Autodesk posts video of Revit running through Web browser on Mac OS X

Autodesk “has just posted a video of Revit running on FireFox on the Mac,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architsh.

“Over the past 14 + years–since really the late 90′s when Steve Jobs came back to Apple and announced the OS X road map–there has been, from time to time, very hot chatter about certain particular applications being brought to the native OS X platform,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “Some of these were, of course, key and big applications that were originally System 7 through OS 9 apps. Adobe Photoshop and its Creative Suite sibs are all good examples. Others of course were significant “new market” or new industry applications that were birthed on different platforms–particularly Microsoft Windows.”

“Of these some landmark examples included the porting of what at the time was Alias’ Maya to OS X,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “Another prime example was @Last Software’s now famous SketchUp, which started on Windows… And perhaps the granddaddy of all ports is Autodesk’s own complete ground-up rewrite of Autodesk AutoCAD for OS X… However, for the past few years as BIM (Building Information Modeling) has really begun to hit its stride, Autodesk’s Revit BIM application, a technology obtained in an acquisition over ten years ago, has slowly emerged as the top Autodesk non-Mac application that users want to see on OS X the most.”

Read more in Architosh’s full article here.


  1. Autodesk has a number of supported apps that this could be run through. Citrix (zen app), or Cloud 360. Both work well. Also, I run remote desktop (for mac) to remote into my office (pc). This isn’t new. I don’t know what the news is.
    The weird thing is that Autodesk is moving away from software and putting everything in the cloud.

  2. As an everyday user of Revit, I do not trust having the program run thru any web browser. The program needs lots of horse power. Autodesk should just bite the bullet and port the program over to OSX.

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