Leaving Google’s Chrome: Why I’ve returned to Apple’s Safari

“I guess you could say that I was quite the fan of Google Chrome,” Federico Viticci writes for MacStories. “Before switching to Chrome last year, I didn’t have a ‘favorite’ browser or ‘browser of choice’: I just kept jumping between Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, trying out all the features that the three major players had to offer on OS X. I’m pretty sure that, at one point, I even tried to go a full week with using Opera.”

“A few weeks after publishing my review of iOS 7, I decided to uninstall Chrome from all my devices and move back to Safari as my main and only browser on my iPhone, iPad, and two Macs,” Viticci writes. “I’m not looking back… MacStories readers and The Prompt listeners have asked about my seemingly sudden decision to stop using Chrome and go back to Safari. That’s a legitimate question – I was the one evangelizing Chrome and its feature set, criticizing Safari and Apple’s choices with iOS 6.”

“I don’t have a problem with Chrome the app; I have a problem with Google the company behind the browser,” Viticci writes. “For me, Google has crossed the creepy line… Google’s technologies are seriously impressive, but they revolve around business models and motivations of which I’ve had too much.”

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        1. Available here:


          Google were experimenting on me tonight over at Yahoo. They are playing with a collapsable overlaying menu on the left of the window. It ends up blocking the videos unless you use a wide browser window. From watching me use it, I think they figured out it’s a total POS. I hated it and kept hiding the damned thing. I logged in again later and they’d REMOVED it. Let’s hope it stays removed.

          “Our customers: Our guinea pigs.” I hate you Google.

  1. Google is driving me absolutely up a wall. Can we go back to 2011 before they pulled all this crap, and I could still figure out what keywords people were entering to get into my sites? I cannot image blindfolding all my clerks, managers and blanking the in store cameras so my staff can’t see who is in my physical store and what they are looking for, but without keywords, we are flying blind online. This is especially true for some technical parts sites, build to order sites and complex product sites that used to be able to trigger a customer assist chat break-in based on keywords… now Google keeps this information for itself unless the user has come through adwords. If they are going to totally datamine my customers, please share.

  2. 1 to the author’s opinion. They’ve definitely crossed the creepy line and I don’t trust that they’re not tracking and logging the hell out of me any time I use any of their products.

    1. Aw man they’re SO creepy. I bought a shelf for my refrigerator 6 months ago. A lot of sites I go to have ads on them that STILL to this day keep offering me refrigerator parts for my exact make and model refrigerator. SPOOKY CREEPY. I feel like I’m being followed down the downtown streets of a business district with hobos constantly slithering out of the dark whispering “heeeeey kid, buy another part for your lovely reeeefrigeraaator, pleeeeeease…. *gasp wheeze*”

  3. That’s exactly how I feel about Chrome. I understand it’s actually a pretty good browser, as a piece of software. But everytime I think about giving it a shot, I think “will Google start harvesting all my page views”? I’m not usually prone to such paranoia, but that’s Google’s business these days: provide free software, harvest as much data as possible from the way people use it.


  4. I hate all these articles self-important blowhards write like “I’m leaving X”, “I returned to X”, “Why I’m done with X”, “Why I’m not coming back to X until they do what I say”…

    It’s nice Federico came back to Safari, but it’s a personal browser choice, and I don’t care about his browser choice in order to validate mine. Of all important things to discuss, and he wants to trumpet his browser choice!

  5. I have switched almost exclusively to the Epic browser which is based on Google Chrome but has blocking software integrated into it. Now when I visit Mac daily news it says that it has blocked 45 or 50 different tracking methods and cookies. I am sure that at least half of those are associated with Google. You must use a different search engine due to the fact that Google automatically encrypts your searches so they still get it all. I use the epic search engine and it has almost completely stopped me from using Google for any reason in any way


    1. Do a web search for epic browser which uses the chromium core and then adds even more anti-Google anti-everybody else features that leave you very comfortable in many ways I, think. but hey theyre all watching us anyway

        1. it was passed to me,,,,

          did not know what was to come, as far as my knowleleg of what was out there, or in there as far as local computer files

          I will scrub and use only epic for all web surfing that is routine mundane or otherwise involved in nefarious activities.
          once i have the time to start over Side

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