Apple’s Black Friday deals go live; gift card only, no discounts

“As we predicted, Apple’s Black Friday deals take the form of gift cards rather than discounts. The Australian store is first to come online with the promotion,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“Buy a Mac, and you get a gift card for AUS$150 ($137), an iPad gets you AUS$75 ($68) and an iPod AUS$50 ($45) – with a range of gift card values on selected accessories,” Lovejoy reports. “It’s likely these amounts will be rounded in the USA.”

Lovejoy reports, “There appears to be no gift card with the Retina iPad Mini (only with the non-Retina model), likely a reflection of the limited supplies available and that Apple knows it will sell well into the holiday season without incentives.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Posting will be limited today as we spend Thanksgiving with family and friends. For those celebrating the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving and, as always, thanks for visiting MacDailyNews!


  1. Let’s say I want to buy an iPad, a cover, and headphones. If I buy all 3 at once I’ll leave with 3 gift cards, right? So if I want to use my gift cards at time of purchase I’ll have to first buy the iPad, then use that gift card to help buy the cover and then use THAT gift card to buy the headphones. I’ll still leave the store with an unspent gift card for the headphones. Surely I’ve made the wrong assumption here somewhere. Where?

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    1. We got 3 iPad Air’s last night at Target. They should still have them today. They have the 16gb for $479 and you’ll get a $100 gift card for each. If you ring them up separately, you can use the card to buy 2 of them, than the 3rd card for covers or other stuff. Awesome deal.

      1. Do you really have no idea what Thanks Giving is about? Although you may think it is cute to say such drivel in response to a thoughtful wish from another reader, I think it missed the whole point and lacks class. Try again.

        1. Probably too late now, but Thanksgiving is also referred to as Turkey Day, and immortalised into U.S. presidential lore with the official “pardoning” of the birds selected for the annual White House feast. Diners would presumably make do with ham or roast beef instead.

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      1. That could possibly happen… It would just be MY choice. And that makes quite a difference to me.
        When i buy something at a spacial day, in order to have an extra 100$, it could be because my BUDGET needs these bucks for something else at the SAME DAY.
        Is it so hard to understand?
        In this context, a “gift card” is just perfectly useless.
        Luck is you find shops making REAL discounts on Apple products!

          1. My dear,
            Apple heard my voice!
            If ever you want to spend, you still may have a budget to hold.
            In Europe, at least, Apple makes real discounts… Let’s see if it’ll be the same in USA.

        1. If you are never going to spend at an Apple store ever again, you are not someone Apple NEEDS to offer any sort of discount to. You are irrelevant. In fact you are just the sort of person a discount should not be offered to.

    1. Apple doesn’t your business. Not really. Others though, like Samsung need every bit of business they can get; they lie, cheat, and misrepresent their benchmark scores for thei products, now pathetic is that?

      Google’s Moto and Samsung’s smartphones are slower than the 5S but rig the game to make themselves appear worthy contenders.

      You’re a joke Google and so are those Asian companies who believe just because they make Apple’s components, they can compete with this extraordinary American company.

      Happy turkey day all, I hope you all eat as well as me and mine did. Don’t freeze your leftovers, donate them, and save yourself 10-pounds. 😉

  2. As of 7:30 ET, USA:

    Shop online after midnight PST or visit your favorite Apple Retail Store.*

    *Shopping event prices are solely available on November 29, 2013, from 12:01 a.m. PST to 11:59 p.m. PST, are subject to change, and do not include taxes. Promotional pricing cannot be combined with any other offers. Not all sale products are available in all Apple Retail Stores. Product specifications are subject to change. Sale prices are limited to stock on hand and while supplies last.

    It does say “promotional pricing”, so hmm.

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