Apple will vastly outlive the competition

“Apple will vastly outlive its competition,” John Martellaro writes for TheStreet. “To explore that, it’s necessary to look at software, hardware and how Apple integrates the two.”

“Software is hardly ever beloved. Software is simply a means to bring the capabilities of the hardware to life. Often, software fails the user… In the history of the Macintosh and PC there have only been a handful of native apps that were so beautifully executed, so well conceived, that they actually became beloved. The annals of frustrating software, on the other hand, are plentiful and legendary,” Martellaro writes. “Hardware is much easier to love. Beautiful 2K and 4K displays, MacBooks, external drives with glowing LEDs, the new Mac Pro (an enigmatic black cylinder), blazing fast Alienware PCs with ghostly lights, some Ultrabooks, the iPhone and iPad, all come to mind. This hardware can create an instant attraction and affection. But it needs nicely integrated software to bring it to life in ways that charm and delight us.”

“Apple is fundamentally different than the competition. The company has built a legacy of integrating hardware and software until the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts,” Martellaro writes. “When that’s done well, genuine affection and admiration for the hardware is realized and spans time. It’s why Apple retail stores are routinely crowded with both young and old… Only Apple has demonstrated an enduring vision for the way human beings respond to hardware and integrated software. Generations of Apple customers have grown up with and loved Apple IIs, Macs, iPods, iPhones and iPads. Thanks to the foundation Steve Jobs built, plenty of similar devices in the future will carry on that tradition.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

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      1. “What’s to prevent another Steve Jobs or someone better than Steve Jobs to start a company that would compete with Apple?”

        The same thing that keeps me from going down and buying a lottery ticket and then living the my life as a multi-millionaire.

        Just because it -could- happen doesn’t make it even remotely probable.

          1. You do know that your irrational hatred of all things Apple just keeps you from owning the best products available. (and they really are amazing)
            Ms, google and samedung barely chase Apple’s tail cranking out poor copies of great products. What are you going to do, wake up and face reality or continue to delude yourself? The choice is your’s my friend.

      2. It struck me (after posting) how pathetic it is that the thread you apple haters (well, this one anyway) are hanging your hopes on is the billion to one chance that there will be another person with similar abilities who will start another company to beat Apple.

        Dude you realy need to reflect on just how desperate & pathetic your hatred has made you.

          1. Yeah, we only get a few like him in a hundred years. It is your loss for not embracing what he has given us (and only embracing poor copies of his genius) Apple haters only deprive themselves.
            The chances of one of the few genius renaissance men (or woman) we are gifted with each century starting a company that will “knock out” Apple is somewhere between infinitesimally slim and none.
            You already let his time on the earth pass you by due to your irrational hatred, don’t let his legacy do so as well.

  1. This is one of the most accurate and most realistic assessments for ‘Apple Inc.’s’ success that I have seen. The integrated software and the magnificent hardware coupled with that user experience has always been the key for success. 👍

  2. What I don’t understand is this. Amazon is being valued as a company that will outlive its competition and has a very high valuation to prove that point. Apple, on the other hand, is certainly not being valued that way. Apple is being valued as a company that has already been vanquished by its competition. So it’s hard for me to understand why this person is saying what he is.

    The biggest complaint about why Apple is being so poorly valued is because of the vast amount of Android competition. Nearly everyone firmly believes that Android is the dominant mobile platform based on sheer numbers. At least that’s what I’ve been reading. Wouldn’t it make sense that big investors would quickly jump into a company that would come out the winner in the end? So far all the big investors are betting on the Android side being the big winner. I must be missing something. As far as the court system is concerned, they’re not going to let Apple win in IP patents either, so can Apple even keep the software advantage from being taken away.

    I’m just saying that from all current indications by the tech industry and Wall Street, Apple is not being talked about as a winning company by anyone except Tim Cook. I’m unable to see into the future, so I can only see how things are going on a day to day basis and what I’ve been seeing doesn’t look all that promising to me or to investors. General consensus says things appear very negative for Apple.

    1. I assume you meant this as a rhetorical question. As MDN has pointed out too many times to count, the lopsided valuations are the result of Wall Street manipulations of stock, which is tantamount to criminal fraud, and which no major entity has been prosecuted for. Also it appears much of the Android data is misleading at best. Market Share is not Profit Share.

  3. This is not the question. The question is will Apple outlive Tim Cook. Until that is settled, Android will continue to gain market share while Apple stubbornly satisfies itself, but not the broad gadget market, with new “looks” – like the awful iOS7 – and tweaks to a couple of models of their sterling products. The sophomoric crowd that populates this site will never acknowledge what a failure now sits at the head of the table. But, until that chair is filled with somebody who can again move the company forward, we will continue to suffer at the hands of Samsung and all the rest that are taking full advantage of the lack of leadership in the once great company.

      1. Amen.

        Most software has received updates & UI changes now and then that change esthetics in all the major companies, like Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, etc. Some are liked and some not (ribbons, Clippy?).

        If it doesn’t pan out esthetically, then we will see options or changes to suit what Apple learns from iOS 7 customers, but it doesn’t make the functionality bad by what I see in my iPhone 5 versus software on earlier iPhones.

        Esthetics are nice, but function is critical.

  4. There’s a troll on this board that keeps going on about how bad ios7 has become. Especially how bad the Safari icon is. I totally disagree with him……..until I updated the iBooks and Find My Friends apps.

    Mr. J Ive, please bring back the shelves in iBooks and the stitching in Find My Friends. And….Mr. Cook, please bring back Forstall.

    1. Fortunately, your lack of design sense will go unheeded by Mr. Ive et al. Better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and prove it. Oh wait, I meant that last comment for Morrison.

  5. Nice fresh thoughts here and very well written. One of Apple’s most consistent, enduring design statements shows up by the high-visibility of the iconic, lighted Apple logo on the open lid of plethoras of MacBook Pros or MacBook Airs in places where clusters of laptops appear in use, often concentrated in one place. This would be any venue where the more serious, often better-healed computer users might be congregated. This high visibility (and free marketing) is particularly noteworthy in airport terminals, airliner cabins, university-level classrooms, the executive suite, Starbucks and other coffee shops throughout the world, top hotel concierge desks, recording studios, the popular media (e.g., Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night). Even iPads are popping up frequently in high-end retailers as sales’ aids or electronic credit-card readers/cash registers, or in the enterprise or schools as alternatives to laptops. But in terms of free-marketing visibility, nothing beats the familiar lighted Apple logo on their laptops, reflecting the sleek, iconic, one-piece milled aluminum design statement of Sir Jony. Compare that elegant reflection to the notion of seeing the word “Dell”, “HP”, or “Samsung” plastered on a laptop’s shell cover. No other computer brand displays so much consistency in the aspirational consciousness of the collective as does Apple. This appeal is universal and growing at the top end. Apple carries that sense of quality forward in the architectural and interior designs and the careful location of their flagship retail stores around the world (e.g., stores in the Louvre or on 5th Avenue). Even the wood from the tables there is a special export from Japan!

  6. I have had my 5S for about 3 1/2 weeks. I seem to be surviving with iOS 7. I don’t like the look of iOS 7. And the normal every day functions seem to being no better or in some cases more convoluted than an iOS 6. But that’s just me. I’m no troll. I’m no fanboy. I’m what everyone here should be, honest. I see a couple of trolls here occasionally. But I see so, so many fanboys on the site. It’s an Apple discussion site. It’s not here to worship Apple. At least it shouldn’t be. It’s quite difficult to be objective here without being attacked if that observation doesn’t praise Apple and everything Apple does. And honest negative comment about Apple brings out the honey badgers and wolverines. They attack like rabid pitbull’s. For the life of me I don’t understand that? Are fanboys really that insecure? Lost that much money in AAPL? Hey, this isn’t your sister that people are talking about it’s Apple. And if your sister or Apple do something wrong, so be it. God forbid anybody ever question Apple. Apple doesn’t know you and they aren’t inviting you over for dinner Sunday. Steve Jobs didn’t know you and wouldn’t respect you because you act like a bunch of fools. Grow up. Get a life. Get out in the fresh air and enjoy yourself. Get laid. Think for yourself, don’t be a follower. Some of you are actually grown-ups. At least in age. Find a cause to get behind. Not some billion-dollar company that doesn’t know that you exist. Fight for and be faithful to your family. Your family doesn’t live in Cupertino.

  7. You know, I was actually going through the same exact thoughts as the author. I think we should have a name for the seamless integration of software and hardware Apple provides. We should call it an “Apple Solution”, that is, when we see something that is beautifully executed beyond belief, we should call it, is it like an Apple Solution.

    I will give an example.

    Whenever I use the GPS and Music apps on the iPhone, Siri reads me the directions while the song is still playing in the background. That is, the song doesn’t completely stop playing but works like a background music for Siri. And amazingly, Siri seems to have some mellow and poetic voice when she talks with the music in the background. This whole experience makes my drive delightful and reduces the stress of driving. Only Apple could come up with such a solution. It is an Apple Solution, always executing with beauty and magic.

  8. phandroids are paid trolls. samsung spends a large proportion of its revenue on advertising and misleading endorsements by people who get paid, but really use Apple. In the TV/Film industry the samsung placements make life miserable for the prop-masters. the screen color of android phones make me want to vomit, and everything has to be fixed in post, unlike Apple products that show up perfectly and have many ways to actually push camera ready artwork onto the iPhone with a neat iOS technique. How the hell do people look at Androids horrible color gamut – do these people have eyes like insects that see UV light better?

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