Apple can seek sales ban on Samsung phones, judges rule

“Apple has been given the right to seek a potential ban on Samsung products in the US,” Dan Worth reports for V3. “The decision comes after an original ruling had said such a ban was not permissible.”

“The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit made the ruling on Monday, and said that the previous ruling handed down in December 2012 by Judge Lucy Koh had failed to take all the necessary considerations into account when making the decision,” Worth reports. “‘The district court abused its discretion in its analysis and consequently remand for further proceedings,’ the appeal court judges wrote in their opinion on the case.”

Worth reports, “This now means if Apple can prove its sales were directly damaged by alleged copying of its patents by Samsung, such as pinch to zoom and similar multi-touch gestures, it could secure a ban on devices.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Lucy sctewed up. Any reasonable person could determine Apple was hurt by IP theft. Note that an injunction would have curtailed Samsung sales entirely. An appropriate remedy therefore seems to have Samsung disgorge such revenues …and pay to Apple.

  2. I think this is ridiculous and far short of satisfactory, “This now means if Apple can prove its sales were directly damaged by alleged copying…”

    In essence, this says, “Copy all you want as long as your victim can’t prove direct damage to sales”.

    Surely it is logical and reasonable to have what I THOUGHT was supposed to be the rule — “You can’t copy.”

    1. I certainly don’t have an issue with you expressing your feelings about me and the use of vile language. Taking that leap and saying that I have no friends, well that’s just ludicrous.

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