Apple under investigation in Italy for alleged tax fraud, says judicial source

“U.S. tech giant Apple isunder investigation in Milan for allegedly hiding more than 1billion euros ($1.34 billion) from the Italian taxman, ajudicial source with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters, confirming a local media report,” Manuela D’Alessandro and Ilaria Polleschi report for Reuters.

“‘The Apple investigation is under way,’ the judicial source said on Wednesday, without giving details,” D’Alessandro and Polleschi report. “The maker of the iPhone is the latest prominent corporation to become the target of a tax probe in Italy amid a global crackdown on tax cheating by multinationals”

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MacDailyNews Take: Governments sure do get desperate after they’ve spent themselves into oblivion, don’t they?

Tax avoidance is not tax evasion.

We pay all the taxes we owe – every single dollar.Apple CEO Tim Cook, May 21, 2013

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    1. Funny how most big spending screamers live of government benefits and milk the government for every benefit they can think of, even though will never admit it .

      Take away the government and more half the population will be up shit’s creek withouut a paddle…

        1. Let’s not confuse capitalism for what we now have which is crony capitalism.

          With capitalism, everyone’s greed tends to keep the capitalists and consumers in equilibrium. With crony capitalism, government sides with certain “capitalists” and creates rules and regulations to put competitors at a disadvantage. Also, with crony capitalism, government looks the other way when its favored capitalists break the law. (I’m talking to you Eric Holder).

          So, let’s not spend too much time bad mouthing capitalism, since that is not what we now have.

    1. I wouldn’t say clueless…more like evil. In 1492, Christopher Columbus came to what would be The Bahamas, and killed off all of the native Lucayans. Over the next few centuries, even more illegal immigrants from that nasty continent would come over here and mess up the Western Hemisphere. If only the Native Americans set up a fence on our borders and told you white devils to go home. If you are not of indigenous descent, then you can go back to wherever your ancestors came from, and leave us “savage”, “redskins” alone. If you hate us “injuns” so much, then take your white ass back to Eurotrash land. We don’t need, or want your kind on our glorious continent.

        1. Some of us already do. They are called “reservations” and your white leader Andrew Jackson invented them. Ever hear of the “Trail of Tears”. Yeah. We were fine before you guys came over.

          1. Mom told me to tell ya’ this:
            A. American indians were nomads that lived in tents (ugh, we call ’em teepee.)
            B. Dysentery was their #1 killer. (Mom said for you to look up the causes of dysentery.)
            C. The Federal government provides all American indians who are citizens with free health care, enforcement of percentage of profits of all oil/gas income on land given to indians (head rights) and monthly tax-free stipends.
            D. Free car tags emblazoned with their tribe’s logo!
            E. Automobiles were invented by Europeans.
            F. Horses were brought to the New World by the Spanish explorers.
            G. Rico is a dumbass, bleeding heart jackass who has never possessed a library card.

    2. Actually, spaghetti came from China. Marco Polo, on his many adventures in the East, brought back the dish that would eventually be spaghetti from China. The Chinese were eating noodles long before it became a staple of Italian cuisine. And tomato sauce wasn’t added until the 1500s because tomatoes were from the Americas, and Christopher Columbus’s discovery would have given both regions food from each area. That’s what you call the “Columbian Exchange”. It unfortunately brought things like slavery and death, but it was the first meeting of the New and Old Worlds.

        1. I wasn’t. I was simply implying that it would eventually lead to slavery brought upon by people in the rum and textiles trades. They would eventually get the slaves that they needed from areas such as Western Africa. All of this would then lead to Slavery in the Colonies. But nice attempt at twisting my words. My post was just an abridged piece of textbook history, for a short space. No political overtones here…

    1. Gee, Wayne, you think Obama cares (a beautiful pun) what you think. I bet you hope that a handful of rich white men decides your shabby little future and leaves your ability to adapt to a modern world crushed.

  1. What’s amazing is that Italy took so long to add Apple to the list of, oh I don’t know, EVERYONE in Italy being investigated for tax fraud. Italy is so corrupt and back-asswards that it’s amazing they even have government employees who can find Apple’s address.

  2. Many countries have these lucrative tax schemes. As the world catches up they will mostly disappear. It’s not workable any more. The US will have to justify its tax load on businesses as well or lose them.

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