Apple iPhone sales rise 32 percent YOY in China, passes ZTE in market share

“Apple Inc. captured fifth place in China’s smartphone market in the third quarter, surpassing ZTE Corp. and Xiaomi Corp., after it included the Asian nation in the latest iPhone’s global debut,” Bloomberg News reports.

“Shipments of the iPhone rose 32 percent year-on-year to hand Apple 6 percent of the country’s smartphone market in the three months ended September, Nicole Peng, the China research director for Canalys, said in a phone interview today,” Bloomberg News reports. “The market data reflects only a little more than a week of sales of the new iPhones during the third quarter, as the devices went on sale Sept. 20.”

“Cupertino, California-based Apple had ranked seventh, with a 5 percent share, in the second quarter, she said,” Bloomberg News reports. “‘In the third quarter, Apple was able to move up in China helped by the fact that the market was part of the first wave of the new iPhone launch,’ Peng said. ‘The impact was pretty big, and that helped them to gain market share and move up in the rankings. For Apple, to continue to move up from here is going to be quite challenging.'”

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  1. It doesn’t seem possible for Apple to actually gain market share in China. Isn’t it general knowledge that only 1 in 10,000 consumers in China can afford an iPhone because they’re too expensive. Peng said that for Apple to move up further is going to be quite challenging (meaning nigh impossible).


    It’s funny because Xiaomi is supposed to be the Apple of China and their smartphones are dirt cheap and yet the real Apple snuck past them in sales.

  2. “For Apple, to continue to move up from here is going to be quite challenging.”

    Chinese culture, demographics, manufacturing, politics vs California design and pricing. The quotation seems to say that Apple sales are underpowered.

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