Amateur Hour Inc. daydreams about dabbling in at the moment.

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  1. It seems the entry criteria for a Blackberry CEO is breath taking arrogance and a detachment from reality.

    “Our for sale sign has been taken down” = We tried to borrow enough money for the take over but the banks and financial institutions (BlackBerry’s core audience) laughed at us.

      1. I think you are being naive, the problem with Mr Chen’s (and why he is being doubted & lambasted) declaration is that it is simultaneously outrageous and hollow.
        It is outrageous in that they are rapidly colapsing were just trying to sell themselves off, but now they are “business as usual” You need to at least seem like you aren’t arrogant and clueless to gain any traction
        And his announcement was hollow, in that he was “business as usual” and are are going back to our same away of doing things. Hello? Isn’t that exact ally why collapsed you ?

        So, based on his announcement I think TimD’s take is spot on. If you want to be taken seriously become serious, not arrogant and bombastic.

  2. I think their target “niche” should not be enterprise; it should be the “anti-iPhone.” Basically, every smartphone sold these days is an iPhone, or an imitation iPhone. BlackBerry should focus on creating a smartphone that is intentionally designed to NOT be an iPhone. THAT is going back to RIM’s “roots.”

    Create a noticeably smaller less-expensive smartphone that has a physical keyboard, and a reasonable-sized, but not overly large, non-touch screen. Make it run for a week, under typical use, without need for a recharge. That’s basically RIM’s original concept for a smartphone, and it was not a bad design; everyone else copied BlackBerry before iPhone…

    There are still smartphone customers who would prefer such a phone, if they had a viable alternative to iPhone and Android. It would be a small subset of current smartphone customers, but Apple’s not going there, and Android copies Apple, so BlackBerry would have that group of customers mostly to itself.

    1. Sport fans follow their team intently, but also all potential opponents, to make for a delicious brew of emotions come the final clashes.

      Does this really need to be explained?

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