Apple and convicted patent infringer Samsung combine for 109% of smartphone profit

“Samsung sells more smartphones, but Apple still leads in smartphone profit,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“In the third quarter, Apple generated $6.49 billion in operating income from smartphone sales, while Samsung took in $6.13 billion in operating profit, Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley said in a research note Thursday,” Seitz reports. “Apple’s operating profit margin on its iPhones was 33% in Q3, while Samsung’s was 20%.”

“In a mathematical quirk, Apple and Samsung combined for 109% of the industry’s total profit. That’s because the rest of the industry lost money on smartphone sales,” Seitz reports. “Nokia, BlackBerry, Google’s Motorola, LG and HTC lost money on smartphones, while Sony broke even in Q3, Walkley said. Apple accounted for 56% of industry smartphone profit, while Samsung rang up 53%, Walkley said.

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MacDailyNews Take: Even by counting millions of low-end feature phones as “smartphones,” and after years of slavish copying, Samsung can’t match Apple’s revolutionary iPhone, the world’s only brilliantphone.

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  1. “Samsung took in $6.13 billion in operating profit”

    This is ignorant nonsense “analysis” because those $6.13 billion include Samsung’s PC/notebook/tablet business, too.

  2. Yes I noticed the same thing…why are the comparison made as in iPhone profits vs. The Entire Operating Income Of Samsung Enterprises..and why is MDN not reflecting that in the usual MDN Take??

    1. He tried to be cute. Ignoring the crap data and attempted joke, it is stunning that no one but Apple and ScumStain made a profit on smartphones. Goes to show you why SammieSpew ripped off Apple. They didn’t have a hope in hell in the smartphone market without Apple IP.

    2. Totals of over 100% are possible when some of the numbers you’re adding into the total are negative. In other words, because some smartphone manufacturers are losing money, Apple and Samsung are making more money than the entire market as a whole.


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