Many Apple Retail Stores opening early for Black Friday sales in U.S. and Canada

“Many U.S. and Canadian Apple Retail Stores will be opening early on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the traditional start of the holiday shopping season,” Jordan Golson reports for MacRumors.

“Apple had planned to open some stores on Thanksgiving day itself, but CEO Tim Cook cancelled that plan because he wanted employees to be with their families on the holiday,” Golson reports. “Some locations will be opening as early as 6AM.”

Golson reports, “In past years, Apple has offered discounts on iPads, iPods and some Mac models on Black Friday.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. One hopes for a new trend! Would Microsoft follow suit, and close their stores as well? They seemed to copy everything else about Apple retail. (Except for the crowds, which they must emulate using bribery.)

      1. Emphatically not! And actually the opposite would be better for Microsoft: their stores should be open *only* on Thanksgiving Day, thereby packing all 14 customers in on the same day, allowing for some carefully orchestrated video footage and photo ops.

  1. I’m glad Cook decided to give his people off on Thanksgiving. Unlike like those poor souls who work at Walmart. Though I’m sure the oligarchs who own Walmart will be enjoying a gourmet Thanksgiving meal at their mansions prepared by master chefs and served up by their house staffs. Some companies just have contempt for the minions who are indentured to them and truly believe they’re superior because they were fortunate to be born into a wealthy family.

    I personally refuse to ever shop at Walmart. Half their employees qualify for food stamps because of the poverty level wages they pay to their associates. They hate the government, but have no problem with the government having to supplement their workers so they have enough to eat.

    I saw on the news, where the stores are collecting food to hand out to their own employees. How pathetic. Boycott Walmart. Don’t feed this greedy ugly contemptuous monster.

    1. Let’s see, Walmart sells food, clothing, electronics, music, movies and a lot of other things at low prices. Walmart workers get a discount on everything they buy at Walmart.

      Those Walmart workers make $11 per hour on up to $50,000 a year in middle management.

      Now here is the lesson for today.

      Walmart’s profit from all its massive sales and low wages is 2.8%

      Apple has their own share of massive sales and low wages and its profit is in the 35 plus percent range.

      Perhaps, for social injustice reasons, your hate of rich companies and your pity for the poor workers, you should be boycotting Apple and shopping at Walmart.

      Think about it, you idiot.

      1. I’m an idiot? The majority of Walmart employees make slightly above minimum wage, around $8.50 an hour. Try living on that. Apple pays much more to its employees in America. I’ve never read a story about Apple employees having to apply for food stamps. Apple is about making the best products possible. I don’t know where you got your figures from, but I think they’re way off the mark. And since you felt so compelled to resort to name calling, go fu¢k yourself douche bag.

        1. I knew you wouldn’t get it. Walmart is responsible for the low prices that keeps the poor and poorly schooled fed, clothed and with a job.

          Walmart is the best thing to happen to the poor since they abolished the Draft.

          P. S. In parts of North America, where there is a labour shortage, the wages start at $11 per hour.

    2. Before I sold my business, I didn’t have contempt for my minions, I ate my mignons!!!
      I am sure the Walmart family eat their mignons served with thick gravy from a gravy boat that was provided by a gravy train!!!! 🙂

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