Dalrymple reviews Retina iPad mini: ‘As much as I love the Air, I still find myself reaching for the iPad mini’

“The time for compromises is over. No longer do you have to choose between the iPad you may want and the iPad with the Retina display. The new iPad mini is just as powerful as the iPad Air, both have a Retina display, long battery life, and many other features that make the iPad the best-selling tablet on the market,” Jim Dalrymple writes for The Loop. “As much as I love the Air, I still find myself reaching for the iPad mini. The fact that it didn’t have a Retina display was a sacrifice I was willing to make for the diminutive device. Even when I landed in New York last night, I reached for the mini, even though I had the iPad Air in my bag.”

“I spent some time with the iPad mini when Apple announced the device in October and I picked up the mini on Tuesday in a meeting with Apple,” Dalrymple writes. “It should come as no surprise that the Retina display is absolutely gorgeous. Just looking at the two iPad minis side-by-side, you can see the difference. Of course, images are beautiful and the detail is something you can easily see. With all Retina display devices, it’s not just images that are better – text is so much clearer to read, even from a distance like when you are writing while using an iPad keyboard like I am right now, doing this review.”

Dalrymple writes, “The iPad mini can easily be your only iPad. The fact is, it always could, but you can do so now without feeling like you’re giving something up in return for the size. The iPad mini is small, it has a Retina display and it’s the most powerful iPad to date. There is just nothing bad to say about the iPad mini.”

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  1. I find the new Air perfect. I found the iPad 3 a bit heavy, and my wife’s mini a bit small display wise. I am looking forward to seeing the mini retina display, however.

    1. I just received my new iPad Air. It seems so much smaller and lighter then my previous iPads that I feel like I’m going to drop it or break it. It feels like I have a iPad mini in my hands but with a larger screen.
      For me, the screen size of the air is perfect but I could see me getting a mini for some functions.

  2. The iPad mini is my first-choice device. If they make a 5-6″ version, I’d forgo my iPhone completely, saving even more from contracts and pointless voice plans. Of course, at 5-6″, it might be a large iPhone than a small iPad, but as we all know, iPad apps can run iPhone apps, but not the other way around, so I’m secretly hoping that the convergence ends up losing the iPhone platform altogether.

  3. The big iPad makes a better wireless computer monitor (using Air Display). In that one use case, size matters. Maybe for watching movies on a plane too. The mini is better for reading.

    1. I just retired my Kindle I got for free when I signed a contract with my cable provider. I found the 7″ display on the Kindle limiting. Most of the apps for it were the phone version blown up to fill the screen. I new I wanted an iPad. After checking out several of my clients 10″ iPads, I felt the device was too heavy for extended use. So I was planning on getting the Mini. That all changed when Apple released the Air. I’m amazed at what Apple was able to squeeze into a one pound device. The weight is perfect, and it’s great having the larger screen of the Air. Great move on Apples part. Unless there’s some compelling reason you need the smaller profile of the Mini, I highly recommend going with the Air. You’ll appreciate the extra real-estate, and many of the reasons to opt with the Mini have become mute.

  4. I’m definitely Using the Air more than the old mini right now but that should change when I receive the Retina mini in a few weeks. They’re both great. I use the iPads far more than the iPhone so that’s why I upgraded to the Air and am getting the new mini. For me, these are much more useful devices than the iPhone 5 or the 5S and why I’m still sticking with the 4S. I do think that I’ll be happy with these new iPads for at least a couple of years. They address everything I found lacking or wanting in the earlier iPads.

  5. I think it just goes down to what each of us are using it for. I can think of get reasons I would want each, and both for different reasons. The mini solely for personal consumption better portability. And for me the air to share pictures and data with customers and friends out on the field. But it is still a difficult choice for me to make at to which I will buy.

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