Desperate Samsung urges mistrial citing racism in Apple lawyer’s remark

“Samsung Electronics Co. accused Apple Inc.’s lawyer of making a prejudiced remark during closing arguments in a retrial over how much the South Korean company owes the iPhone maker for patent infringement and asked the judge to halt the proceedings,” Joel Rosenblatt reports for Bloomberg.

“Harold McElhinny, Apple’s attorney, spoke today of his memory as a child of watching television on American-made sets, and how because the manufacturers didn’t protect their intellectual property their products no longer exist,” Rosenblatt reports. “‘We all know what happened,’ he said at the conclusion of a damages retrial in San Jose, California, that started last week.”

“Bill Price, Samsung’s lawyer, then asked U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh to invalidate the trial just after she had sent the jury to a separate room to begin deliberations in the case… McElhinny was ‘appealing to race,’ Price told the judge. ‘I thought we were past that,'” Rosenblatt reports. “The Apple lawyer told Koh that he used the same argument in her courtroom previously when he argued for a court order to block the sale of Samsung products. ‘I did not say a word about race, and I did not say Asian,’ McElhinny told Koh today.”

Rosenblatt reports, “Koh concluded the dispute by bringing the jury back so she should could re-read an instruction advising that the panel ‘must not be influenced by any personal likes or dislikes, opinions, prejudices, or sympathy.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. I can totally commiserate with McElhinny. I get called a “racist” every day by misguided, unthinking Dem/Lib/Progs simply because I think centralized government planning is inefficient and wasteful vs. state and local control and I have the temerity to say it aloud when a “person of color” happens to be in the White House.

      It’s just another filthy Alinsky tactic. The only good news is that the Dem/Lib/Progs have pulled the race card so much that they’ve completely devalued their own nasty, immoral weapon.

  1. There was so much smoke and mirror coming out of Bill Price, I’m surprised the courtroom didn’t choke in it. Pulling a race card should prompt the jury to realize Samsung is desperately grasping at dry straws.

    1. Jury doesn’t know Samsung played the race card. That’s why the motion was made after the jury left the room. All they know is that the judge called them back to re-read a paragraph of her instructions.

    1. That’s some great insight, but unfortunately some definitions of racism also include discriminatory behaviors and beliefs based on cultural, national, ethnic, caste, or religious stereotypes.

      I always have to toss that one around so I appreciate your comment.

  2. Love the bit about apples lawyer saying that the guy said the same thing at the last hearing. :)))

    Gotta love those slippery Koreans for trying every trick in the book to get out Scott free.

    When it comes to legal cases they really are market leaders in innovative ways to try and screw up logical defence.

    Shame they don’t use that innovation in designing products!

    Mark my words – apple will reinvent the watch in 2014 and I guarantee scamshit will troll out a blatant copy within months and this whole circus will start all over again but with the iwatch.

    Boycott all shitstain’s products, done buy any of their goods, tell all your friends, post on social media – let everyone know what this poor excuse of a company is doing – and not just to apple, they’re doing this in all the markets they have products in.

    I swear if I had a nuke it would be flying to their head office!

    1. In the spirit of eliminating racial bigotry, etc., let’s stick to saying:

      Gotta love those slippery ScamScumeans or some such insulting contortion of Samsung, the actual culprits here. South Korea is not on trial nor should they be. North Korea is another matter for another day.

      1. Do a little Google search on ‘Pure Blood theory’ in Korea. It’s amazing. Put it this way, you wouldn’t wanna be a “foreigner” (as they call it) in Korea for any length of time.

        FYI. I’ve been to Korea many times on biz, and spk Korean.

  3. Please Google Lucy H. Koh and you will find First of two
    KOREAN appellate judge in Californias appellate court.
    Samsung lawyer wrong to call this trial a racist one. She is American and made Harvard Law school. Then again we have American justice.

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