“When Apple announced indoor location tracking technology for iOS 7, it was a retailer’s dream come true,” Nicholas Clark reports for VentureBeat.

“With the precise, low-cost indoor tracking technology of iBeacon and Bluetooth LE (low energy) devices, stores can now target appropriate shoppers by both interest and location, turning window-shopping into actual sales,” Clark reports. “Big brands are clamoring to take advantage of Apple’s functionality, but a host of different kinds of organizations can make use of the data to engage visitors in new ways and learn from their movement patterns.”

“Now that Apple can track your location more granularly than a blue dot on a street map, the broader potential of indoor location tracking falls into two categories — creating engagement channels that did not exist before, and replacing tasks or functions that previously had to be performed manually,” Clark reports. “Museums, expo halls, and educational institutions can radically improve their service by incorporating iBeacon for indoor location tracking.”

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