Apple to make two iWatch models: 1.7-inch display for men, 1.3-inch for women, sources say

“Apple’s wearable iWatch is expected to come with a 1.7-inch OLED display for men’s watches and a 1.3-inch OLED screen for women, David Hsieh, DisplaySearch’s Vice President of the Greater China Market, said at a conference today in Taiwan, citing Apple sources,” Kim Ji-hyun and Shin Ji-hye report for The Korea Herald.

“Apple has not officially announced the launch, but the iWatch ― Apple’s first wearable device ― is expected to be rolled out as early as the end of this year, given CEO Tim Cook’s latest remarks confirming new product categories,” Kim and Shin report. “It is yet to be confirmed whether the displays will be flexible but sources said it was a possibility.”

Kim and Shin report, “Meanwhile, other likely features of the new iWatch may include being lighter and more energy-efficient than its rivals. ”

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  1. What? No Children’s model with a 1.1″ screen /bezel ???

    … And didn’t the iPod shuffle have a spring clip on it, which would make it the first wearable device?

  2. Oh, “its rivals.” Don’t know what it is. Don’t know what innovative thing Apple will let people do with it. BUT, even if there has never been a device in a new category defined by and developed by Apple, the NEW iOS device has “rivals”.

    1. I will be watching this very closely. Think Nike fuelband, plus watch, ios notifications, and whatever else Apple can dream up. I think it will be a hit if they once again make a bunch of gadgets obsolete with just one..

  3. What I want is a really good neck strap for my iPhone, or even an iPod Touch, not a case, and with that I would hardly need a watch of any kind. The original iPod came with a neck strap, so of course it didn’t accidentally get dropped into the toilet or lake….I lost two Classics that way. Please bring back neck straps.

  4. The only thing that surprises me is the idea it will initially be produced in 2 sizes, very un-Applelike. Perhaps they have learnt a lesson after all this time but strangely this is the least likely product to need 2 variations at this stage. Maybe the newly employed fashionistas are having an influence here.

  5. “citing Apple sources”

    I see no Apple sources.

    “Tim Cook’s latest remarks confirming new product categories”

    Again, Tim Cook has “confirmed” no such thing.

    If it smells like male bovine fecal matter, and it tastes like male bovine fecal matter, guess what? It IS male bovine fecal matter.

    Really, enough with this nonsense, move on people, return to your homes, there’s nothing to see.

    The signal-to-noise ratio is getting awfully low in here MDN, could you please leave this drivel to others – MacRumors maybe?


  6. Amazing! Never ONCE did I ever read or hear Apple saying ANYTHING about an “iWatch”!
    The media has continually said, and speculated about this item that they, the media created.
    Simply AMAZING!

  7. The two sizes are BS. Apple has not designed products, based on gender preference. There are some colors females prefer over others, but by not designating gender specifics, any gender could find an interest. Two sizes 42mm to 32mm is typically old school wrist watch mentality, which Apple wouldn’t succumb the rest of society to. If there is a watch it will be one size.

  8. A man is not going to wear a women sized wrist device. A woman is not going to wear a man sized wrist device.
    Two sizes must happen if Apple does make a device. Now colors are a different story.

    1. No way. Lots of women have been wearing “men’s” watches for years now. See:

      Two sizes doesn’t make sense because you’re designing something that is hella-optimized for usage. Every friggin’ pixel will be precious real-estate, and there’s no way Apple will want to design two interfaces for a new product launch.

      There’s also just no way to do an iWatch that isn’t traditionally “man-sized”.

      This rumor is total BS. Apple locks down product announcements during this time period. The earliest we could expect a new product announcement is January.

  9. I don’t know why with all the talk of iWatch as a wearable hardware, I still feel that iWatch will be an AppleTV software featuring the ability to simultaneously ‘watch’ multiple channels (at least four or eight) on any manufacturer’s digital display using the iPhone or iPad to zoom in any selected channel.

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