Look inside Apple’s proposed ‘spaceship’ HQ with 24 all-new images

“At this point, there’s a good chance you’ve seen pictures of Apple’s proposed new headquarters — a 2.8-million-square-foot spaceship parked in a verdant man-made forest in the northeast corner of Cupertino,” Kyle Vanhemert reports for Reuters. “Since the first dozen or so renderings trickled out in 2011, however, we haven’t gotten a much better sense of what all the new campus will entail or what it will be like to work there. Until now.”

“In these images, we see for the first time the space port-like entrance to the development’s subterranean parking lot, a cavernous cafeteria that spills into the grassy landscape beyond, and the glass pavilion that will serve as the entrance to Apple’s new underground auditorium — a secure lair where press will gather for future product launches,” Vanhemert reports. “In short, these documents give us the most complete picture of Apple’s new home yet, a campus that Steve Jobs himself thought had a shot at being ‘the best office building in the world.'”

“This massive donut of a building is the jewel of the campus. Designed by star architect Norman Foster, whose firm’s well-known works include the bullet-shaped Gherkin in London and the restored Reichstag in Berlin, the four-story ring will put 13,000 engineers and designers under a single curving roof,” Vanhemert reports. “It won’t be the only place you’ll find Apple employees on site — a cluster of buildings tucked away at the southern edge of the campus will be reserved for R&D. But the spaceship is definitely the main attraction, and from what we’ve heard so far it should be no less cutting-edge than any Apple gadget.”

Apple Campus 2 cafeteria. Image: City of Cupertino
Apple Campus 2 cafeteria. Image: City of Cupertino

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  1. Exciting to see the new Apple HQ design & development continue in California. Very cool.

    Probably covered before(?), but I did a double take this weekend while reading an article about the UK Govt Communications HQ (“GCHQ”) and saw a photo of it.

    A picture of it here:

    Some obvious differences but still uncanny.

    1. Looks like a public school cafeteria to me. Yippee. $5 billion blown on a building that has as much interior appeal as a big-box warehouse store — whitewashed and with aluminum trim, of course. These are important fads meant to signal “high tech” today. What a waste of money this Aerobie will be. I’ve seen more attractive and inspiring hospitals, for goodness’ sake.

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