Dropbox CEO claims Steve Jobs vowed to ‘kill’ Dropbox with iCloud

“Dropbox founder and CEO Drew Houston knew he’d arrived with his cloud storage and syncing service when Apple Inc. was interested in talking about an acquisition,” Brian Jackson reports for IT Business Canada. “Not interested in selling the firm, he told late Apple CEO Steve Jobs as much, but Jobs was still interested in a meeting.”

“Jobs struck Houston as a straight talker. He told him he returned to Apple because he was frustrated that a company that convinced customers to pay a total of $7 billion a year to use their products could still lose $1 billion,” Reed reports. “But he was also direct with Houston, telling him that if he couldn’t acquire his startup, was going to come after Dropbox.”

“Six months after that meeting, Houston was watching a Jobs keynote and saw him make good on that promise,” Reed reports. “‘He was calling out by name and saying he wants to kill us with iCloud,’ Houston said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Where did Jobs vow to kill Dropbox during his iCloud unveiling?


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  1. This story doesn’t make any sense. Dropbox and iCloud don’t even have any features that directly compete with each other. How could one ever “kill” the other.


    1. You’re right BUT Steve seemed to relish in vanquishing those he deemed as competition with a product/service that took a ‘different’ approach, hence iCloud works differently than the other cloud services (for better or worse). IMHO

    2. Not true. They have overlapping features, and I find iCloud is far more transparent for certain types of documents. For example, I have a Pages document on my MacBook Pro. I tell it to move to iCloud, and then 10 seconds later, I’m opening that file on my MacBook Air. Dropbox also has file syncing (for any type of file), but it requires running a separate application that first must push the file up, and then pull it down. When one browses for iCloud files, they don’t need a full copy of the files on the computer, they just need the file index. It’s a smoother, more elegant solution.

  2. He’s trying to get people to think, “Oh, wow, Steve tried to kill Dropbox, but there still going. They must be super smart and tough.”
    In 20 years, no one will remember Dropbox.

    1. Dropbox is getting more complicated and slower. It’s the side-effect of battling the competition. So you’re probably right that Dropbox of today won’t exist. But it’ll either morph over time or be merged into some competitors product for umteen millions of dollars.

  3. I just deleted my Dropbox account the other day. I got sick of their annoying app advertising itself in random places on my computer, and just generally being the equivalent of a human mind virus… If anyone asks me to share stuff they’ve put on dropbox in future I’ll just decline. I don’t want to be a part of that whole ‘sucker in a friend’ multi-level marketing culture anymore.

  4. Dropbox will kill itself with its prices. It is one of the most expensive per GB out there and there are many that are just as good and much cheaper. I paid their prices until Copy.Com came along. Now get more that double the space and actually better performance for the same price. Dropbox… Arrogance will get you know where, ask Microsoft.

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