Pfizer dumps beleaguered BlackBerry phones for Apple iPhone, Android phones due to company’s ‘volatile state’

“Pfizer Inc. (PFE), the world’s biggest drugmaker, will wean off of BlackBerry (BBRY) Ltd.’s phones, citing concerns that the mobile technology company might not be around in the future or may have service interrupted,” Drew Armstrong reports for Bloomberg. “”

“Pfizer told employees who use BlackBerry devices to instead get an Apple Inc. phone or one run on Google Inc.’s Android operating system,” Armstrong reports. “The drugmaker cited Waterloo, Ontario-based BlackBerry’s declining market share and noted that the company attempted to sell itself. ‘In response to declining sales, the company is in a volatile state,’ New York-based Pfizer told employees in a memo obtained by Bloomberg News. ‘We recommend that BlackBerry clients use their BlackBerry devices and plan to migrate to a new device at normal contract expiration.'”

“Pfizer had 92,000 employees as of its last annual filing, making it the eighth-biggest employer among U.S. and Western European-based health-care companies, according to data compiled by Bloomberg,” Armstrong reports. “Contingency plans have been developed in case BlackBerry shuts down or is unable to provide services, Pfizer said in the memo.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We realize that Pfizer loves infections (good for sales), but they shouldn’t be trying to infect themselves. They finally woke up to the fact that BlackBerry is Dead Company Walking and made a good decision bad by even mentioning Android.

Android phones are infection-prone and a mistake for any business to place into employees hands; any company that does so has a defective IT department.

(U//FOUO) Threats to Mobile Devices Using the Android Operating System - U.S. Department of Homeland Security,  Department of Justice
(U//FOUO) Threats to Mobile Devices Using the Android Operating System – U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice

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  1. I really don’t understand why any CTO would allow their company to use malware infected Android phones. Is it because they are afraid Apple has too much control over the ecosystem?

    1. We run Android and iPhones at my work.

      Malware on android is blown way out of proportion in most reports. Its not like Windows where once something installs it is able to hide itself all over the place. davlik applications are sandboxed. Even if it happened it would be simple to clean up.

      We’ve had no issues with the iPhone or android at my work. Maybe its because people primarily use the devices for exchange and a few corp apps we have but I also have never had an issue with any of the android phones I’ve personally owned.

  2. I am an apple fanboy but if their CEO was to take MacDailyNews advice to heart, it looks to me from the pie chart that they should be moving to Windows Mobile. What a mistake that would be but I bet their windows loving IT department would be thrilled.

  3. OK.. give your heads shake. BB10 blows the doors off any other mobile OS but a bit late to the dance. Apple should buy BB and mothball iOS which is fine for children but a piece of junk for those of us who actually need a device to get things done. I love the Q10 and and Z10 as the OS simply rocks and yes Androids and iOS users…. NSA loves you guys and no doubt the day is coming when iOS will be the target of a huge security breach. I had a vision of BB10 being installed on my new iPad Air and it would rock!

    No one builds a better device than Apple but iOS is simply not fluid enough for real business users and I know as I also have a 5S and unable to use it as my daily driver as it is too damn dependent on hitting the home button and twitchy at best to be called a multi tasking wonder.

    BB10 on Apple devices or some sort of hybrid that combines the best of both would send Android running for the hills.

    Anyone who has never used BB10 as a daily driver should refrain from commenting and be warned that if you ever did you will look at iOS and ask yourself… really Apple?

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